søndag 27. november 2016

Roger Waters - Live at Desert Trip

Ready for Oldchella

Coachella. Or as media called it - Oldchella.
The weekend where Bob Dylan, Rolling Stones, Neil Young, Paul McCartney, The Who and last but not least - Roger Waters would all play at the same festival, over three days.
When the tickets was released, we only managed to get tickets to the sunday show (first weekend). It would be fun to see all these big stars, but if I had to choose one day, it would definatly be sunday.
Don't think I would go all the way from Norway to California to see any of the others. But Roger has this power over me, so I really couldn't help going all.

Wristband and matching dress

Me and Tracey

Me and Philip drinking coffee 

I flew with my family from Bergen to London and then to Los Angeles. We had a few days in this city before we drove up to Indio. We also met up with a few friends on this trip.
Whilst my parents and sister slept in the RV, I had a friend who was kind enough to let me sleep there. He and some friends had been to all the concerts, so it was fun catching up the night before the big Roger Waters concert!

Pink with the wristband

Breakfast time

One ready fan

The next morning I got up quite early and started to get ready for the big day. My wrist band (that was basically the concert ticket) was activated and I was ready to go. We had some breakfast/lunch at James' house before Greg came to pick us up. Then we headed to the RV camp to pick up my parents and sister. And then we drove to meet Laura. Her cousin drove us over to the concert area, and we started walking.

Too exited to be normal

Me and Laura on the way 

Family on the way

Hammer time with my sister

I was under the impression that this area would be huge. And that it was!! Wow! As soon as you got into the area, you had to walk for quite a bit just to get close to where the stage was.
I've been to a few outdoor concerts and festivals, but never been somewhere like this. There was barely no lines. Clean toilets, small lines to get food and drinks, and there was several places where you could sit down in the shade to enjoy a beer.

Showing off tattoos

Pink had a great day

Pirate/hippie Maria

When The Who was about to go on stage, we went to the main concert area and found a place we could stand. There was a fence we could lean against, and not too crowded. The Who was amazing, but I was also a bit too exited to see my hero again.
After nearly 90 minutes after The Who went off stage, they dimmed the lights and you could hear some construction noises. You knew something big was about to happen.

One happy family

It was so great to see him again, and he really did look better then ever! The band started the show with "Speak to me" and "Breathe", which was a great was to start off this show with. I was almost in shock and knew this was gonna be one of the greatest shows I've ever seen!
I was dancing, singing and bouncing up and down. One of the songs I was most exited to hear, was played quite early. And that is "Fearless". That was a truly perfect moment for me. And the band nailed the song! I wouldn't mind it they turned up the sound a bit more, but besides that - no complaints. Also - as a Liverpool supporter - standing with 80 000 other people singing "You'll never walk alone". WOW!

Big screen close to where we were

"Have a cigar" was also on the set list, and I was very surprised that Roger sang the chorus himself! Thought his voice might struggle, but no. His voice sounded so powerful and raw.
When the band was almost halfway through the set list, they played "Wish you were here", and since that is a song that is almost always played, I decided to run to the bathroom and to buy something to drink. I brought my sister along, and we ran as quick as we could. I knew they might start playing songs from "Animals" after this song. And that is an album I haven't heard too many songs live from.
Anyways, before we got back into the main area, we heard the construction noises again, so we found a spot where we could see the stage. And what do you know! 4 chimneys rose up from the top of stage. And BOOM! Battersea Power station was a fact.

When he started playing "Pigs on the wings, pt1" we started running back to the others. Halfway over, the song was ending, but luckily for us he had put part 1 and 2 of that song together. I really wanted to be where I was supposed to be when he started playing "Dogs".
Back in the right spot - "Dogs" was played. Mindblowing! Finally I could hear it live. Been a dream since I bought the "In the flesh" live dvd. Listening to this song live brought out a big smile on my face and also a few happy tears.

The view of the stage from where we were

"Pigs (Three different ones)" was a very pleasant experience. There was loads of Trump references , and I found that very entertaining. This was of course a few weeks before Trump was elected President, but still. Roger had the posibilities to let people know what he though, and he definatly took it. The flying pig came flying in. Me and Philip actually tried to chase the pig two times. Juuust in case they would bring pig down. But they didn't. It was fun going on my first pig hunt.
One one of the sides of the pig they had a map over US with the words "Together we stand, divided we fall". On the screen behind the stage he'd also put up quite a few of Trump's most 'famous' quotes. Not charming at all. It felt like a lot of people in the audience agreed with Roger and the venue was boiling.

Roger had two new female background singers. I was not familliar with them, but the rest of the band was almost all the same that joined him during "The Wall" concerts. The background singers did an amazing job! Their voices was powerful and very suitable to this concert. I'm still no huge fan of "The great gig in the sky", but these girls did a good job on this song.
Other highlights of the show was "Brain damage" and "Eclipse". I did hear Roger perform these songs during the "Dark side of the moon tour", and was happy to hear him play them again.


As expected, the concert ended with "Comfortably numb". It was great to see both Robbie Wycoff and David Kilminster on top of 'the wall' during this song. It was a bit windy, but they both still did a perfect job. Took me straight back to when I travelled around to see "The Wall".
I've heard this song so many times live before, but I never think I've been singing so loud to this song before. I knew it was almost over, and wanted to get out exactly how I felt.


I found it strange that the band was not introduced. That left me a little hope that there would be an encore, but that never happened. Good thing I know the entire band from before. The ladies I haven't seen before, but the rest all have familliar faces.
The show was over, and I did take my time getting out from the area. I was sad I wouldn't see it again any time soon, but was also so happy to have seen my hero again. And at Desert Trip.

Me and Pink after the show!

It really is the wonderful life of being a Pink Floyd fan

Full concert. Enjoy!

Happy times with this lovely girl

Greg and my parents



Much fun seeing David Kilminster playing with Roger Waters again

Pink after show

Dinner time

I had good reasons to be exited before this dream of a concert

torsdag 10. november 2016

David Gilmour live at RAH - Part II

The second show was happening friday 30th of september. I was really happy to see him again, but also felt a bit sad. Last ticket to see David Gilmour this summer, and I have no idea if he'll ever tour again.
This day was quite buisy. Luckily we didn't stay up too long after the show yesterday, but we did get up quite early this morning. Earlier this day we'd been to London Museum, Gerald Scarfes exhibition and Scarfes bar. I had been very buisy letting my Pink Floyd geek shine.

After visiting Scarfes bar, me, dad and Sam went straight over to Glouster Arms, where there was pre-drinks today as well. Some people had already arrived, and we found ourselves a table, and bought some food. I was not feeling to well this afternoon due to some back problems, and I think I also felt more sad then I would admit. Knowing it's your last show is not a good feeling.

Having a meal at the pub

As the hours went by, I started to feel a bit better, and I got around to talk with people. So again I had a great time with old and new Pink Floyd fan friends. The pub was filled up with crazy fans.
My dad went for a walk after a while and we planned to meet up outside the venue a bit before the show was to start.
We had a great time at the pub. When it got closer to 7pm, we were a small group of poeple finishing the rest of the beer, before heading over to the venue.

Pink and a beer glass with image of Battersea Power Station

This evening we had were sat in the same row as the day before, we just had different seats. Philip was joining us today, so I was sat between him and Sam, and then Sam sat next to my dad. It was great fun seeing this show again with Philip. We saw two shows together in Verona, and I have never been to a show with someone who is equally passionate about the music as I am. It feels good not to be the only one stuggeling to sit still in seats and want to sing through the whole show.

Philip, me, Pink, Sam and my dad

The show was the same as the night before, as expected, but it still felt quite different. It was like the entire band was filled up with adrenaline, and they all seemed to enjoy themselves on stage. They were smiling all the time and some of them seemed to dance around more then they usually do. I guess they all felt great ending a tour that has been going so well.
I know for sure I at least have enjoyed all 7 shows I've got to see this year.
Anyways, we enjoyed a few beers during the show. During the intermission me and Philip went to get David Gilmour posters. The merchandise shop on 7th floor was very limited, so I settled for a poster.

Happy Norwegians at the show

Some of the songs got me really emotional this evening. Especially "Fat old sun". A song I first heard live just one year ago - during the same tour. It truly is one of my favourite song, and knowing this might be the last time to hear it live got me all teared up. Luckily it was most happy tears, feeling so lucky for being there.
I was quite loud today as well. Singing a lot, cheering and screaming. The day before I got up to dance etc a few more times then I did today, but it felt like I had to keep seated today and absorbe it all.

Again, the setlist was much the same as the day before, but he did play "The girl in the yellow dress" again today. I'm one of not too many fans of this song, so at least I was very pleased he had put the song back on the setlist. I was glad to see it again live one last time. The only annoying thing is that I did not expect him to play this song tonight, so I did not wear my yellow-ish dress. I did brought it to London, but decided last minute not to wear it.

The yellow-ish dreass I should have worn

This evening I got to see a concert I wouldn't change a bit of. It all seemed so very perfect. Had a great view to the stage both nights, the sound was loud and clear, and all the songs sounded great. Even "The great gig in the sky"!It really has been growing on me with these background singers. Still no favourite song, but I enjoyed it more tonight then I did the first night.

When the show was ending, we were all standing up, jumping, dancing, clapping and singing. One by one song ended - and then it was over.
I didn't want to leave the venue after the gig. I wanted the show to start all over again. All I felt leaving this venue was the sensation of being mindblown. And wow! That is a good feeling.

I bought some t-shirts outside the venue today as well, before heading over to the pub we were all to meet at after the show. The place seemed more packed then yesterday, and it was so good meeting up with all the crazy fans one last time on this trip. There was a lot of laughter and happiness in the pub tonight. At the end of the evening (when bar was about to close), we all started singing "Wish you were here". A truly magical moment.
I was very lucky this evening, since one of my new friend, Daniel from Canada, gave me Guy Pratt's bass pic! I was in shock, and I still am. A very nice gesture!

Crazy fans!

When the pub closed, my dad went back to the hotel, whilst me and Sam joined Ole, Philil, Laila and Anne Marie to their hotel. We bought some food and drinks on the way to the hotel, and when we got there we were sat talking and having a good time. Around 3 at night we decided to get a taxi back to the hotel to get some sleep.

Went to bed with a big smile on my face. It really had been a great day.

tirsdag 8. november 2016

Gerald Scarfes exhibition & Scarfes bar

Gerald Scarfes Exhibition

The man himself with a few of his drawings in the background

On friday morning we got up around 8, had some breakfast and then started to get ready for the day. We left the hotel and met up with Ole, Philip, Laila and Anne Marie. We got on the underground that took us to the area where we would find Gerald Scarfes exhibition.
We were a bit early, and since we had to wait for Matt to join us, we visited London museum in the meantime. I've never been to London museum before, but it was a great museum! It's also for free, so will recommend everyone to see it when in London.

After visiting the museum, we headed over to where the exhibition was, and met Matt over there.
We entered the Barbican Library where the exhibition was. The exhibition was for free, and was up between 5th of september and 31st october.
In this exhibition you could see a lot of Scarfes work over the years. Even though I had most focus on all that was Pink Floyd related, there was other works from him as well.
I will not write too much about this exhibition, I prefer putting up a few pictures for you to see yourselves.


Pink on hammers

Great drawing of teacher

Mother (and Pink)

Some Beatles stuff

The Wall poster

Pink and marching hammers

Drawing of Roger Waters during The Wall

The reflection is annoying.. But still had to post

Pink got to see a lot

Pink with the golden ticket


Pink and mask

Pink with The Wall lego

Pink and the judge

Scarfes Bar

After the exhibition we got back on the tube that would take us to a area called Holborn, where there was a bar called Scarfes bar. I felt I had to go there! I'd only heard about the bar a few days ahead, and knew this should be a stop on this London trip.
We found the bar, and as soon as you walked in, you knew you'd come to the right place. There were Gerald Scarfes drawings on the wall. We found a place to sit, and then we ordered something to drink. The prices for a drink was much similar to prices you pay in Norway - very expencive!!
I found a drink that was called "Gerald's Marguerite". I had no idea what it would taste like, but it had the right name. And it was indeed a good drink!

Gerald's Marguerite, awesome napkin and Pink

The napkins you got under your drink had a great design, so I of course had to bring a few of those back home as souvenirs.
I walked around in the bar to take a few pictures and just admire this amazing bar.
If you are in Holborn - take a drink at Scarfes bar! You will not regret it.

A deck of cards - all with Scarfe drawings

The link to the bar if you want to know more

Me and Pink outside the bar