mandag 18. juli 2011

Any colour you like

This is a song from the album "Dark side of the moon", and from this album, this song is my favourite!! All songs are really good, indeed, but there's something about this song!
I bought a bass guitar a few years ago, because I wanted to play like Roger Waters, and the bass in this song, is brilliant! So I bought the guitar, but I still haven't learnt that song.. But I'll get there!

"Any colour you like" is an instrumental piece, you just want to start dance to!
All of you fans know that the album "Dark side of the moon" is an album where all the songs is in the same 'song' (hard to describe). The music never stops, and the one songs fades over to another one.
That might be one of the reasons why I love this song. It's after "Us and them", and before the ending with "Brain damage" and "Eclipse". It's so wonderful how they are built into each other!

Listen and enjoy!!!

The three first Roger Waters concerts I went to, I got to see this song being performed live. It was such a great moment everytime they played that song! I think that might have been the highlight of every concert.

Wonderful song, wonderful album and wonderful band

So proud of my tattoo! (the same day as I got the tattoo, hence all the plastic)

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