fredag 31. august 2012


A GREAT song from the album "Ummagumma" -> The studio album. It's Richard Wright who is the genius behind this song, which has 4 parts. They are called "Sysyphus pt1", "Sysyphus pt 2"... and so on. You get the picture! No special names for each of the parts.
The song, or these four parts, are the opening on the studio album. What a great way to start an album! You know you're up for a treat. The song is instrumental, and I must say, the song is not for everybody. It's mostly based on the really really interested people. There are all these familliar Pink Floyd sounds and experimenting with instruments and sounds. I think it is wonderful, of course, but if you'd listen to it a few times, I think you're gonna get facinated and you're gonna start like the song! The song is about 13:30 minutes long, so hopefully you can use about 14 minutes a few times and listen through it. I will highly recomand it!

Pink Floyd

I am a bit facinated by mythology, and the song is based on a person in the Greek mythology called Sisyphus (that does make sense!). Sisyphus was a king bein punished by being compelled to roll an immense boulder up a hill, only to watch it roll down again, and to repeat this action forever... The piece is what you can call a bit bizarre! And that's why I love it! When you listen to the song, you feel that you are almost following Sisyphus up the hill with the immense boulder, then to watch it roll all the way down the hill again. We can follow him back down, and then back up the hill.

The brilliant man behind this song, RICHARD WRIGHT

That's the ting about songs like this. Poeple don't want to listen to them because they reckon it's just noices and people who can't handle one single instrument. But if people would start to read about some of the songs, you'll may find the history behind the song, and then it is was easier to follow the song, and you are aslo able to wonder yourself what the song is about. That's the beauty of the band!

Here's the song! Listen and enjoy! AND, in the middle of part four, it almost sounds like the song is over, but then suddenly this scary, loud sound appear! Just be aware ;)
Other than that, enjoy!!

And I'm wishing you all a wonderful weekend!!

It would be great if some of you could leave me a comment of what you think about the song :) Love hearing other peoples opinions!

mandag 20. august 2012

Let there be more light

We're going back to 1968 when the album "A saucerful of secrets" was released. It's Pink Floyds second album and the first one with both David Gilmour and Syd Barretts guitar play on! I reckon this album is one of the best. It got it all. The craziness is there and there are lots of experimenting with sounds and instruments.

Four brilliant men!

The song that I am referring to today is the first song on the album. It's the opening song. And by being the opening song, the standard is alredy set for the rest of the album. I think "Let there be more light" is wonderful. I play bass myself (just a hobby.. I'm not good!), and the song starts of with some bass playing, before the rest of the instruments sets in.

Posing in a garden.

The song is written by Roger Waters, who became a leader after Syd had to go. Richard Wright is the first one to sing, while Roger Waters is whispering. David Gilmour sings the chorus. I love how their wonderful voices is so perfect in the same song. It's some of the things that I love about the band. Sometimes the song is sung by the same member all the way through, but when they 'split' it like this and get two different voices, it is bloody amazing! Nick rarely sings, but both Roger and Rick has the 'same' type of voices while David got this wonderful, heavenly voice which makes every dark song amazing. I am so amazed by their voices. AND this song, so here's a video of the song! Enjoy and have a lovely monday evening :0))

Love the french talking in the beginning. The person sounds so amazed!

Far, far, far away - way 
People heard him say - say 
I will find a way - way 
There will come a day - day 
Something will be done. 

Then at last the mighty ship 
Descending on a point of flame 
Made contact with the human race 
at Mildenhall 

Now, now, now is the time - time 
Time to be - be - be aware 

Carter's father saw him there and 
Knew the road revealed to him 
The living soul of of Hereward the Wake

Oh, my, something in my eye - eye 
Something in the sky - sky 
Waiting there for me 

The outer lock rolled slowly back 
The service men were heard to sigh 
For there revealed in glowing robes 
Was Lucy in the sky 

Oh - oh - did you ever know - know 
Never ever will they 
I cannot say 

Something in his cosmic art 
And glowing slightly from his toes 
His psychic emanations flowed

torsdag 9. august 2012

Speak to me

Dark side of the moon. One of the most selling albums of all times. So it is indeed a great album. It was one of the first Pink Floyd album I really enjoyed and felt was the best thing I've ever heard. And I reckon I'm not alone there! It is an album lots of people like.
The cover itself is amazing! Designed by Hipgnosis. It is so simple, but still so powerful. That's why I had to have it tattooed on my body. The age limit for getting a tattoo in Norway is 18 years, so the day after my 18th b'day, I got a tattoo of the cover photo!

My "Dark side of the moon" tattoo

Well, the song "Speak to me" is the opening song on the wonderful album. It is a piece made by Nick Mason, and I find that very cool. The opening song in an album like this, needs to make a good impression. On the album "dark side..", the songs goes like hand in hand. There are no breaks during the album, so it's like there's only one song on the album. The problem is that I don't feel satisfied when I've only listened to one song, cause then the other 9 songs are missing!

The various spoken pieces about madness come from roadies Peter Watts and Chris Adamson, and from Jerry Driscoll, the doorman at Abby Road Studios where the album was made. Waters had devised a series of cards containing 20 questions which ranged from 'what does the phrase Dark side of the moon mean?', to 'are you afraid of dying?'. Everyone the band could get their hand on in Abby Road from Paul to Linda McCartney who happend to be making an album there to doorman Jerry Driscoll was asked to respond and then taped. The McCartney answers were discarded as being too measured. The voices in the album, are some of the best parts with the album! Lots of people doesent notice the voices, and if you are one of them, listen through the album, and try to notice the voices!

The song is very very short, and it's strats off really low, and then it builds up to a normal volume. There are no vocals on this song, only sound effects, where you can hear things you'll recognice later in the album. You might hear clips from "Money" og maybe "Us and them". Listen and explore!

Here's "Speak to me" and "Breathe"