lørdag 16. juli 2011

Goodbye blue sky

First of all, fantastic song, and the song is, of course, from the album "The Wall", first cd. I've always liked this song, but I had this 'scary experience' with the song a few years ago..
I had just bought a dvd, Roger Waters The Wall live in Berlin, from 1990, and I knew that I was up for a treat!! When the show first started, I didn't know that Roger had invited all these guest artists, but I thought that it had to be great anyways!! ;)

Picture from "The Wall" the movie, during "Goodbye blue sky"

Well, the show went on, and I liked the most of it! Many good artists that I thought did a great job!! BUT, there was one BIG disapointment!!!
You all have probably figured out that the disapointment were during this song...
And you are all correct!!

I have nothing against Joni Mitchell, but the way she made this song 'her own' was just wrong.. WRONG!
When I watch dvd concerts, I always sing along (a good reason why I should watch them alone!), but when they started to play this song, I could hardly recognize it... I couldn't sing along, cause I had no idea of what she was doing...

Now I'm being mean, and I will post the song here... Be aware.. It's not good..
To show the different, I will also post the normal, good, fantastic and amazing version!!!

And now to something completly different!
Or not! I just have to say that when they play this song on the "The Wall" tour now, they do a great job!! The animation is great!!
The song is kinda' touching.. It is in fact about when the germans invaded Britain, during the world war..

I will end this tonight with a fun-fact!
In the beginning of the song, there is a kid saying, "Look mummy, there's an aeroplane up in the sky".. Guess who it is!?
It's the lovely Harry Waters! Rogers son :) I actually met him in the break at a gig in Germany!!
Harry Waters, me and my boyfirend <3

And here's more pictures from the movie during the song

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  1. øh... AWFUL. originalen e for alltid best... Og at Harry sei da i begynnelsen E så søtt <3

  2. Wonderful!!!! I´m Brazilian girl that loves The Wall and Blue Sky!!!!


    Elisa Lima

  3. Thanks for reading :))
    Shine on