tirsdag 27. mars 2018

Brit Floyd Eclipse World Tour 2018

Hammer time at Echo Arena, Liverpool

Brit Floyd started off their new tour called Eclipse World Tour 2018 March 2nd in Liverpool. Lucky for me, I was in the town that day. I was going to Liverpool to see my favourite football team play, and was happy I could also get the chance to see Brit Floyd live again.
I had been in contack with Damian Darlington and Matt Riddle and they were so nice helping me out with tickets! We had the friday off, so it felt great to fill the evening with the best music.

Crazy family ready for live Pink Floyd music

We headed over to the Echo Arena about one hour before the show started. We got our tickets and went in. The seats we got was on 5th row on the right hand side. Great seats on the floor.

My lovely parents

My man and I

Set list:
Shine On You Crazy Diamond
Arnold Layne
High Hopes
Another Brick In The Wall pt2
Dogs Of War
Pigs (Three different ones)

Breathe reprise
The Great Gig In The Sky
Take It Back
A Great Day For Freedom
Have A Cigar
Wish You Were Here
One Of These Days
Southampton Dock
The Final Cut
Brain Damage
Run Like Hell
Comfortably Numb

The lightshow amazed me once again

I was really happy with the set list, and the band did a great job as always! This band tour every year, and every year it's a new set list. There are songs that are played every year but they also make changes and often plays songs they haven't played before.

After the show we got to go bacstage to meet the band! It is nice to meet the band and they are all so friendly. So I had a really great time!
Luckily for me, Brit Floyd is coming to Norway this fall, so I will do my best to get tickets and go see them again.

mandag 5. mars 2018

Dark Side Of The Wall 2018

After my last show with Dark side of the wall, I have been exited about the next one. During the show in November, they announced that they had a new concert coming up in 2018, and that it would be even bigger and better then the last ones. Easy to say, that was not going to be a chance I would miss. Tickets were booked and the countdown could begin.

Since I live in another city, I had to book a trip to Bergen.
We were a big group of people seeing the show. There was actually 12 of us, including me and my parent. We went in to Bergen a few hours early to get some dinner before the show + be early to get good seats. These were not numbered, but we were lucky to sit together in a few groups.
I was sat on row 4, so my view to the stage was good.

Before the show I texted the band asking for a group photo for my blog. Lucky for me, they invited me backstage, and I got a pivture of the 4 man band, their female sax player and solo vocalist, a Norwegian singer called Helene Bøksle and a small drumming band to play "Bring the boys back home". Of course I had them all join me on hammer time!

Hammer time

There is nothing I appreciate more then a tribiute band that play songs in a bit special order, songs that tribiute bands usually don't play and songs that they mix a bit together. This evening Dark side of the wall had it all!

The great gig in the sky

Hey teacher!

Such a wonderful sax player

The amazing drummer

Set list:
Is There Anybody Out There
The Trial
Hey You
What Shall We Do Now?
Welcome To The Machine
Have A Cigar
Us And Them
Time + Breathe reprise
Medley: Echoes/Pigs/Money
The Happiest Days Of Our Lives
Another Brick In The Wall pt.II
Shine On You Crazy Diamond
Nobody Home
Bring The Boys Back Home
Comfortably Numb
Run Like Hell
Goodbye Cruel World
The Great Gig In The Sky
Wish You Were Here
The Final Cut

They took me by surprise when they started off with "Is there anybody out there?"! Whilst playing, the room was dark and they had people walking around with flashlights. It really set the mood for the evening and I was ready for more.
When they then jumped to "The trial" I thought that it is rare to play that song this early during a concert. And I loved it! I have always loved "The trial" and this band played it perfectly! They dressed up, the women joining the show played the roles of the Mother and the Wife. I was really enjoying myself.

Guitarist, drummer and fan

There were so many highlights, and my next favourite moment was when they played "What shall we do now" and suddenly they went over to first play "Welcome to the machine" and then "Have a cigar". There was so many things going on and they made it work so great! It was like these three songs were ment to be played non stop.

The bass player and myself

Later in the show they played a medley including the songs "Echoes", "Pigs" and "Money". Also this was played as it was the only was to play it.
I have lost count of how many times I've seen these guys play, and I must say they really did it this time! It was a magical night, indeed! And I am so exited for the next time I get to see them live. It feels like every time I see them live, they are better then the last time. And the last time I saw them in November, they really blew my mind! So I am wondering when it's gonna stop. After last time I didn't think it was possible for them to pull off a better show. They proved me wrong. AGAIN!

A great group of poeple

This band is reccomended to see if you ever get the chance! They are 4 band members but they make it sound like they are at least 4 more. And they are always taking it to the next level.
I mean, a band that end the show by playing "The final cut". That really doesen't happen every day!
I did do some live streaming, and during "The final cut", a member of the group posted "Wow! Most tribiute bands don't even try to go there!".

The band is just fantastic

Happy, music loving people

onsdag 10. januar 2018

The Norwegian Pink Floyd Show

Happy new year to you all!

One of the last things I did in 2017, was to go and see a Pink Floyd tribiute band in Bergen. I was already in the Bergen area, and as soon as my dad told me there was going to be a Pin Floyd related concert, I had to add an extra day in Bergen to see this show.
As soon as I heard about the band I knew I had to go. So I sent a message to the band asking to take a few pics and blog about it. The band gave me a green light and also said there would be a ticket in the door under my name!

So ya'
Though ya'
Might like to go to the show

I went to Bergen city with my dad and a few others. We had a lovely dinner and later on, a good friend of mine wanted to go see the show as well. This is a girl I have known for 7 years! She s a fan like me, and I have no idea of how many Pink Floyd evenings we've had! She moved from Stavanger to Bergen a few years ago, so it is always good to see her again. And in a setting like this - it had to be perfect!

Pink and I in front of the stage

We went over to Ricks, where the concert was held, showed our tickets and went in. There was already quite crowded, but me, Linn and my dad found a table to sit at.
The band came on stage and started straight on with "Sorrow" from "A momentary Lapse of Reason". I loved that they started off with that song! It really took me by surprise!
And the band was great! I was mindblown from the very first second!

Set list:
Time (Breathe)
Young Lust
Another Brick In The Wall pt.2
Have A Cigar
Learning To Fly
Nobody Home
Hey You
Shine On You Crazy Diamond
Us And Them
On the Turning Away
Run Like Hell
Wish You Were Here
Comfortably Numb

My favourites this evening was so many! "Dogs" is one of my favourite songs, so I am always happy when a band plays that song! I have a thing for the guitar solo's in that song!
"Sorrow" reminded me of when I saw David Gilmour live, so that also put me in a great mood!
"Hey you" is a favourite for me and Linn! I have no idea how many times we have been singing slong to that song.
The three last songs blew my mind! The band was so great in every single ways. The made me sing, dance and really enjoying myself.

Linn and I. Really enjoying ourselves

If you ever get the chance to see these guys, I will absolutely reccomend it! I know for sure that I will go to Bergen again for a show like this.

Enjoy the pictures from the show! I did some filming, and these clips you can find on my facebook page "The wonderful life of being a Pink Floyd fan".

The band is just fantastic, that is really what I think!

Backstage after the show

Great lads

Pink was impressed too!

Shine on!