torsdag 28. juli 2011


This day, 68 years ago, the world was gifted with a lovely man called Richard William Wright.
He is, of course, known best as the keyboard player in Pink Floyd. He's been in the band from the beginning, and all the way (almost) till 'the end'. During "The Wall", Roger Waters kicked him out, but Wright had to come with on the tour. Richard wasn't in the band during "The final cut", but as soon as Roger 'left the band', Richard was back in! He wasn't gone for too long :)

This man did such a great job in the band. The keyboard parts are amazing, and just to show some of the best keyboard plaing.... (David's guitar playing is really good too!! A perfect combo!)
From the gig in Gdansk

Happy Birthday Richard Wright!
We miss you!
We're so greatful for the wonderful music you brought the world!
After the reunion in 2005

A young Rick Wright

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