onsdag 3. august 2011

Lucifer Sam

It's been a while now since the last time I wrote, but I reckon that's ok!!

I've been listening to "The piper at the gates of dawn" lately, and I love the album so much! This is, as I probably have mentioned before, the only one made with Syd Barrett. He did do some of the guitar playing on "A saucerful of secrets", but Gilmour had to fill in some parts.
Anyhow, the song "Lucifer Sam" is one of my favourites from this album. I love the name Lucifer! I think it's such a nice name!! I don't see the name like some satan name :p I can't see the religious and negativity with the name!

The cover

As a big Barrett fan, I think all his songs are amazing! Of course, I do love his solo albums, but when it's Pink Floyd, it's automaticly magical!!

Hey, the song is about a cat.... I don't like cats... Maybe cats are like satan.. :p ahhaha!!! Sorry to all you cat lovers, but I think I understand what this song is about! And it's not good for cats!!
I think.... I don't know.. Just love to make up my own opinions!! :)

Good night everybody!!
(Before you go to bed, listen to the song! It makes you feel so happy!! Cause it's a funny song!

"That cat's something I can't explain"

Love this picture.. (From left: Rick, Roger, Nick and Syd)

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