tirsdag 31. juli 2012

Pink Floyd tattoo

Sorry for this late update, but last friday, I got myself a new tattoo! I've been thinking of this tattoo since I first got the hammer tattoo on my right leg. During the last year, I've been figuring out what I would like to build on with, and it came down to the flowers from "Empty spaces" and the screaming face from "What shall we do now". I started out with the flowers. The screaming face will come later, within a year I hopw, so I can complete my own wall!

As a Pink Floyd fan, I like to show on my body how I feel about the music. I've been listening to this music for years, and before I turned into a big fan, my parents were listening to the music every now and than, and that might helped me develope this great love for the music. I've also wanted tattoo's, and there never were any questions of what I would get.

My right leg was quite swollen after I got the tattoo

I've written earlier about my other tattoo's. There is only one tattoo on my body which has nothing to do with Pink Floyd, and that is a tattoo of my sisters name in a special, old writing. We are like sisters but also like really really good friends. So we wanted to tattoo each others name. The other tattoo's are "Dark side of the moon" a "PF" above it in the wall writing and then it is my hammers.

It is a bit hard to show the entire tattoo on one photo, so I'll post a few so you get to see how it looks. Hope you guys like it, and please leave a comment if you do.

The tattoo took about an hour to prepare, so the bricks would match with the old ones, and after we got started tattooing, it took 1 hour and 15 minutes, so it didn't take long! I got it in Bergen at Let's Buzz. That's where I got my other ones, so I know that it is a great place to go!

My precious

Love the colouring 

The hammers and the flower

Not as bright colour on the hammers compared to the new one!

About an hour after I was done. Bloody and greasy.. It got better the day after when I removed the tattoo

Skip to 1:00, and the flowers will apear. The screaming face is also in this clip, which is from "The Wall the movie"

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  1. what a nice piece of art.There's a hunger still unsatisfied for me to make a PINK FLOYD tattoo but i can't find the right one ..do you have any recommendations?

  2. Thank you! Very glad the tattoo turned out to be as good as I was hoping for!
    Well, if you want a Pink Floyd tattoo, I'd start with looking through the cover arts made for Dark side of the moon, The Wall, Animals, Wish you were here etc. Look throuh pictures, think about where you want it on your body and last but not least, be sure that you pick the right tattoo shop! I've seen pictures of Pink Floyd tattoo's that is hard to see what image it was supposed to be! So choose carefully :)
    Good luck making the decision :)