mandag 27. januar 2014

Happy birthday Nick

Hope he got one for his birthday!

The wonderful drummer, Nick Mason, turned 70 today! What a big day! So this day should be celebrated with loads of Pink Floyd songs! "One of these days" is one song you should listen to a few times.
Despite being the longest-running member of Pink Floyd, Mason's vocals appear on one song in the band's catalog - "One of these days" from "Meddle".
It's only one sentence, and it's filtered through slowed-down tape to sound incredibly scary.

Syd, Nick & Roger

Get tears in me eye's everytime I see this picture

In september 2013, I got to meet Nick Mason and shake his hand! I was waiting outside Roger and the band's hotel to get one of my ticket signed, when I met a guy from Norway, that told me that Nick Mason was staying at the same hotel. I was close to pass out. After a few minutes, he turns to me and said "Look over there, he's on the way back to the hotel". I saw him, and started walking towards him. He was on the phone, so I didn't want to bother him during the call. I told the guys I was traveling with that they had to get their cameras ready, and then I walked over to him. I told him my name, shaked his hand and told him that I was a big fan! He had such great hands - warm and nice.
Unfortunaly I didn't think of that he could sign something for me, but I was in heaven, so I didn't think straight. I was a bit sad later, when I knew no-one out of three people with cameras got to take a picture. So no evidence that I met that guy, but I'll always cheerish the memories of the great meating.

So, I want to wish Nicholas Berkeley Mason a very happy 70 birthday!
Greatest drummer the world has seen with a great taste of crustless pie's.
Hope I get to see him again someday - in the streets or on the stage!

My favourite version of the song

tirsdag 14. januar 2014

Roger Waters - The man behind The Wall

I got myself a kindle for Christmas from Sam. I’ve never tried one before, so all I knew was that you can read books on it, that you buy on amazon. I really wanted to buy all the Pink Floyd books, but that would be too expencive, and I also prefer having the book in my PF bookshelf. But what I did find out, is that you can get a sample for free to check some of the book. So I tried a sample of a book called “Roger Waters – The man behind The Wall”. And I did not look to good into it until I was on my flight to Belfast.

The book - so pretty

The book seemed great, and I found a lot of fun facts – like Nick Mason is Harry Waters godfather! I did not know that! Or at least, I have totally forgot about it. What I read from the book, (which is not too much, since you don’t get to read too much from it), was written in a fun and smart way. It was easy to read, and it did not contain too much of the history we all know, but the writer brought me a bit on the inside. Things that’s not that familiar to all of us, so I think I should buy that book as a birthday present to myself this year! It also had a great cover of Roger Waters, performing The Wall.

Are any of you familiar with this book? Please let me know, because I really want it, unless everybody think it’s crap.

Shine on all you beautiful people!

mandag 13. januar 2014

Pink Floyd & Belfast

Since I’m on my last semester og my bachelor degree, I got to go on a student exchange to Belfast for 3,5 months! I haven’t been here for a long time, but it all looks good, and I think I’ll have a good time over here. The only thing that’s missing, is some Pink Floyd stuff on my walls. I also want to bring some pictures, so the room will get a bit more cosy. It was my friend Linn and her boyfriend Somkhid, who drove me and my boyfriend to the airport. And since I was going away for a few months, Linn gave me a picture of us which she had framed, so I could bring it with me to Belfast. I really loved it, but now I just want more pictures to hang on my wall’s.

Want at least one picture or poster of these guys on my wall

I moved to Belfast all by myself, so it was a bit scary, but I’m sharing house with 4 great girls, so I think I’m gonna have a great time. My mission here, apart from the studies, will be to find some people here who like Pink Floyd. They are so hard to find, but I never give up hoping that there might be someone around every corner. So maybe I’ll find someone. If not, I’ll have Pink Floyd fans visiting me while I’m here – like Sam, Linn, my family etc. So if I don’t find someone here, I’m just gonna blog more often to keep in touch with other fans.

I want to meet people who recognise all of these

So that means that you all have to feel free coming with blog suggestions – if it’s a song you want to read about, an album, a concert – you name it! And then I’ll do my best writing something you find interesting. The only problem is that I didn’t brought my PF book that I sometimes use as help finding more information about songs or albums. But I’ll take it with me when I’m going home to visit – so next Monday – my room will be as awesome as all the rooms I’ve wanted to decorate. Pink Floyd all the way!

Rock on!!

søndag 12. januar 2014

Any colour you like

Just started thinking about new years eve. Me and my boyfriend were having a new year party in our house, since we got a really great view to the city where we can see all the fireworks.
The last years, or since I was 16, I've been sure of that Pink Floyd will be the first band to listen to in the new year. This year, it was Any colour you like. We were on our way back to the house when I start thinking about it, so when I sat outside my door, it just came to me that this should be the first song for me in 2014! What a good choice.

The first hours in 2014 turned out to be great. I had a lot of fun, and I had loads of beautiful people to celebrate the start of 2014 with me. When the party left, my boyfriend went to bed, but I wanted to listen/watch a live clip of Roger Waters – The Wall on youtube, whilst eating some turkey leftovers and drinking a glass of wine. I also called my mom to chat with her, so that was really nice! My father came to Stavanger to celebrate with us, but my mom wasn’t feeling too good, so she stayed home. So it was good that I got to talk to her as well.

Me & my dad

Me & Sam

Somkhid, Linn, Adelheid & Nikko

Siv, Jona, Sam & Anne Mette

I don’t exactly know why I choose Any colour you like, but it’s been my favorite on the Dark Side of The Moon album for ages, and it’s probably one of my favourite Pink Floyd song. There is something perfect about that song! The only bad thing is that the song is way to short. It should be a 10 minute track. At least.

Hope you all had a great new year celebration and a good start to 2014!