søndag 10. juli 2011

The Ballad of Menezes

It is quite amazing to think about that Roger and his band is in Athens now, filming the show "The Wall", which he has been touring with for almost a year now! I've been to five of the shows, and it was breathtaking every time! The animation is brilliant, and most of it is taken from the movie "The Wall", like in "The Trial" and "Waiting for the worms", but some of it is new.

Anyway, when the DVD is released, go, or even run to the nearest shop to get it! The DVD is going to be filmed during three shows in Athens, and then they will use a couple of days to fill in.
I'm sure that I will watch that live DVD at least once a week!!

I went to a show, or actually two, in Berlin in june. The first concert were quite similar to the other shows I've been to, but the second show, there was something different!!! During "Another brick in the wall, pt2", the band is usually playing three solos at the end. The first solo played by the lovely David Kilminster, the second played by Snowy White and the third is usually played by G.E Smith and Harry Waters. BUT, they didn't play the third solo in Denmark or at the first show in Berlin.. I was starting to think that maybe G.E or Harry had been sick or something...
Lucky for all of the fans, no one were sick!!! :) I got to know that Roger was getting tired of the same old, so he wanted to try something new, and then, the second day in Berlin, he played a new song, for the first time!!

The song is between "Another brick in the wall, pt2" and "Mother". I knew that they were playing a new song for the first time this day, so I filmed it, and will, of course, share it with you (as soon as I figure out why it won't work...)
The name of the song is not known yet, at least I don't know. But a possible name is "Ballad of Menezes". A really really beautiful song!!

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