lørdag 30. april 2016

5 years

5 years ago - my biggest music adventure started! I went to my very first "The Wall" concert in Oslo. I had big expectations, but still - this show really blew my mind! 

In Oslo, before the show. Had no idea what to expect!

We traveld to Oslo the day before the show. I really don't remember much of what we did in Oslo before the show. I know we hung out in a few different pub's, and we went sightseen. Everything I had in my mind was that I was about to see Roger Waters and the band again, for the first time in 3 years! And he was going to play the entire "The Wall"! No wonder I was feeling overwhelmed.

Me working on this blog. Full concentration!

So on this day, 5 years ago, we drove to Telenor Arena, where the gig was held. I had tickets on the second row (!)! Second row!!! Sick! But it felt good to know I would be close up with my hero.
We sat on the parking lot outside the arena, enjoying the sun, music and were waiting for it all to happen!

Outside the arena - already super exited!

About 6 months before the show, I got in touch with David Kilminster again. We first started talking on myspace in 2006 or something, and as soon as I got to know about the concert, I contacted him on facbook. And then the most amazing thing happend.. He asked if I wanted to meet him before the show!!

In shock! And so very very happy!

So while we were waiting outside the arena, 5 years ago, we also waited for the backstage passes to come out. When we got them, I think I freaked out a bit. I was so happy. So exited. Couldn't breathe properly etc.

Breathtaken and exited

"Hello world - I'm going backstage"!

The gang with backstage passes

When the time was right, we went inside the arena, and looked around for the backstage area. I'd never been backstage before, so I had no idea where to look. We asked the guards in the arena, and after a while, someone could point us in the right direction. And then we ran! I had no idea what went through my mind at this moment. All I could think was that I was only seconds from meeting David Kilminster!

Heads up - I know some of you have seen these pictures before, but it was only suitable to put them in this blog as well. Walking down memory lane <3

We ran and we ran, and suddenly I saw David standing in front of me! I jumped into his arms, like we were old friends. He were wondering why we were running. I could not answer. From this moment, the rest of the day was a bit blurry. My family were introduced and we talked for a bit, before he asked if I wanted to come with him on the stage!! From we went up to the stage, I had problems breathing. I was in shock, so David had to remind me to breathe several times.
We got up on stage, and I saw the Mother dummy, I got to see all the different instruments. Roger Waters leather coat. And I got to hold Rose, David's guitar.

On my way up on the stage

Holy c***!! Still can't believe this happend!

David was trying to keep me calm

Me and the beautiful guitar- Rose

We had a lot of fun! Sure looks like it


When we first met. STARSTRUCKED!

One happy Pink Floyd fan

When we got down from the stage, we said goodbye to David for now (we were meeting him backstage in the break). Anyways, he gave me a long warm hug and then gave me his personal guitar pic!! As if this wasn't enough, the show hadn't even started!!!

One last hug before the show was starting

Me and his guitar pic!!!

The show was about to start, and we found our seats. It's not nececarry to name all the songs he played. But when they started playin "In the flesh?", I got goosebumps all over my body! And they never really went away before I was asleep long after the show was over.
When Roger entered the stage, I cried for the rest of that song. And the next one. I felt so happy. So lucky, I couldn't believe what was happening. So much to see. The sound was brilliant, and it was a very good moment. One of the best actually.

I felt me and Roger connected here

During the break we went backstage, and there we met David again. And we met Snowy White. And so many awesome people. I remember I wished the intermission would last a bit longer, so we could stay longer at the backstage room. But the show must go on. And it's nothing wrong about that! We were about to see the second half of the show, which is also my favourite half of the show.

Pat lennon giving me his autograph

Me and Pat Lennon

Me and David having a laugh

Hanging with the star!

Robbie Wycoff giving his autograph

And here is me with the one and only Snowy White

The show was so much better then first expected. And I thought it would be absolutely amazing. It was even better, I don't have words! But when the show got closer to the end, I got a sudden feeling of sadness. I wanted to see it again, and really didn't want it to be over.
At the end of "The trial", the wall came down. Wow!! It was so amazing to sit on second row and watch it this close. Never thought I would experience that.
So, the wall came down, and the band returned to the stage. They ended the show with "Outside the wall", and after that the band walked off stage, one and one, when Roger said their names.
What a band he had!! The best of the best.

No fucking way - in Norwegian

We went back to the hotel, not quite sure what we'd just seen. We were all breathtaken and exited, so we sat down at the hotel pub just to talk about the show and calm ourselves down with a drink before bed.
Little did we know we were able to go and see the show again the next day!! We found out just before we were going to bed. So then we had to re-book some flights and add an extra night at the hotel.

We had pretty great seats!

And this was the start of my 3 years of travelling the world with my family to see the band! 16 shows all in all. We went to Australia to see it. And so many different places in Europe. Sweeden, Denmark, Germany, Hungary, Uk, Ireland, France.
I concider myself a very lucky person. To be able to travel around to listen to the music that means the world to me.

5 years... Wow... So much has happend over the last 5 years. 16 Roger Waters shows, 2 David Gilmour shows. 2 Steven Wilson shows. 2 Toto shows. 2 Elton John shows. And I've seen Mark Knopfler, Neil Young, Bruce Springsteen. And that's all I can remember for now..
I'm a lucky lucky girl.
If you have passion for music, life just seems to be better.

Music = happy me

Shine on all you beautiful Pink Floyd fans out there. And have a lovely weekend!

fredag 1. april 2016

Live in Pompeii

As most of you know, David Gilmour is returning to Pompeii this summer! He is actually having two gigs at the same arena Pink Floyd played at in the 70s! "Pink Floyd Live at Pompeii" is one of my favourite live dvd's.
Pompeii have also been on my bucket list for over 15 years! I've been facinated by this place for such a long time, and I will finally go there in July this year! I still can't believe it..

Amphitheatre of Pompeii

The concert in Pompeii is only a few days before the gig in Verona, so I get to travel around in Italy for 8 days! Gonna have a blast. So glad my friend Ole got tickets to the Pompeii show! And that he sold one of them to me :) Now I have another crazy Norwegian to travel around with.

We are going to Pompeii!!!

The countdown has started!! 97 days to go. I am lucky enough to be a tourist in one of the most facinating places (from my point of view) AND go see David in this really really old arena! It was built around year 80BC!! I am so exited about this trip!!

One happy monkey

So here's a little something to enjoy this weekend! 
Shine on!

tirsdag 1. mars 2016

Pink Floyd 2016

This night I am working night shift at one of my jobs. So what to do when it's quiet? 
That's right - update the blog!

Here we go!

Again I've been bad writing regularely, but an update now and then is better then nothing. Still buisy, so not much time to write, but I still enjoy the music almost every day.
Lately I've discoverd some new music. I got to see Steven Wilson live in Bergen in february. I'd never heard of his music before. Luckily for me, my friend David Kilminster were joining him on the tour, so I thought I had to go and check it out. So the last few weeks I've listened a lot to this music, but I always find back to my all time favourite music!

Bought myself a Pink Floyd jigsaw puzzle

The result

This year I have tickets for 4 David Gilmour concerts! One in Wroclaw (Poland), one in Verona (Italy) and two in London. That will be my vacation this year, but hey! I get to listen to great music!

The lunatic is in my head

So far this year I've seen Steven Wilson with band and Toto this year. So it's not too bad this year either. Always want to see as many concerts as possible. What makes me happy is listening to music live. I walk around being exited for months before a show, And when the day is there, I'm floating on a big, fluffy and pink sky. Feeling fulfilled and happy.

Finally the owner of Kilminster's latest album. It's really good, so check it out!

The bad thing about wanting to see all concerts possible, is that it is an expensive hobby. Over the last 5 years I haven't cared if the concert is in Norway or in a different country.. I just book tickets, and off I go. It's a good thing I work 3 different jobs. I rarely get to save up much money, but I am living my dream.
And all the awesome people I get to meet! People who have the same interests as I are so easy talking to. So I can't wait to meet old and new friends this year!

Me and David Kilminster backstage after the Steven Wilson concert

I had big dreams that Roger Waters would tour this year as well, but it really doesen't looks like it. So hopefully he will go on a tour next year! Wondering if he's new cd will be released soon too. I really do hope I like the new album! Always scary when bands you love release new material. But it really did work for Pink Floyd with "The Endless River" and David Gilmours "Rattle That Lock". Two albums I really enjoy.

"Rattle that lock" album cover

I have decided that march is going to be a great month! And if the month is going to be good, I'll keep on enjoying music and I try and update the blog, writing about specific songs, like I did in the beginning.

Me at the Toto concert!

I wish you all a peaceful night with good dreams and a great month! 
Shine on!

"Fat old sun" - Pink Floyd song of the day

fredag 1. januar 2016

Happy new year all Pink Floyd fans

Christmas is over, and a new year has just begun. Can't believe how fast the last month flew by. I'm a big fan of christmas, and especially all christmas movies, songs and decorations. Everything is so cosy and nice.
I am also a big fan of new years eve. Last night was celebrated with my boyfriend and his family. I made turkey (and a ton of delicious gravy). And then we sat and waited for 2015 to end. The last 10 minutes of 2015 was spent outside watching fireworks. I LOVE FIREWORKS!!! And then 2016 was upon us.

We watched a few Pink Floyd/Roger Waters live dvd's last night. Roger Waters "In the flesh" was on when we entered the new year - so my first Pink Floyd song this year was "Pigs on the wings" followed by "Dogs". I find that a great way to start the new year. Since I was 16 (at least), I have this idea that the first song I listen to in the new year has to be a Pink Floyd song. It's a good tradition. No matter where I celebrate new years eve, Pink Floyd need to be the first thing I'm listening to.

This year - songs from "Animals"

Last year was a great year for me and my music interests. Got to see several big bands live, but the highlight have to be David Gilmour live in London in september. I had never seen him live before, so this was a really great moment. It's even better that I got to see him two days in a row!
Another highlight with that trip was to meet old and new Pink Floyd fans.

"Rattle that lock"

I'm wondering what 2016 will bring when it comes to music. I have tickets to see Toto in February. Also, I'm hoping to see my friend David Kilminster (played guitar for Roger Waters during the DSOTM and The Wall tour). David Kilminster is playing with a guy named Steven Wilson, and they are going to Bergen! So hopefully I get to see the show and meet my friend again.

Got a new tattoo in october

David Gilmour is coming back to London in september, so I'm going back to London in september for two new shows.
There are also some rumors about both David Gilmour AND Roger Waters coming to Bergen this summer. Nothing is comfirmed yet, but that would have been awesome!! They are ofc not playing together, but then I get two concerts instead of one. That got me thinking... Wondering what kind of album Roger is working on. Or what he will play on his tour (if there will be a tour).

I'm hoping for myself and all of you that 2016 will be an amazing and music filled year!!
Happy new year and shine on! 

onsdag 7. oktober 2015

David Gilmour live at Royal Albert Hall - Part II

London - what a beautiful city!

Friday morning I got up around 8 and headed straight down to eat breakfast. The others slept for a bit longer, but when they got up, one by one, they joined me. It was a simple breakfast with toast, orange juice and tea. Whilst eating we tried to figure out what the opening hours to Primark was.

After shopping at Primark. We were matching!

After the breakfast we went to the room to change and then we headed down to Oxford Street and Primark. Me and my sister lost sight of Sam and Nikolai quite early. I think we spent about 20 minutes on the first 5 metres in the store. We walked inside the store for over two hours. I'm not a shopping person, but when I'm at Primark that's all different. Later we met up with Sam and Nikolai again to eat lunch. We walked by the hotel to drop of our stuff so we didn't need to walk around with all the bags from the shopping.

KFC was the place to eat today. We don't have KFC in Norway, so I have to buy something there when I go on holiday to a country where they do have KFC. When we finished eating, we went looking for a place to buy dessert and beer, but ended up at the hotel again. So we sat here for a while, looking through our new stuff bought at Primark, and then we started to get ready for the show!

My parents came up to our room so we could all plan when to meet and how to get to the pub. My dad wanted to walk to the pub. Me and Sam joined him, and we all headed towards Hyde Park. We had such a lovely walk in the sunshine. Too bad it was only a 40 minute walk from the hotel to the pub. I could have been walking in Hyde Park for hours.

When we arrived at the pub, we didn't see anyone from the night before, so we went downstairs to find somewhere to sit. Not too long after, my mother, sister and Nikolai arrived. They didn't want to walk down, so they shared a taxi. We all sat down with something to drink and waited for the rest of the Pink Floyd fans to show up.

Ole, me and Matt

This turned out to be another great afternoon in the pub. There are so many nice Pink Floyd people out there. And it was such a pleasure to meet them all. Today I talked to the people I'd been talking with the day before, but also a few new people. I had so much fun. Wish this group of people lived nearby, so we could meet up in pubs more often, listening to great music and share stories. Well, I guess I can meet some of them if/when Roger or David are goung on a tour again.

Me, Kevin and my dad

Originally, we only had four tickets to the friday show. But my father told me a while ago that he would like to go to the show as well if I should find some tickets. So I posted on facebook that I would be interested in buying a ticket if anyone had an extra. It didn't take long until a facebook friend named Gary (whom I met at the pub on thursday!), told me he knew about someone with a spare ticket. So he started a chat on fb between the three of us. And this was how I started talking to Laura, a very nice girl from California. She was going all the way to London to see the show, and she wanted to sell me the ticket! So we kept in touch until that friday - the day of the show.

Carlos and me

The day of the show, we had planned to meet at Paxtons Heads, so I walked around waiting for Laura whilst talking to the other PF fans. And suddenly she showed up - my hero who sold me an extra ticket! We had so much fun together, and we talked like we'd known each other for years. I introduced her to my family and most of the people I talked with at the pub.

Laura and me

Again, we headed over to Rah. We had a fun walk over. My mother joined us, and when we arrived at RAH, she got in a cab and went over to the pub we'd all plan to meet in after the show.
They are quite strict at RAH - ticketwise. The person whose name is on the ticket, have to show an ID at the door. We had 6 tickets with two different names and three different door entries. And my name was on four of the tickets, which meant I had to walk over and stand in line at three doors. Luckily I talked to a security guard - and he talked to someone by a door with no line outside, and told them to let us all in the same door! Problem solved, thanks to a very nice security guard!

We parted ways just inside the venue. My dad and sister went one way, Sam and Nikolai went another, and me and Laura was headed for the top floor. At the top floor there are no seats, so you can stand wherever you want. You could walk around and watch the show from almost every angle. We bought something to drink and then found two good spots to stand in.

The concert was great today too! Really can't choose my favourite show. It's always something special seeing it the very first time. On the other hand you are more prepared on how things are done the second day. It was a good thing to be standing up all the time - you could dance as much as you wanted without blocking the view for anyone. There were also no line to buy drinks or go to the toilet up there. I had so much fun both days. But the people on the top floor the second day could have been dancing/singing more. They just leaned towards the fence, standing all still. But hey - all people enjoys music in different ways!

After the show we met up with a few PF fans outside RAH, and we headed over to a pub called Prince of Wales. It was about a 10 minute walk, and we went inside to meet up with my mun. She had found a cozy corner where we all squeezed in. My parents had one drink before they and my sister got a cab back to the hotel. My parents had to get up early the next day to catch the train to Liverpool. They were going to Anfield to watch Liverpool vs Aston Villa.

Jens, me and Ole

We had such a great time at the pub! Even when the pub closed, we were standing on the outside for a long time. No one wanted to leave, because there were quite a few who were going home the day after. And who knows when we all meet again?


Ole and me - inspired by The Wall

A big thank you to all the wonderful Pink Floyd fans I met during these two days in London! I had a blast talking to every one of you. And I hope meeting you all again!
Shine on!