torsdag 14. juli 2011

Remember a day

Where did my Pink Floyd passion come from?
Let's just say, thank god my parents have great taste in music!!!

When I was young, my parents never tried to get me like their music(I think), but it didn't take long before I started to love their music. And since we all like the same music (just on different levels :p) it never were a problem for me to get them to join me on concerts.
It all started in 2006. Roger Waters were coming to Oslo, Norwegian Wood (Dark side of the moon tour), and my parents agreed to go to the show!! I couldn't believe it. I don't think many other parents would do the same!!

Anyway, the next year, Roger was coming back with the tour, but this time to Bergen(not far away from my home!), so we of course went there as well. The year after that again (2008), Roger didn't come to Norway, so than we had to go to Denmark ;) And my parents were still in.. They truly are amazing!!!

I have one memory about when I first got to know about Syd Barrett. I were doing some school work, and I was going to write about a famous person, who did drugs and got 'hurt' by it. I can't remember who I had start to write about, but halfway through, my mother came and gave me a tips that it could be better if I'd wrote about Syd Barrett, and she started to tell me about him. I knew already then that this story catched me in a special way.. I wanted to learn more <3

Syd Barrett

Another memory I have, is the first time I got to listen to Pink Floyd on LP, was a day I didn't had much to do, so I sat in the livingroom with my father. At this moment I had started to be quite a fan. My father asked if we should listen to some Pink Floyd, and he had this LP, so he put it on and said that the song were really cool. The song he put on were "Not now John", from the album "The final cut". I had never heard the song before, and I have loved it since that day!

So thank you mom and dad <3

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