søndag 3. mai 2015

Delicate sound of thunder

Hello all you wonderful Pink Floyd fans! I've been such a bad blogger so far this year! I'm ashamed. So today - I'll try and turn it around and start blogging more. It's a bit strange. The last few months - I've had so many days off, due to a small economic crisis where I live. They can't afford to let people come in and work all day. So I've had all the time - and more - to be a good blogger. So now, when things are starting to turn a bit around, I feel like blogging. I have no idea why it's like that, but I don't care. I just want to write about my all time favourite band.

-Yes, all time favourite band!! 

Today I want to write about an album I don't think I've mentioned on this blog before. I find that a bit strange. It is a great live album, but I never owned it myself. Been listening to it loads of times, but never bought it.
The album was recorded in Long Island, New York, at Nassau Coliseum, and it was recorded over five nights. And it turned out to be another Pink Floyd masterpiece!
The live album was released in 1988, so it's of course a Pink Floyd album without Roger Waters.

Three musical geniouses!

The album starts out with the audience cheering, and then the band starts to plan "Shine og you crazy diamond". Such a great opening, that many PF cover bands been using as well. "Shine on" is followed by "Learning to fly" - this is not uncommon to cover bands either. But of course, if you want to be the best - you often seem to do what the very best do!

The cover

I do have a dvd from the consert, and it is one of my favourites (after Roger Waters). The selctions of songs are great and David, Nick and Rick found a great band to bring along to this gig. "A momentary lapse of reason" is my favourite album after Roger Waters, and since the album contains a few songs from this album - it's hard for me not to like.

David Gilmour

Inside the cd booklet

So with this - I hope this is a start of a great blogging periode! Need to talk/write about the music, so I'm glad I have people out there who want to read my blog about the greatest band in the world.

Shine on you all!

Hope you all had an amazing weekend and that you'll have a great week to come!