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This album is well known. Most known is it because of the last song, which we all know so well: Echoes.. What a masterpiece!!!! The song is 23.31 minutes long, and it is written by all the members in Pink Floyd (at the time) Roger Waters, David Gilmour, Nick Mason and Richard Wright.
Echoes is actually the third-longest song ever written by Pink Floyd, after "Atom heart mother" (will definetly write about the song and album later!!) and "Shine on you crazy diamond".

Roger, Nick, David and Richard

The song includes long instumental parts, and only three verses, sung by David Gilmour and Richard Wright. Since the song is over 23 minutes long, there are not many cover-bands that play this song during a gig.
When I was in Australia a year ago, I went to Sydney to see a band play Pink Floyd music. I reckon they were called "The Pink Floyd experience", and some weeks before the gig, they asked all the fans to vote for which 15 songs each and one of us, wanted them to play. Then they would pick the 15 most wanted songs, and play them!
So when I got there, and waited for them to begin, I had no idea of what they were going to play. And they started of with "Echoes", and they played the whole song!!! That was quite amazing!

DG Live in Gdansk..

In 2006 David Gilmour had a gig in Gdansk. The lovely Richard Wright were joining. I knew the live dvd had to be great! And it was indeed!! At this gig they played "Echoes", and since Wright was in the show, you can just think about how great it were to see him play the keyboard solo!!
I will recommend everybody to buy or at least watch this dvd.

The cover

 Anybody know what the picture is of?? Take a close look... Looks familiar??

It's a close up picture of an ear... Where does these ideas come from?? I have no idea, but it's brilliant!!

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