fredag 23. desember 2011

Merry x-mas song

I am really sorry that I haven't been able to blog for a while. Has been buisy with exams etc.. But finally I'm back in my home'town' to enjoy the christmas time (which I love!), and there is never a christmas without Pink Floyds christmas song "Merry x-mas song" from 1975! This a song that is not to be found on any albums (exept "A tree full of secrets" -> several cd's with rare material). This is a song that's not taken serious by the band since it sounds like they are fooling around during the song. They are laughing and having fun on this unreleased song.

Something that is really special about this song is that Nick Mason is singing!! This is very rare, but you can find other songs where Nick is singing (One of these days,  corporal clegg, scream thy last scream etc).

The man on vocals: Nick Mason

Anyway, I want to wish you all a merry christmas! Hope the holiday will be filled with joy and happiness! Will of course put the video of the song! Enjoy, and merry christmas :)

tirsdag 6. desember 2011


This is one of my favourite song on the album "More". Not a huge fan of that album, but I really fancy this song, and of course some of the others as well! Roger Waters is the writer behind this wonderful song, and it's sung by David Gilmour. The album was released in 1969.

"More" cover

In the lyrics, there is told the tale of a nightmare, so I will put out the lyrics so you can see for yourself if you agree!
Anyway, what I love about this song is the calmness of it. The sounds are low and the vocals are calm and careful. David Gilmour did a really great job singing this song! When I started to like Pink Floyd, I remembered that I already then choose all the other albums before this one, and it actually took me a couple of years before i started to REALLY listen to it, but still.. There were only a few songs that I liked, and I'm still not a huge fan. It's actually a bit sad. It's not that I don't like it, but it's far from my favourite. I will soon give it another chance!

David Guilmore singing "Cymbaline"

What Tommy Vance means about this song:
The song is a fine example of the quieter more reflective side of Pink Floyd with a memorable and uplifting chorus. Cymbaline is justifiably regarded as one of the four standout tracks on the album. With more time, care and attention this track could really have been developed into something special.

From a live gig 

The path you tread is narrow
And the drop is sheer and very high
The ravens all are watching
From a vantage point nearby
Apprehension creeping
Like a tube-train up your spine
Will the tightrope reach the end
Will the final couplet rhyme

And it's high time, Cymbaline
It's high time, Cymbaline
Please wake me

A butterfly with broken wings
Is falling by your side
The ravens all are closing in
And there's nowhere you can hide
Your manager and agent
Are both busy on the phone
Selling coloured photographs
To magazines back home

And it's high time, Cymbaline
It's high time,
Please wake me

The lines converging where you stand
They must have moved the picture plane
The leaves are heavy around your feet
You hear the thunder of the train
And suddenly it strikes you
That they're moving into range
Doctor Strange is always changing size

And it's high time, Cymbaline
It's high time, Cymbaline
Please wake me

And it's high time, Cymbaline
It's high time, Cymbaline
Please wake me

This is exactly what I'm thinking when I'm having nightmares.. PLEASE WAKE ME!!! Good night peeps. Sweet dreams!

mandag 5. desember 2011

One of these days

After a request from my sister, I'm gonna write about this song today. The song is from the album 'Medle' which is the bands 6th album. The album is amazing, and so is this song. This song is an instrumental piece and it's written by all four members. Well, I said it was an instrumental piece, but actually, there is one line in this song that says: "One of these days I'm going to cut you into little pieces". This is Nick Masons voice, and it's really not often we can hear his voice, so that's just fantastic!!

The song was named "One of these days" because everything was going wrong in the studio the day they recorded this piece, in AIR-studios january 1971. Love the way they are making the best out of a shitty day, cause' it turned out to be a masterpiece! Yes, I know I'm calling most of their songs for masterpieces, but so what! I'm not lying.

From "Live at Pompeii"

I just got myself "A tree full of secrets", and that is 10 cd's with all this really rare stuff! It also contains two demos of the song, and also the mono version. Pretty amazing!!
The band performed this song on the dvd "Live at Pompeii", and then they retitled the song to "One of these days I'm going to cut you into little pieces". The song is also on the "Pulse" dvd.


The bass sounds are massive on this song, and as a 'bass-player' myself, the louder and clearer the bass sound is, the more I love the sonsg! The reason for the loud bass-sound is that there were used two bass guitars, one played by Roger Waters and the other played by David Gilmour. Not often David is 'slapping the bass', so that makes me love the song even more. It has all these rare things in it. Nick Mason on 'vocals' and David Gilmour on bass guitar.

The album
The music video is a bit special! I find it extremely psychedelic! Theres watches and boys dancing ballet.. Well, I would let ya'll make your own opinions, but I culdn't find the right video on youtube, so here's the version form "Live at Pompeii". Enjoy and have a faboulous evening!