torsdag 7. desember 2017

Dark Side Of The Wall: Floyd forever + Wish You Were Here

A month ago, I decided to go to Bergen to get a very much needed refil of Pink Floyd live music.  There is a tribiute band from Bergen called Dark Side Of The Wall. This band was playing two gigs every weekend over 3 weekends. The first weekend was set to be Floyd forever + Dark Side Of The Moon. Second weekend - the one I went to - was set to be Floyd forever + Wish You Were Here. The last weekend was set to be Floyd forever + The Wall. It really is hard to choose between those three albums. But I did choose the album I've heard the fewest times live.

My WYWH tattoo

This band is actually a tribiut band Roger Waters have seen himself! Back in 2007, when Waters was playing in Bergen, Dark side of the wall had a few gigs where they performed the entire "The Wall". Roger was watching a bit of their show with a few other band mates. When they were 'discovered' by the audience, they quietly snuk out. I know from reliable sources that Roger very much enjoyed their show, and that they inspired him to start touring with "The Wall" again!

Before the show

I did see this band last year at the same place too. It is in a bar, where there are tables for food servings (before the gig) and people can book those tables for the show. A few of those tables will give you a perfect view of stage! But if you don't have a table, you have to stand more on the side of the stage, so the view is not too great.

I found Pink

I came in quite early with my family, and I found myself a spot almost on stage. My feet were actually touching the stage. Could not have come any closer.

Feet touching stage

The band came on around 10.45, and they started off with "One of these days". That turned out to be a great way to start off a brilliant show! The best one yet - in my opinion!

Oink Oink

The highlights of the night was
"One of these days"
"The final cut"
"The Fletcher Memorial Home"
These are all songs that aren't played too often live. "Cymbaline" was definatly a highlight! They played it last year too, so when they started playing it again this year, my eyes started filling up with tears. Such an amazing song.

They played the entire "Wish you were here" album, non stop. And that was pure magical! Not one single note missing! And it all sounded so great. I did film a few bits from the show, but unable to post here, but they are to be found on my Facbook fan page!
The band also brought with them a female vocalist! That girl impressed me! She had such a powerful voice - perfect for Pink Floyd songs!

The band dropped a few hints of an upcoming gig early next year! They are playing at the same hotel where the bar is, but in a different room! So maybe a bigger room, bigger stage and even greater show then ever?! I really do hope so!
This band is the tribiut band that have surprised me most by playing more rare songs, which is why I always try and go to Bergen when they are playing!
So hopefully I'll go back up there February 10th!
If you are in Bergen or close area, go check them out! You will not be dissapointed!! 
This is a link to buy tickets ;) 
Hope to see you there

mandag 30. oktober 2017

Dark Side Of The Wall - 2016 + 2017

I started this blog last year after the concert I went to, and then it dissapeard. But when I found it again, I thought I could give a little shout out to people who live in Bergen/close to Bergen. Because the coming weekend and the two following weekends this band will play again! 6 shows over three weekends, fridays and saturdays!

Weekend 1: Floyd Forever + Complete Dark Side Of The Moon
Weekend 2: Floyd Forever + Complete Wish You Were Here
Weekend 3: Floyd Forever + Complete The Wall

Maria's best tips: GO TO THE SHOW! These guys are amazing and they create a great atmosphere. Very well worth checking out! 
I myself live in a town called Stavanger, so will only have chance to go one of the weekends, but I am sure all three weekends will blow your mind! So choose your favourite album and go see these guys perform. You will not regret it!

Shine on!

This girl will go see one of the shows too! And she is exited!!

There is a Pink Floyd cover band from Bergen that I've seen quite a few times. And I had already planned to go to Berge the first weekend in November 2016 to see a stand-up show. Imagine my surprise when I realised that "Dark side of the wall" was to have a concert in Bergen the same night! It even turned out I could manage to go to both shows!

Pink is always ready!

I went with my family and some friends. After the stand-up show, we went to have a few beers, since it was still a few hours before the concert would start. It was good fun just chatting and enjoying a beautiful saturday evening. It was also my dad's birthday, which also made it even better.

The stage at Madam Felle

We went over to where the show was, and the band started playing 10.30PM.
Again, I've seen these guys many times before, but the way they started, I knew this might be their best show yet. They started with "Pigs on the wings" and went straight on to play "Dogs". Just a few weeks earlier, I saw Roger Waters live at Coachella, and he played those two songs as well. Was so great to hear them again. I haven't heard these songs live so many times before. That's why hearing them live two times in a few weeks made me really happy.
The band was on fire! "Dogs"... I'm struggeling finding the right words. They were all so good! Normally they are two guitarist for the solos, but at this show there was only one. I was so impressed by how well he played it!

These guys rock!

I was standing  quite close to the stage. The concert was at Madam Felle, a hotel bar. In this bar, there are places to sit, and they also have serve food. I guess you could make a reservation for a table before the show, but I think they are going quite quick. Anyways, most of the time I prefer standing whilst listening to Pink Floyd music. Makes it easier to dance.
Even though the tables was set up all the way up to where the stage was, we were staning in a good spot. Close to the stage, and the only people in front of ut was sitting at the tables. Nothing to say about the view.

Happy bunny!

The band was great as always and they managed to make it even better by playing songs that you rarely get to hear live. "Cymbaline" is a song I've never heard live before. And they played it!
That really was their best show yet!

Set list:
Pigs On The Wing
The Thin Ice
Another Brick I
Tha Happiest Days Of Our Lives
Shine On You Crazy Diamond

Breathe repr.
The Great Gig In The Sky
Set the Controls For The Heart Of The Sun
Comfortably Numb
Run Like Hell

Us & Them
Have A Cigar
Wish You Were Here

They were also planning to play "The Fletcher Memorial Home", but that song was cut out unfortunaly. It is still a great set list with a few really really great and non-often played songs. As for myself, that is what I enjoy most at a concert - hearing songs I haven't heard live before.

I got to sit behind the drums! 

tirsdag 10. oktober 2017

Brit Floyd - Immersion World Tour

Brit Floyd is a Pink Floyd tribiute band I've seen many times. It is the closest you can get to see the real deal. Which is why I got so surprised this saturday when I was told they were playing in Stavanger on sunday! Sunday came, but the tickets were all sold out. That did of course not surprise me, since the tickets usually get sold out fast. But I still had to check. Hoping for a miracle.

Animals purse and shoes. Geek..

When I realised there was no tickets available, I decided to ask around for tickets. But I don't know too many Pink Floyd fans in this town, so didn't expect finding someone who would sell a ticket on same day as show. That is when I decided to contact the guitarist and vocalist in band. We were friends on facebook, and luckily for me, he was a member of my "The wonderful life of being a Pink Floyd fan" group on facebook! I texted him asking if there was any posibilities to get tickets for tonights show. And that's when he made my day. He said yes!


Getting so exited and feeling as the luckiest girl in the world, I started getting ready and went into town to meet a few friends I already had plans with - Kine and Mari! They wanted to join me to the show, so we had a few pre drinks. I started to get more and more exited. Usually when I am going to see some live Pink Floyd music, I know about it for months! It is extremely rare that it is spontaneous.

Ticket and backstage pass

We walked over to Stavanger konserthus, picked up our tickets and backstagepasses and then we waited. They announced that it was a few minutes until the concert would start, so we went to find our seats. I must say - best seats in the house! We were ready for the band to enter the stage!
The lights got turned off and the sounds from very familliar andsome less familliar tunes was played. They play through so many small bits from different songs, and that always brings tears in my eyes and a big smile on my face. And all this happiness before the band actually came on stage! It's hard to imagine what I must have looked like when the band acyually came on stage and started by playing "Cluster one". A song rarely played live!

View straight on stage!

I have been to my fair share Pink Floyd related concerts. I don't even have a number. But since I do live for this music, it's always something special when you go see a gig where they play a few songs that you don't hear at every single show. And Brit Floyd have always been playing a few songs you maybe didn't expect them to play! And that is why they are my favourite tribiut band!

Maria did enjoy the show!

Set list:
Cluster one
What do you want from me
Welcome to the machine
Coming back to life
Another brick in the wall Pt 2
Lost for words
One of these days
Us and them
Any colour you like
Brain damage

Astronomy domine
Pigs on the wing Pt 1
A new machine Pt 1
Terminal frost
The great gig in the sky
Wish you were here
Shine on Pts 6-7
Comfortably numb

Not now John
Run like hell

From this list, I do have my share of favourites! The most surprising song of the night was "Not now John". I've loved that song since my dad played it for me on a vinyl many years ago. And I can't remember ever hearing it live. Talking about encore number! The facinating thing during this song is that if you closed your eyes, the vocal sounded just like the original!

The band is just fantastic

A special thanks to the band for playing "Cluster one", "What do you want from me", "Lost for words", "Any colour you like", "A new machine Pt1", "Terminal frost" and "Not now John"!
The entire set was perfect! It's just that I love those moments when you don't expect to hear a song or maybe never heard live before. A concert to remember!

Great show

After the show I got my ticket signed by some member from the band, and when they were done signing, we got to join in on the after party! We were guided into the Green Room where there was both food and drinks! We got to meet the guitarist and vocalist, bass player, keyboard player, background vocalist, guitarist etc! I got myself a few hugs and a few pictures to remember the wonderful evening.

Me and Matt Riddle

Damian, Matt, Me and Ian. One lucky girl!

My hero of the day - Damian Darlington

Me and Ian Cattell

Selfie time with two lovely men

Signed ticket

For my collection

Backstage pass

torsdag 27. juli 2017

Pink Floyd: Their Mortal Remains

Outside exhibition

After a long wait, it was finally my turn to go see the Pink Floyd V&A exhibition in London. I had booked the tickets about a month earlier, just to be sure I would actually go and to have a date to look forward to. The exhibition opened in May and will be open every day until 1st of October. So there is still a chance I might go see it one more time.

London baby!

I flew in to Gatwick, so I of course got to ride past Battersea Power Station on the way in to London. There is something about that building. So majestic and very Pink Floyd related. I also tried to find a place to stay close to Thames and with a view of Battersea Power Station. I only had to walk for 2 minutes to be down by the river.

Me and Battersea Power Station on the right

I had tickets for the exhibition thursday morning at 10 - which is the first entry of the day. I got on the tube to South Kensington station, bought some coffee and breakfast and then I sat outside waiting for the doors to open. There was actually a few poeple already waiting outside when I got there - about 20 minutes before they opened.
I went in, showed my ticket, got the audio headset and could enter.

Hammer time while waiting

The audio device you get around your neck tuned in depending on where you moved. They would play music relevant to what you were looking at. They had tv's around playing from interviews, music videos etc, and when you stood close enough to that, the audio device would tune into that tv. All you had to do with the devise was to turn the sound up and down if needed. It was a very clever way to do it.

Extremely ready to see the exhibition!!

The exhibition was lined up in the way that you started with the beginning, back when they were called The Tea Set, when Syd was in the band etc - and it ended with The Endless River era.
I really knew I was up for something great when I saw a big picture of Dark side of the moon just outside where you were to enter the Pink Floyd exhibition. And when walking through the door I saw the Bedford van! It was huge, and you had to go through it to get on with the exhibition.

Lovin' life!

Instead of writing all about every room in exhibition, I will post all pictures I took when I was there. So then you can see for yourself that this exhibition can't be missed. Even if you're not a huge fan, I am pretty sure everyone would enjoy it.

There might be some spoilers in here. So if you are going to see it yourself and don't wanna know whats there, you can come back and read it after you seen it.

Let's do this!!

Drawing of the Bedford Van

Psychedelic inside the van

Couldn't hide the exitement

A letter from Syd Barrett

Pink Floyd family tree

Me and my hero

I want to wear this

Atom Heart Mother

Spot Roger Waters

There he is

Tea Set - before they canhged it to Pink Floyd

Ummagumma love

Always posing on the floor

Pompeii era! Had to show off tattoo


Map of Cambridge

Syd's guitar with small mirrors on it

Projector used to make the psychedelig drops

Rick's old one

Beautiful pictures


One big smile

You could make your own version of money! I could be there for hours

Gong with hammers

I want them all

Floor art/tattoo art

Had to lie down

Pictures from the shooting of Wish You Were Here cover

A replica of t-shirt Johnny Rotten wore at a concert

Ticking away

I had no idea there would be a Battersea Power Station there


The Wall, Battersea Power Station, Airplane AND the Teacher

Pink <3

Hammer time in front of The Wall

The Wall characters

Richard Wright's mask from The Wall live at Earls Court in 1980 and 1981

Masks from The Wall live at Earls Court

Wife and Mother

Exploding fridge

Teacher and Pig

Me and wife

The Final Cut

Me and the lads

Lightbulb men

Learning to fly


The Division Bell

And she's back on the floor

I love Pink Floyd this much

Promo blimp 94'


Last room in exhibition. In here they had 4 screens on 4 walls and they played Arnold Layne, High Hopes and Comfortably numb. I sat there so I could see it two times. The sound was perfect! 

Hard to know where to look

Arnold Layne