torsdag 28. juli 2011


This day, 68 years ago, the world was gifted with a lovely man called Richard William Wright.
He is, of course, known best as the keyboard player in Pink Floyd. He's been in the band from the beginning, and all the way (almost) till 'the end'. During "The Wall", Roger Waters kicked him out, but Wright had to come with on the tour. Richard wasn't in the band during "The final cut", but as soon as Roger 'left the band', Richard was back in! He wasn't gone for too long :)

This man did such a great job in the band. The keyboard parts are amazing, and just to show some of the best keyboard plaing.... (David's guitar playing is really good too!! A perfect combo!)
From the gig in Gdansk

Happy Birthday Richard Wright!
We miss you!
We're so greatful for the wonderful music you brought the world!
After the reunion in 2005

A young Rick Wright

Careful with that axe, Eugene

This is a song from the single "Point me at the sky" and it is also used in the album "Relics". My favourite version is the live version from the album "Ummagumma". I'm a big fan of that album, and especially the live part!
The song is instrumental and is written by the whole band. The song is actually not quite instrumental.. About half-way in the song there is a line where Roger is whispering: "Careful with that axe,Eugene", and after that is said, Roger starts with his fantastic, and almost a bit scary screaming!

Once I went out to drive my parents car one late evening, I listen to this song. It was so dark, and very few traffic lights. The music was loud, and suddenly the screaming started! I had to look behind me if there was anything there. It was a bit scary, but still! I love it!

The first time I listend to the song, is many years ago, and I had just bought the "Live in Pompeii" dvd, and there you can find this song. I remembered that I was amazed at once! I've always been a fan of the crazy, early Pink Floyd, and I don't have many friends who likes the crazy Floyd. That's why I love to share it here! :)

Here's the song from the movie "live in Pompeii". Enjoy!
Everything with this song is amazing. The screaming, the keybord playing, the guitar, the drums and the bass. What's different with this version of the song, is that Roger is whispering a lot during the song, so it is less of a instrumental piece here.
At the end of this clip, there is a short clip of how the dvd is in between the songs. The members of Pink Floyd are getting questions from the director e.t.c about the film. Also, there are a lot of 'casual' filming, where the band is just acting normal.

I will recommand everybody to buy this dvd! It's one of the movies everybody should have in their homes :)

mandag 25. juli 2011


This is a time for the norwegian people to stay together, hold hands, and take care of each other... It's terrible what happend 22.07.2011, but we all have to stay strong!! Many of us will have some hard days, weeks and months coming up, so the main thing, is to stay together. Show everybody respect, and show that you care.

I didn't know what song to put here today, that might make you feel a bit better, but I will try with "Us and them" from the album "Dark side of the moon".

Rest in peace...

torsdag 21. juli 2011

If it's in you

I'm in a Syd Barrett mood today!
What a great man!! He did an absoulutely fantastic job as a 'front-man' in Pink Floyd, but he also did good solo. As we all know, this man had some problems with drugs... LSD is something I compare with him.. Sad but true.. But still, if you are such a talented man, why don't share it with the world, no matter what condition you are in!
The young Syd Barrett

Syd Barrett in one of his last years

Anyway, there is an album called "Syd Barrett: Crazy diamond (the complete recording)", and I found this album on Wimp. On this album you can find all the 'failed' recordings. These recordings are all from the originals, to the ones that sounds like he has no idea of what he's doing. Like "If it's in you". A childhood friend of mine showed this to me once, and I loved it! The version that I was shown, was the version where Syd is not quite sure how to do the song, and he is singing part's of it wrong. Or not actually wrong, but he doesn't always know when to start to sing :)
The man was brilliant, and the song is awesome! He did the best out of the situation!
Well, this is not the best version to put in here, but I really like this version. The animation is silly, but still, here you can see what I mean when I say he doesn't always sing at the right moment, or hit the tones!

There is also a version where he sings it perfectly, so I'll just put it here as well :)

As long as I live, I will always think of this man as the legend of Pink Floyd. Without him, Pink Floyd would probably never been the same! It needs it's crazyness! <3

tirsdag 19. juli 2011

Hello (I love you)

A few days ago I were checking out different songs on youtube, something I like to do from time to time, and then I found this wonderful song called Hello(I love you) by Roger Waters.
There was something about the song.. It had this typically Roger lyrics, and it was easy to know it was a Waters song. I can't explaine why..

The song was made to be used in a film called "The last Mimzy", and were created in 2007.
Hello (I love you)

If you listen to the lyrics, you can find similarities from two Pink Floyd albums!!

Have you heard
It was on the news
Your child can read you like a bedtime story
Like a Magazine
Like a has-been out to grass
Like afternoon T.V.
Why is my life going by so fast.

Hello I love you
Is there anybody in there?
Put down the phone
Shut up the shop
Make all their techno babble stop
We'll find a short-waved frequency
The wave connecting you and me
Hello I love you

Have you heard
It was on the news
The general staff can't figure out
Is this campaign win or lose
Life is long but it goes fast
The kids will have to separate
Their future from our past

Hello I love you
Is there anybody in there?
The ghosts are walking by my side
I feel their love I feel their pride
For I have built a bridge or two
Bridges between me and you
Hello I love you

Have you heard
It was on the news
You can make your peace
On the dark side of the moon
I'll see you there
We can rock 'n' roll
We can make our choice
We can say goodbye or say hello

Hello I love you
Is there anybody in there

So, as you can see..
"Is there anybody in there?"  = From The Wall
"On the dark side of the moon" = From Dark side of the moon

After making the song, Roger said: "I think together we've come up with a song that captures the themes of the movie - the clash between humanity's best and worst instincts, and how a child's innocence can win the day".

mandag 18. juli 2011

Any colour you like

This is a song from the album "Dark side of the moon", and from this album, this song is my favourite!! All songs are really good, indeed, but there's something about this song!
I bought a bass guitar a few years ago, because I wanted to play like Roger Waters, and the bass in this song, is brilliant! So I bought the guitar, but I still haven't learnt that song.. But I'll get there!

"Any colour you like" is an instrumental piece, you just want to start dance to!
All of you fans know that the album "Dark side of the moon" is an album where all the songs is in the same 'song' (hard to describe). The music never stops, and the one songs fades over to another one.
That might be one of the reasons why I love this song. It's after "Us and them", and before the ending with "Brain damage" and "Eclipse". It's so wonderful how they are built into each other!

Listen and enjoy!!!

The three first Roger Waters concerts I went to, I got to see this song being performed live. It was such a great moment everytime they played that song! I think that might have been the highlight of every concert.

Wonderful song, wonderful album and wonderful band

So proud of my tattoo! (the same day as I got the tattoo, hence all the plastic)

søndag 17. juli 2011


This album is well known. Most known is it because of the last song, which we all know so well: Echoes.. What a masterpiece!!!! The song is 23.31 minutes long, and it is written by all the members in Pink Floyd (at the time) Roger Waters, David Gilmour, Nick Mason and Richard Wright.
Echoes is actually the third-longest song ever written by Pink Floyd, after "Atom heart mother" (will definetly write about the song and album later!!) and "Shine on you crazy diamond".

Roger, Nick, David and Richard

The song includes long instumental parts, and only three verses, sung by David Gilmour and Richard Wright. Since the song is over 23 minutes long, there are not many cover-bands that play this song during a gig.
When I was in Australia a year ago, I went to Sydney to see a band play Pink Floyd music. I reckon they were called "The Pink Floyd experience", and some weeks before the gig, they asked all the fans to vote for which 15 songs each and one of us, wanted them to play. Then they would pick the 15 most wanted songs, and play them!
So when I got there, and waited for them to begin, I had no idea of what they were going to play. And they started of with "Echoes", and they played the whole song!!! That was quite amazing!

DG Live in Gdansk..

In 2006 David Gilmour had a gig in Gdansk. The lovely Richard Wright were joining. I knew the live dvd had to be great! And it was indeed!! At this gig they played "Echoes", and since Wright was in the show, you can just think about how great it were to see him play the keyboard solo!!
I will recommend everybody to buy or at least watch this dvd.

The cover

 Anybody know what the picture is of?? Take a close look... Looks familiar??

It's a close up picture of an ear... Where does these ideas come from?? I have no idea, but it's brilliant!!

lørdag 16. juli 2011

Goodbye blue sky

First of all, fantastic song, and the song is, of course, from the album "The Wall", first cd. I've always liked this song, but I had this 'scary experience' with the song a few years ago..
I had just bought a dvd, Roger Waters The Wall live in Berlin, from 1990, and I knew that I was up for a treat!! When the show first started, I didn't know that Roger had invited all these guest artists, but I thought that it had to be great anyways!! ;)

Picture from "The Wall" the movie, during "Goodbye blue sky"

Well, the show went on, and I liked the most of it! Many good artists that I thought did a great job!! BUT, there was one BIG disapointment!!!
You all have probably figured out that the disapointment were during this song...
And you are all correct!!

I have nothing against Joni Mitchell, but the way she made this song 'her own' was just wrong.. WRONG!
When I watch dvd concerts, I always sing along (a good reason why I should watch them alone!), but when they started to play this song, I could hardly recognize it... I couldn't sing along, cause I had no idea of what she was doing...

Now I'm being mean, and I will post the song here... Be aware.. It's not good..
To show the different, I will also post the normal, good, fantastic and amazing version!!!

And now to something completly different!
Or not! I just have to say that when they play this song on the "The Wall" tour now, they do a great job!! The animation is great!!
The song is kinda' touching.. It is in fact about when the germans invaded Britain, during the world war..

I will end this tonight with a fun-fact!
In the beginning of the song, there is a kid saying, "Look mummy, there's an aeroplane up in the sky".. Guess who it is!?
It's the lovely Harry Waters! Rogers son :) I actually met him in the break at a gig in Germany!!
Harry Waters, me and my boyfirend <3

And here's more pictures from the movie during the song

torsdag 14. juli 2011

Remember a day

Where did my Pink Floyd passion come from?
Let's just say, thank god my parents have a great taste in music!!!

When I was young, my parents never tried to get me like their music(I think), but it didn't take long before I started to love their music. And since we all like the same music (just on different levels :p) it never were a problem for me to get them to join me on concerts.
It all started in 2006. Roger Waters were coming to Oslo, Norwegian Wood (Dark side of the moon tour), and my parents agreed to go to the show!! I couldn't believe it. I don't think many other parents would do the same!!

Anyway, the next year, Roger was coming back with the tour, but this time to Bergen(not far away from my home!), so we of course went there as well. The year after that again (2008), Roger didn't come to Norway, so than we had to go to Denmark ;) And my parents were still in.. They truly are amazing!!!

I have one memory about when I first got to know about Syd Barrett. I were doing some school work, and I was going to write about a famous person, who did drugs and got 'hurt' by it. I can't remember who I had start to write about, but halfway through, my mother came and gave me a tips that it could be better if I'd wrote about Syd Barrett, and she started to tell me about him. I knew already then that this story catched me in a special way.. I wanted to learn more <3

Syd Barrett

Another memory I have, is the first time I got to listen to Pink Floyd on LP, was a day I didn't had much to do, so I sat in the livingroom with my father. At this moment I had started to be quite a fan. My father asked if we should listen to some Pink Floyd, and he had this LP, so he put it on and said that the song were really cool. The song he put on were "Not now John", from the album "The final cut". I had never heard the song before, and I have loved it since that day!

So thank you mom and dad <3

onsdag 13. juli 2011

Whish you were here

Correction: Wish I were there!!
I'm thinking about the reunion in 2005. I knew for a while that Pink Floyd would have this reunion at Live 8, in London, but I don't know why I didn't go. Instead I sat at home in front of the tv for 9 hours straight, to wait for Pink Floyd! It was around 00.00 they got on stage.

And did I cry? YES!
When I saw Roger, David, Richard and Nick get on the stage, the world stopped (at least mine did), and they were playing four songs (Breathe +breathe reprise, money, wish you were here and comfortably numb). I have to say that they choose the perfect songs for an occation as this! The Live 8 is to 'make powerty history'.


Anyway, little did all the Pink Floyd fans that this reunion would be the last. I at least thought that since they did this show, they maybe would consider to do a tour together one more time.
But then.. Three years later, the lovely Richard William Wright passed away (may him rest in peace). A sad news for all the fans..

Richard is of course the one far right, but you probably all know that ;)

I'm actually still hoping for to see a show with Roger, David and Nick, but I'll just have to wait and see. And for all of you lucky people who got to see the "The Wall" show in London, when both David and Nick apperaed: You lucky bastards!!! 
After the show in London 2011..

tirsdag 12. juli 2011

Obscured by clouds

Some of you might know this, but for all of you who don't: Obscured by clouds is a album from 1972, and the music were used as soundtracks in a french film called "La Valleè". I've been trying to find this movie everywhere, but the best that I could do, was to download it.. It probably sounds like that's not a problem.. But I couldn't get the subtitles.. And I don't know french.. Yet... So I just have to keep looking!!

This album is by the way a really great album! If you haven't heard it before (shame on you :p) than try it out! There are all these wonderful songs, and if you are going to just chill, this is the album to listen to! The two first songs are instrumental, and there are two songs later as well which are instrumental.

On this album, all the members made songs, but mostly Roger and David (they also made one song alone each). Roger made a song called "Free four", and again, he is singing about his father (who died in World War Two). This is a topic that Roger is bitter about, and want to show what he feels about certain things..

The memories of a man in his old age
Are the deeds of a man in his prime.
You suffle in gloom in the sickroom
And talk to yourself till you die.
Life is a short, warm moment
And death is a long cold rest.
You get your chance to try
In the twinkling of an eye:
Eighty years, with luck, or even less.
So all aboard for the American tour,
And maybe you'll make it to the top.
And mind how you go.
I can tell you, because I know.
You may find it hard to get off.
You are the angel of death
And I am the dead man's son.
And he died like a mole in a fox hole.
And everyone is still in the run.
And who is the master of fox hounds?
And who says the hunt has begun?
And who calls the tune in the courtroom?
And who beats the funeral drum?
The memories of a man in his old age
Are the deeds of a man in his prime.
You suffle in gloom in the sickroom
And talk to yourself till you die.

I put in the lyrics as well, so you all can sing :)

The cover

mandag 11. juli 2011

The making of Pink Floyd The Wall

Oh happy day!
Last week I was looking at some Pink Floyd stuff at the internet, and I found a book, written by Gerald Scarfe, witch is called "The making of Pink Floyd The Wall".. I knew I had to buy it...

On saturday, I got a note that I could pick it up at the post office, but when I got the note, the post office were closed.. I had to wait for it to monday.
And now, monday is here, and I got my book!
It looks so pretty!! And so interesting!!
By the way, for all of you who don't know who Gerald Scarfe is: He is a cartoonist and illustrator, and he had a big part in The Wall!! Gerald and Rogers crazy minds, working together = a masterpiece

The forewords is written by Roger Waters himself, and I also saw a comment from Roger at the back of the book: "This book is brilliant.. I think it's absolutely amazing".

As you can imagine, I can't wait to read it!! I will of course write about the book when I'm done. :)

The faces!!!

The back of the book


The lovely hammers

søndag 10. juli 2011

The Ballad of Menezes

It is quite amazing to think about that Roger and his band is in Athens now, filming the show "The Wall", which he has been touring with for almost a year now! I've been to five of the shows, and it was breathtaking every time! The animation is brilliant, and most of it is taken from the movie "The Wall", like in "The Trial" and "Waiting for the worms", but some of it is new.

Anyway, when the DVD is released, go, or even run to the nearest shop to get it! The DVD is going to be filmed during three shows in Athens, and then they will use a couple of days to fill in.
I'm sure that I will watch that live DVD at least once a week!!

I went to a show, or actually two, in Berlin in june. The first concert were quite similar to the other shows I've been to, but the second show, there was something different!!! During "Another brick in the wall, pt2", the band is usually playing three solos at the end. The first solo played by the lovely David Kilminster, the second played by Snowy White and the third is usually played by G.E Smith and Harry Waters. BUT, they didn't play the third solo in Denmark or at the first show in Berlin.. I was starting to think that maybe G.E or Harry had been sick or something...
Lucky for all of the fans, no one were sick!!! :) I got to know that Roger was getting tired of the same old, so he wanted to try something new, and then, the second day in Berlin, he played a new song, for the first time!!

The song is between "Another brick in the wall, pt2" and "Mother". I knew that they were playing a new song for the first time this day, so I filmed it, and will, of course, share it with you (as soon as I figure out why it won't work...)
The name of the song is not known yet, at least I don't know. But a possible name is "Ballad of Menezes". A really really beautiful song!!

lørdag 9. juli 2011

Point me at the sky

Well, it's finally weekend, and I will enjoy this saturday with some white wine and listening to some good old Pink Floyd!!
This song is called "Point me at the sky", and it's from the fifth UK single with the same name as the song. It was released in1968, and it's not one of the most famous songs.. I don't understand why, but so be it! The song has this funny melody, and the music video is fantastic, and at the same time, weird.

It's just fantastic, and I wish you all a good weekend, and enjoy the song ;)

fredag 8. juli 2011

What do you want from me?

That's what my new top says!!

One of my dearest friends came back home on monday, after a two week trip to USA, and she came bearing gifts! That girl know me, cause she bought me things to wear the next time I'm going to a Pink Floyd concert (Roger Waters, The Wall in Australia next year!!)

So the top is more of a singlet, but the point is that it says "Pink Floyd", and it's a picture of an owl, and at the bottom it says "what do you want from me?". This is a song from the album "Division Bell". It looks really nice!!!

She also bought me a necklace with a guitar, a really cool, black bracelets, and some really dark make-up! I had to try it all on, so here is a few pictures!!!

I love it!!!!! Thank you once again Kristine <3 Loooove u!!!!

torsdag 7. juli 2011

The lunatic is in my head

And that might just be true! This Pink Floyd crazyness inside me is beyond normal, and that's why I wanted to start a blog about this interest of mine. Now all you other crazy Pink Floyd fans can follow this blog, and feel that you're not alone!

It's weird that a band can have such an affection to my life.. Everyday, I think about the band, the music or some lyrics.. When I'm happy, sad, tired, full of enegy, etc, I listen to Pink Floyd. There are so many songs, and so many different genres, so you will always find a song which is right for your mood.

Well, back to the crazyness... I actually have some Pink Floyd tattoo's as well!! My first one I got a few days after my 18th birhday (you have to be 18 to get a tattoo in Norway!). I had been thinking of the tattoo for a long time, so it was not a question when I turned 18, wheater to get it or not..
This is of course from Dark side of the moon..

I also have a tattoo on my right leg. I'm a big fan of "The Wall" (of course.. who doesen't like that album!!), so I wanted a tattoo to show my love for the album. One of my favourite song on the album is "Waiting for the worms", and in the movie: "The Wall", at the end of this song, there are hammers marching, and I think they are wicked!!! So I got the hammers on my foot!
Nice or what?? :) My next idea is to fill in with more bricks, and tattoo the screaming face (which comes out of the wall in "What shall we do now") on the inside of the foot + the flowers from Empty spaces on the front of my foot... What do you reckon??

Shine on you crazy diamond

This day, five years ago, one of the most amazing and brilliant man of all times, died... His name was Roger Keith Barrett, but we all know him best as Syd Barrett.

Syd was a member of the psychedelic rock band Pink Floyd. He was the one who were in the band from the beginning of Pink Floyd with his band mates Roger waters, Richard Wright and Nick Mason. Unfortunately, he was only going to make this one album, "The piper at the gates of dawn", with Pink Floyd, before he was caught up with the drugs.

The reason why I love the music he made, is because it has this crazy sound. He was the leader in the band during their first album, and he wrote most of the songs (10 out of 11!!). Syd were singing about all these everyday things, like "Bike" and "Scarecrow". The songs he made has this kind of childhood-like tunes, and the lyrics is kinda' whimsical. You just gotta love it!!

So to remember the brilliant man....
Wish you were here <3