fredag 25. januar 2013

David Kilminster

Today it's my good friend David Kilminster's birthday!
David Kilminster have been touring with Roger Waters since the Dark side of the moon tour in 2006! He plays the guitar, and I must say he does a GREAT job! For the last three years, he's been touring with "The Wall" with Roger Waters and he is the one you can spot on the top of the wall during "Comfortably numb". It was after "The Wall" tour started that I got to know him.

He gave me a guitar pick! 

The first time I saw him on stage was on the Dark side of the moon tour in Oslo in 2006, I was in the front line, standing up against the fence, and I noticed his amazing guitar, how brilliantly good he was playing it, and the best of all, he did often look into the audience, making eye contact and smiling a lot! The second time I saw him, I was also in the front line, and almost in the same spot as the year before, and he was still focusing much on the audience and he was still smiling all the time. The only thing that was not good this night was that there were to many people pushing and that made me very uncomfortable, and I was about to pass out and a guard had to lift me over the fence and take me away from the scene area. So I didn't get to see the very last part of the last song. But it was still great!

Hugs in Denmark

When I went to my first "The Wall concert" in Oslo in 2011, I got to meet David for the first time before the show. He was such a nice guy, and he was so easy to talk to. I had some problems breathing (I was way too exited) and then he took my hand and told me to breath and asked if I was ok. And then he brought me on stage, and I got to hold his guitar! And this is a guitar I've seen live so many times and I've seen pictures, and think it is so beautiful, and he let me hold her!

Rocking on stage before the show

After the gig in Oslo, we met up in Denmark, Germany and in Australia, and we had coffee in Sydney two days in a row. I concider David one of my good friend, and I am so happy that I got to know him!

Happy birthday David! Shine on! :0))

fredag 18. januar 2013

Pow R Toc H

When I sat on the bus home from work today I was listening to "Pow R Toc H" from the album "The piper at the gates of dawn". It's been a while since I was listening to this song the last time. I don't know why, because it's absolutely amazing! When I started listening to this album, many years ago, this song was one of my favourites.

Party boys! It would have been wonderful to party with these four men!

This is one of few songs on the album that's not just Barrett's masterpiece! It's written jointly by all four members, and it is a well made song. It's instumental with some vocal effects. The vocal effects just makes the song even better. AND they always makes me smile. It's funny and Roger Waters is a master on the vocal effects. There are also a great part in the song where we can hear Richard Wright play the piano.

Both the band's mamagers Andrew King & Peter Jenner suggested that the title of the song was just word sounds. Pow was certainly in youth culture common parlance at the time from comic books like Batman. Toc H might have related to the charity of the same name values of whose mission statement - 'commited to building a fairer society by working with communeties to promote friendship and service, confront prejudice and practise reconciliation' would certanly have had a lot of resonance with members of the late 60's UK alternative society and the band itself.

All in all, it's a wonderful song, and for you who don't know this song, listen to it, enjoy and love! 
Have a wodnerful weekend, and thank you for reading! 

søndag 13. januar 2013

Chapter 24

Great song! It always makes me smile. As all other Pink Floyd song does. But there is something special with Syd Barrett's songs. They are just fun and charming listening to. They have this childish melody and wonderful lyrics. Great songs for children I am sure! When I have babies, they will of course grow up with the music. They have no choice. And from they are born, I will play "The piper at the gates of dawn" to them and using the songs as lullaby songs! Great idea!

Four great men!
Rick, Roger, Nick and Syd

This song, as you know, is from "The piper at the gates of dawn", the bands first album. That is easy to know since this is a song by Syd Barrett, and his way of writing songs is unique! Even a non Floyd fan would perhaps know the different between Pink Floyd with and without Syd. Well, that might not be true. Never mind. It's hard to make people who don't like the music, to listen to Pink Floyd. Especially the old albums, like "Piper..", " A saucerful.." and "Atom heart mother". Even my Floyd friends were critical to listen to the first PF albums for a long time. Hopefully they now have actually given the albums a chanse, and then discover that it's not bad at all! It's just wonderful and amazing.

These four guys were amazing together!

The song "Chapter 24" has lyrics that are inspired from 'I Ching', the Chinese book of changes, a 5000 year old Taoist oracle. The book became very popular with late 1960s youth and chapter 24 in the book is 'Fu, Return or Turning point'. One of many translations of the book, this one by Richard Wilhelm, seems to have been the one Syd consulted - the guitarist lifting lines like "all movements are accomplished in six stages and the seventh bring returns" verbatim. He was probably turned on to the book by the bohemian mother of Cambridge friend Seamus O'Connel.

Syd Barrett! You will always live on in every Pink Floyd heart

All in all, it is a great song, and Syd often had great meanings behind each song he wrote. It's always fun to look a bit on the lyricks meaning, and also what story you might find behind the idea of each song.

listen and enjoy

torsdag 10. januar 2013

Roger Waters LIVE!!!

All right! We are 10 days into the year 2013, and I think it's going to be a great year! The reason why I do think it's gonna be great, is that I have 6 tickets for the Roger Waters - The Wall live show this summer. And I can't wait!!
I still have some problems deciding where to go, and for how long I will be travelling this summer.. I want to see it all, of course, but I don't know if I get that much time of uni or work or whatever.. There are just too much to think about. But I will figure it out.

Oslo 2011

As we all know, this will be Waters last year to tour around, and I saw The Wall live 8 times in 2011/2012, and it is something you have to see many many times. The best part is that you never get sick of it, it's just getting better and better and it starts growing on you! And then you know you have to catch one more show.  So I have to recomand to all you readers out there, try to get at least two tickets for the show. There are still lots of shows that still are available.

Don't leave me now

I had a friend of mine visiting me last week, and we had one of our usual evenings with wine, games and music. After a few glases of wine and after some catching up, we put on a video from youtube from one of Rogers concerts last year, and started to dance and sing. And we always got those small reality-check where we remember that there are only a few months left to wait for the concerts! We had so much fun, and I know she's as exited as I am!

Not easy to take picture of two people at the same time...

This weekend will be my first home-alone weekend since I moved to this flat with my boyfriend. He is going out of town a few days, so I will be spending this weekend with the great music I love. I can dance around, I can sing and I can listen to the music as loud as I wish! Need to start with the warm-up to the concerts, because it's only 6 months to the first concert I've got tickets to!

So raise your glases high, and cheers to Pink Floyd!
Wishing you all a wonderful weekend to come

Comfortably numb live in Perth, Australia

søndag 6. januar 2013

Happy birthday Roger Keith Barrett

Yay birthday boy!

Today is Syd's 67th birthday. Happy birthday to you, wherever you are! As you all know, Syd died 7 years ago, but he will always live on in my heart! He is one of the brilliant people behind my favourite music, and without him in the band, I don't think it would be the same! The world would be a sad place to live if the album "The piper at the gates of dawn" never were released. All the whimsical tunes, funny but also some true lyrics, fairytales etc! There are just too many wonderful songs on that album, and since they were all written by Syd (except "Take up thy stethoscope and walk" - Roger Waters), the future of Pink Floyd would not be the same.


Bright colours and 'Lennon' sun-glases

The end of the 60's

Well, today is not about any particular albums or songs. It's about the wonderul man Syd Barrett.
He was born in Cambridge, England in 1946. They were 5 children in this middle-class family. The father in the family did early notice that his son, Syd, had a thing for music, so the father encouraged Syd to try play different instruments. That was a good thing!
I think I've been writing much the same before, so I'll just end it here today.

Happy birthday Syd!!Hope you are doing great, wherever you are! 
Shine on you crazy diamond