torsdag 28. juli 2011

Careful with that axe, Eugene

This is a song from the single "Point me at the sky" and it is also used in the album "Relics". My favourite version is the live version from the album "Ummagumma". I'm a big fan of that album, and especially the live part!
The song is instrumental and is written by the whole band. The song is actually not quite instrumental.. About half-way in the song there is a line where Roger is whispering: "Careful with that axe,Eugene", and after that is said, Roger starts with his fantastic, and almost a bit scary screaming!

Once I went out to drive my parents car one late evening, I listen to this song. It was so dark, and very few traffic lights. The music was loud, and suddenly the screaming started! I had to look behind me if there was anything there. It was a bit scary, but still! I love it!

The first time I listend to the song, is many years ago, and I had just bought the "Live in Pompeii" dvd, and there you can find this song. I remembered that I was amazed at once! I've always been a fan of the crazy, early Pink Floyd, and I don't have many friends who likes the crazy Floyd. That's why I love to share it here! :)

Here's the song from the movie "live in Pompeii". Enjoy!
Everything with this song is amazing. The screaming, the keybord playing, the guitar, the drums and the bass. What's different with this version of the song, is that Roger is whispering a lot during the song, so it is less of a instrumental piece here.
At the end of this clip, there is a short clip of how the dvd is in between the songs. The members of Pink Floyd are getting questions from the director e.t.c about the film. Also, there are a lot of 'casual' filming, where the band is just acting normal.

I will recommand everybody to buy this dvd! It's one of the movies everybody should have in their homes :)

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