torsdag 21. juli 2011

If it's in you

I'm in a Syd Barrett mood today!
What a great man!! He did an absoulutely fantastic job as a 'front-man' in Pink Floyd, but he also did good solo. As we all know, this man had some problems with drugs... LSD is something I compare with him.. Sad but true.. But still, if you are such a talented man, why don't share it with the world, no matter what condition you are in!
The young Syd Barrett

Syd Barrett in one of his last years

Anyway, there is an album called "Syd Barrett: Crazy diamond (the complete recording)", and I found this album on Wimp. On this album you can find all the 'failed' recordings. These recordings are all from the originals, to the ones that sounds like he has no idea of what he's doing. Like "If it's in you". A childhood friend of mine showed this to me once, and I loved it! The version that I was shown, was the version where Syd is not quite sure how to do the song, and he is singing part's of it wrong. Or not actually wrong, but he doesn't always know when to start to sing :)
The man was brilliant, and the song is awesome! He did the best out of the situation!
Well, this is not the best version to put in here, but I really like this version. The animation is silly, but still, here you can see what I mean when I say he doesn't always sing at the right moment, or hit the tones!

There is also a version where he sings it perfectly, so I'll just put it here as well :)

As long as I live, I will always think of this man as the legend of Pink Floyd. Without him, Pink Floyd would probably never been the same! It needs it's crazyness! <3

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