onsdag 28. mars 2012

Take it back

This day, 18 years ago, Pink Floyd gave out their last studio album. The album is called "The Division Bell", and since it was released in 1994, this was of course one of the albums without Roger Waters. You might notice that yourself. The crazyness is not the same and in just sounds different than, let's say, The Wall, Ummagumma, and yeah.. The rest of it. Anyway, I'm not writing to be rude to Pink Floyd after Waters, but I'm writing to celebrate this wonderful album! It is truly one GREAT album! There are so many fantastic songs, and "Take it back" is one of them. The song is not as 'famous' as songs like 'learning to fly' and 'high hopes', but it's one hidden treasure. The song is written by Gilmour himself, with a little help from my friends.. Gotta love The Beatles as well! But what I ment to write was that he wrote the song with Bob Ezrin, his wife Polly Samson and mr.Laird-Clowes. With all these brilliant people writing the song, David on vocal, Richard Wright on keyboard and Nick Mason on drums, the song just had to be good!

"The Division Bell" cover

Richard Wright

Nick Mason

David Gilmour

David Gilmour and his wife Polly Samson

Bob Ezrin

Enjoy this evening with the lovely song!

fredag 23. mars 2012

Pink Floyd tattoo

As you might now, I already have a few of them. I've got The Wall and the hammers on my right foot and I got dark side of the moon and 'P F' in my neck. Since I got my first one, I always new I wanted more. And then I got more, and now I want a new again. It's a kind of addiction. You just want more. But I don't mind. I love my tattoo's and I would not say no thanks to another! I've been thinking of what I would want if I decided to get another one. And I'm quite sure I want to build on the one on my foot! What I had in mind is to build the bricks all the way around my foot (as many bricks that cover my hammer tattoo, so it will not cover my entire foot!). In these bricks I want to fill in a few The Wall pictures. I already have a few in my mind. And that is the flowers in "Empty Spaces" and the screaming face in "What shall we do now". These are both made by the genious man Gerald Scarfe! He is actually the genious behind most of the stuff from The Wall. I am so facinated by his drawings and what he's been able to do! The man has made so many powerful and meaningful drawings!!
My wonderful hammers

Dark side of the moon and P F. Just gotta love it!!

I am concidering other pictures as well, but this round, I reckon I'll just focus on The Wall. I've always wanted something from "Wish you were here"as well, but that just have to wait for now. I also want something from older albums, but I don't think a cow would do any good on my body ;)
I might get a tattoo of Lulubelle III.. Or not.. whatever!
I've wanted this one for a few years now

If any of you have any ideas to any tattoos (Pink Floyd of course) please don't hesitate to write!

Shine on all you crazy diamonds!

I want the one in picture number two (top right) or the one in picture 5!

That is the exact picture of the screaming face that I want!

søndag 18. mars 2012

Atom Heart Mother

THIS is a masterpiece. Whatever other people say, I love it. I only met a few my whole life who could say with their hand on the heart that they like the song. And that is a pity. I remember I was listening to the song many many years ago, and after that it was like I forgot about the song. Until a few years later. I had put the song (or actually the whole album) on my ipod after buying the cd, and before I went to bed, I decided to give the song a go. I had forgot how the song was, so I didn't know what to expect. To be honest, I was frighten!! It was dark outside and the rain was pouring down. And there were so many weird sounds, and suddenly there was this harmonical choir singing and beautiful violin playing. There is this big aspect of feelings that I felt hit me at once. And when the song is getting close to the end (after about 18 minutes: the song last for 23:44 minutes!!) it's a bit 'scary' with lots of sounds of trains driving by and than some biiping. There are so many sounds, and while listening to it alone, I got scared. And very emotional. When the song was over, I was in love with the song!! There has never been any other song that have made me feel so much while listening to it 'the first time'.
The cover. The picture is of a cow called Lulubelle III 

Well, let's get over to some facts of the song. It's composed by Pink Floyd of course (Roger, David, Nick and Rick) and the genious man Ron Geesin. The song is to be found on the album with the same name; "Atom heart mother" from 1970. The song is, as I said, 23:44 minutes long, and is the longest Pink Floyd song, exept "Echoes" which is 23:31 minutes on the "Meddle" album, but only 16:30 minutes on the "Echoes" album and the other song that's longer is "Shine on you crazy diamond" which is 26:05 minutes long, but since the song is split in two parts on the album "Wish you were here", I don't consider it to be the longest song.! "Atom heart mother" have 6 sections. And these sections is so different from each other, and that's one of the reasons why I'm so emotional whilst listening to it.

The six different sections is
1: Father's shout
2: Breast milky
3: Mother fore
4: Funky dung
5: Mind your throats, please
6: Remergence

Ron Geesin; orchestration and co-composition.

I once read that the title of "Atom heart mother" was a last-minute affair. Under pressure to come up with a name, the band scanned the evening paper for an idea, and saw an article about a woman who had given birth  after being fitted with a pacemaker. The headline provided the title. The cow cover was an inspired piece of work, which the band linked to the album by giving the individual section of the Atom heart mother" track names like 'funky dung' and 'breasty milk'. Storm Thorgerson rememberes that when he showed the cover to EMI, one of the executives screamed at him 'are you mad?? Do you want to destroy the company?!'..

Tommy Vance said this:
Whatever the band may now think, this piece is definatly worth revisiting. Based around a theme which was designed to evok the atmosphere of a western movie, the piece move effortlessly through a range of contrasting mood and style. The playing is superb and the music is by turns both melodic and atonal.


I am a fan of Stanley Kubrick's "A clockwork orange". There is something facinating and scary about this movie. Many years ago, I was cruising through films on youtube, and I found the intro to the movie with "Atom heart mother" as an intro song!! I thought that was amazing, and it fitted perfect. Everytime since that, I never liked the original intro. Too boring compared to "Atom heart mother"!! Anyway, mr.Kubrick wanted to use Pink Floyd's song in the intro, but the band said no, so of course he could not use it. It might seem like Kubrick is a fan of that album, since you can see the album "Atom heart mother" on a shelf in one of the scenes in the movie. 

Here's the clip of the intro of the movie! Give it a try. Wasn't able to upload the movie here, but I truly recomand to check it out! It is freaking mindblowing!

Here is the full song. Listen to it. Enjoy. Feel. 
Good night all floyd's out there! Shine on

onsdag 7. mars 2012

The thin ice

I really love this song. It makes me smile everytime I'm listening to it. The song is to be found on the album "The Wall", and I reckon that you have all heard it before! David is singing the first part, followed by Roger's voice on the end of the song. David is singing the soft part where everything seems so perfect and Roger is singing the more 'scary' part. I'm not quite sure what I mean about that, but listen to the lyrics and see if you understand. If not, that doesen't matter! I just think that it turns into something more cynical when Roger is singing, because of the lyrics and the way Roger is singing.

From the scene in "The Wall" when "The thin ice" is played

I've been to quite a few "The Wall" concerts during the last 12 months (actually 8 times in 5 countrys and 2 different continents). So, on this gigs I've been to, they have been playing this song (of course!!). It is an amazing song, and I'm actually getting emotional everytime they are playing this song. Because on the wall, there is a big picture of Eric Fletcher Waters when they begin to play the song. This man is Roger Waters father who was killed during the second world war in Anzio, Italy. The picture is later switching over to someone else who's also been killed during some war. It's some intese pictures and a lot of people that has been killed.
This is how it looks on the concert

Anyway, the reason why Roger use all these pictures of loved fallen ones, may be because the song is about his loss.. I think that this song is actually the beginning of Pink life as Roger Waters. If I refer to the movie "The Wall" the guy is named Pink, and he is a caracter based partly on Rogers life and partly on Syd's life. And when this song starts, I feel that we can connect it to Rogers past. 

The brilliant men who made the wonderful song and the wonderful album.!

Roger Waters said in an interview with Tommy Vance:
In fact, at the end of In The Flesh, you hear somebody shouting 'roll the sound effects', and you hear the sound of bombers. And so it gives you some indication of what's happening. So it's a flashback and we start telling the story about it, which in terms of this, it's about my generation: war babies. But it can be about anybody who gets left by anybody. My father was killed in the war and although it works on certain levels, it doesn't have to be about the war, I think it should work for any generation, really. The father is also... I'm the father as well. People who leave their families to go and work, not that I leave my family to go to work, but a lot of people do and have done, particularly in rock and roll. It happens in all kinds of businesses, really. So it's not meant to be just a simple story about somebody getting killed in the war, and growing up and going to school. But about being left, more generally".

Here's the lyrics. Listen to the song, read the lyrics, and have a wonderful evening!!

Momma loves her baby
And daddy loves you too.
And the sea may look warm to you babe
And the sky may look blue
But ooooh Baby
Ooooh baby blue
Oooooh babe.

If you should go skating
On the thin ice of modern life
Dragging behind you the silent reproach
Of a million tear-stained eyes
Don't be surprised when a crack in the ice
Appears under your feet.
You slip out of your depth and out of your mind
With your fear flowing out behind you
As you claw the thin ice.

tirsdag 6. mars 2012

Happy Birthday David Gilmour!!

Well, as you can see, it's Davids b'day today! He was born David Jon Gilmour this day, 66 years ago. 66 years ago, one of the most beautiful voices was 'born'. What a voice! And he know how to handle a guitar as well! He's been in Pink Floyd since 1967 (when Syd Barrett had to leave). And he was the lead guitar player and lead vocal all the years to come, even after Roger quit.. As a Waters fan, I reckon they should just quit the band, all of them, and leave it to the crazyness, but since I like heaps of the songs that were made after Roger, I'm kinda' glad they kept on playing.

A young David

After the 'original' - Waters - Pink Floyd, the band had some albums; "A momentary lapse of reasons", "Delicate sound of thunder", "Division Bell" and a live album and DVD - PULSE. Gilmour himself has also been doing some work after the PF time was over. "On an island" was his latest album, and that album was followed by a concert which they filmed and the result was "Live in Gdansk". And THAT is one of my favourite live dvd :0))
I really do want to meet him! He seems so nice and kind

(I am really sorry that this one was so short. I'm so tired! So all that I got left to say is....)