mandag 11. juli 2011

The making of Pink Floyd The Wall

Oh happy day!
Last week I was looking at some Pink Floyd stuff at the internet, and I found a book, written by Gerald Scarfe, witch is called "The making of Pink Floyd The Wall".. I knew I had to buy it...

On saturday, I got a note that I could pick it up at the post office, but when I got the note, the post office were closed.. I had to wait for it to monday.
And now, monday is here, and I got my book!
It looks so pretty!! And so interesting!!
By the way, for all of you who don't know who Gerald Scarfe is: He is a cartoonist and illustrator, and he had a big part in The Wall!! Gerald and Rogers crazy minds, working together = a masterpiece

The forewords is written by Roger Waters himself, and I also saw a comment from Roger at the back of the book: "This book is brilliant.. I think it's absolutely amazing".

As you can imagine, I can't wait to read it!! I will of course write about the book when I'm done. :)

The faces!!!

The back of the book


The lovely hammers

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