tirsdag 29. april 2014

The Scarecrow

After 3,5 months in Belfast, I returned to Norway friday last week. It was good to back, but I also miss Belfast! Such a great city, and I had so many walks around whilst listening to Pink Floyd. One of the last albums I listened to before I left, was "The piper at the gates of dawn". Such a great album, and one of my favourites, because it's the only album where Syd Barrett joined in on a full PF album. So it's no shock that "The scarecrow" is a song by the genious himself.

The song is pretty much what the title let us know it is - a wistful, melacholic ode to a scarecrow. Whenever I'm listening to this song, I picture myself in a field, relaxing in the sun, with a scarecrow scaring away the birds. The song gives me the vision of spring and summer - two of my favourite times of year. And they are singing about an important ingredient in whiskey - barley, so that's just another thing to love.

thinking of the scarecrow in Belfast

As the most of the album contains whimsical and child like songs, this one is no exeption. The album is an album you can listen to if you feel happy, sad, bored etc. No matter what mood you're in, you feel better after listening to some songs from this album - and especially this song. I don't remember the first time I listened to this song, but I do remember the first time I noticed the song. I think I laughed out and I had to listen to it over and over again, as it made me so happy.

In my opinion, this is a song you can listen to all the time, in all occations.
One thing I always will wonder about is if Syd never got into the whole LCD business, and if he would be able to be the lead singer and lyracist in the band - what would Pink Floyd be today. It's a scary thought, since Pink Floyd mostly just made masterpieces. And would some of the songs be the same without David's wonderful voice?
I'm glad it turned out the way it did - don't misunderstand! I would love for Syd Barrett to have a happy and healthy life, but it might be true that Pink Floyd would never be the same. That's why I'm glad he still got to do some solo albums and that it turned out the way it did. Wouldn't miss any of their songs.

But it would be lovely if Pink Floyd were able to do two full albums with Syd Barrett in the lead. Cause he was a great musician, and he will always be remembered as a genious!

So enjoy the song and the video from youtube!

The black and green scarecrow as everyone knows 
Stood with a bird on his hat and straw everywhere. 
He didn't care. 
He stood in a field where barley grows. 

His head did no thinking 
His arms didn't move except when the wind cut up 
Rough and mice ran around on the ground 
He stood in a field where barley grows. 

The black and green scarecrow is sadder than me 
But now he's resigned to his fate 
'Cause life's not unkind, he doesn't mind. 
He stood in a field where barley grows.