mandag 28. november 2011

Grantchester Meadows

I've always loved this song, but last week, there was a Pink Floyd non-stop show on the tv where they showed different music videos of all time. They also showed a music video of "Grantchester Meadows", and a version of the song I've never heard before! Or not exactly a 'new version' but the way David Gilmour sings the song, is just breathtaking! I've never before listen this much to this song. I found a new love for it. I absolutely love when that happens!

"Ummagumma" the cover

This song is to be found on the wonderful album "Ummagumma" and it's on the studio cd. It is written entirely by Roger Waters and is seen as a highlight of the studio side of the album. Waters is in this song trying to show the beauty spot south of Cambridge and a meditation on summer and the immensity of nature. The song contains sounds effects like the twittering of a skylark, the honk and splash of a swan landing on the River Cam. Tommy Vance wrote in his book 'Pink Floyd, on record.. etc': "The final sequence with the bumblebee being swatted with a newspaper in full stereo by Roger became a great favourite among stoned listeners everywhere". funny!
Nick Mason is actually not a part of this song. It's one of very few songs without drums.

I will put out the music video that made me love this song all over again and in a new way! Enjoy, and have a wonderful evening ya'll!

"Icy wind of night be gone this is not your domain"
In the sky a bird was heard to cry.
Misty morning whisperings and gentle stirring sounds
Belied the deathly silence that lay all around.

Hear the lark and harken to the barking of the dog fox
Gone to ground.
See the splashing of the kingfisher flashing to the water.
And a river of green is sliding unseen beneath the trees
Laughing as it passes through the endless summer
Making for the sea.

In the lazy water meadow I lay me down.
All around me golden sun flakes settle on the ground.
Basking in the sunshine of a bygone afternoon
Bringing sounds of yesterday into this city room.

Hear the lark harken to the barking of the dark fox
Gone to ground.
See the splashing of the kingfisher flashing to the water.
And a river of green is sliding unseen beneath the trees.

In the lazy water meadow I lay me down.
All around me golden sun flakes covering the ground.
Basking in the sunshine of a bygone afternoon
Bringing sounds of yesterday into this city room.

Hear the lark harken to the barking of the dark fox
Gone to ground.
See the splashing of the kingfisher flashing to the water.
And a river of green is sliding unseen beneath the trees,
Laughing as it passes through the endless summer making for the sea.

lørdag 26. november 2011

Set the controls for the heart of the sun

Well, let me start with the fact that I've heard this song live, three times! Roger Waters played the song during his Dark side of the moon tour. This is also the first song I learnt to play on the guitar (just the intro).
 Allright, back to the real deal. This song is on the album "A saucerful of secrets", their second album, but it is also to be found on the live-part on the album "Ummagumma". The song is called Rogers first sucessful song! Roger Waters described the number as being 'about an unknown person who, while piloting flying saucer, is overcome by suicidal tendencies'.

Since it's their second album, Syd had just left, and David took his place. Some parts of the song, Syd already had some guitar play for, but not for the entire song. So it ended with David playing both Syd's and his own parts! It's the only song from the band with contribution from both Syd and David (five in the group). That's just amazing.!

Fantastic photo from the filming in Pompeii!

Here's the song! This film is from the dvd called "Live at Pompeii"

The lyrics

Little by little the night turns around.
Counting the leaves which tremble at dawn
Lotuses lean on each other in yearning
Under the eaves the swallow is resting

Set the controls for the heart of the sun.

Over the mountain watching the watcher.
Breaking the darkness, waking the grapevine.
One inch of love is one inch of shadow
Love is the shadow that ripens the wine.

Set the controls for the heart of the sun.
The heart of the sun, the heart of the sun.

Witness the man who raves at the wall
Making the shape of his questions to Heaven
Whether the sun will fall in the evening
Will he remember the lesson of giving?

Set the controls for the heart of the sun.
The heart of the sun, the heart of the sun.

tirsdag 22. november 2011


This is the second song to be found on the album "Animals", and today I am going to give a credit to all of those brilliant guitar players who change their own strings on the guitar (I reckon David G is one of them!). I did it today, for the second time in my life. The first time didn't work out at all, so I just quit. Today I was about to give up, since the strings wasn't right for my guitar. They had a different way of how the strings should be fasten at the bottom at the guitar. They were built for a more fancy guitar. BUT I didn't give up! I just cut of the part that I did't need. My fingers are sore, and some of them are bleeding, so I just have to give some credit to those who are able to do this!

Me and David Kilminsters guitar!

Now, back to the song! I thougt it was ok to mention something about guitars today, since the song "Dogs" contains beautiful guitar play and solos! The song is written by David Gilmour and Roger Waters. Roger Waters made the lyrics while David made the music. What a duo... The song were actually called "You got to be crazy", witch also is the first line in the song. The song ended up being called "Dogs". It had now been formalised under it's new title as a song depicting the barbaric behaviour humans are capable of. The songs features noises of a barking dog, witch make the title clear!

"Animals" cover

This is one of the really long songs! It lasts for just over 17 minutes. And in this song I think they use 'dogs' as a metaphor for people in the 'high-class'. And not in a positive way, but in a way of how they destroy themselves and others by being obsessed by their own life, career and ego. The song concludes with these "Dogs" working themselves to death until they are "found dead on the phone" having been dragged down by "the stone", a metaphor for "the weight they used to need to throw around".
The song is sung by David until the 'last' part of the song ("Who was born in a house full of pain").

I didn't actually 'fall' for this song until I saw the Dvd "In the flesh" with Roger Waters in 2001. In this dvd and this song, it's Jon Carin who is 'taking' Gilmours part, and he does it great! He has a fantastic voice! I've actually seen Jon Carin 8 times at Roger Waters shows!
Jon Carin is playing the acuostic guitar, and on the solo it's Snowy White and Doyle Bramhal II whos playing. I will absolutely recomand everyone to buy that dvd!
Jon Carin on vocal and acoustic guitar

Doyle Bramhal to the left and Snowy White to the right

From the dvd "In the flesh" (part 1 of the song)

(part 2 of the song)

Sleep well ya'll!
And enjoy this clip under ;)

Just had to put this one here as well! This is Roger losing it during a show. haha, poor Roger.. Didn't want people to scream!

torsdag 17. november 2011

A saucerful of secrets

What an exotic name!! And it sounds so mysterious! Did you know that "A saucerful of secrets" weren't the original title??? They originally called it "The massed gadgets of Hercules". I reckon it's fancy too, but I'm glad they choose the title they did.
As you might know, this is a instrumental piece, and it's also the title of Pink Floyds second studio album. The album is just as great as the song, and written by Roger, David, Nick and Rick.

The cover to "A saucerful of secrets"

The song contains four parts. The first one is called 'Something Else', the second part is 'Syncopated Pandemonium', the third part is 'Storm Signals' and the fourth and last part is 'Celestial Voices'. The piece suggest of human development: Birth, adulthood, death and re-birth. I will put out a video with this song from "Live at Pompeii", and when David Gilmour start to 'sing' at the end, it feels almost magical! If I ever get re-born (don't know what to believe), but if I do, I hope it feels as good as it does to listen to this song!

David, Rick, Nick and Roger

This is the absoulute best version of the song!! Oh my god, I almost get tears in my eyes everytime I listen to the last part (re-born-part). The song itself is powerful, and if you can't feel anything while listening to this song, well.. that's not good! I feel sadness, hapiness, confuseness and all the other feelings that ends with 'ness'.

Good night Floydians

mandag 14. november 2011

How the life as a (crazy) Pink Floyd fan is

Everyone needs a hobby. A hobby you know you can spend hour after hour on. As you all may know, Pink Floys is my hobby. I don't know what my life would be like without the music of this band. I use the music almost everyday, no matter what mood I'm in. Even if I'm happy, sad, stressed, tired, hyper, I listen to Pink Floyd. The music helps me with feelings. If I'm sad, the music makes me smile. And when I'm happy, the music just makes me even happier!
Me 'kissing' Roger :p

My room is filled with Pink Floyd posters, flags, assecories etc. I need daily inputs of Pink Floyd. I know this sounds crazy, but everyone who has a hobby, probably feel the same, as long as the passion is strong enough!
Lucky me have a family and boyfriend and lots of friends who share my passion. The let me talk about what I love, as long as I don't take off whilst talking about it. It can be too much sometimes! But then again, I can't help myself! :)

My beautiful flag of the hammers! Bought at the Roger Waters gig in Berlin 2011

The things I love the most about Pink Floyd is that you always notice different things in some songs. Example: Atom heart mother, an instrumental masterpiece, there is so many different sounds and variation. At least the first 5 times you listen to it, you notice something new. And it's the same with lots of other songs.
Another fantastic thing is that the songs are built up in a way that no songs today is. Pink Floyd do have lots of songs that last for several minutes, some over 20 minutes. They also have some songs that last for less than a minute. Nothing is the same! And thats what I love. I wish I was born earlier, so I could experience the good music! I'm just glad my parents brought me up well!

My tattoo, and Bob Geldofs hand print! The Wall the movie is the best film that's ever made! Geldof played the role as Pink better than anyone else would do!

I'll see you on the dark side of the moon

onsdag 2. november 2011

Corporal Clegg

This crazy fantastic song, has been one of my favourite for a long long time. I'm a fan of the crazyness, and this song is filled with sounds from a kazoo... HAHA! yes, I think it's great!
The song is written by the master himself, Roger Waters, and it's a wacky number full of sarcastic humor.

Waters father had been killed during WWII at Anzio (has probably written about that before!) and this event would influence Roger's later writing as he became more obsessed with the obscenity of systemised violence (Tommy Vance said this in the book "Pink Floyd on record, on stage and on film 1965-2005).. It is, as you see, somewhat of a sarcastic song about what's wrong with war, and as they sing in the song "Corporal Clegg had a woden leg. He won it in the war, in 1944", so they are trying to make a point that it's not a prize to have a woden leg.. Or something like that. I really do like to figure out the meaning of the lyrics!
 The song is to be found at the album "A saucerful of secrets", so check it out!!

Oh how I wish that some Pink Floyd cover band would start to play this song live.. I would be in heaven!!

The fantastic four XxXx
Good night everybody