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Yes, we wish you were here

Press play, and then start read :0))

And by saying that, I reckon you all know what I mean. It's been 6 years since the wonderful man, Syd Barrett, passed away. It was a sad day then, and every year on this day, I feel sad.
I've been thinking many times that the answer to which ones Pink, actually is Syd. He was in fact the one who brought in all the craziness to the music. And without the craziness, I'm not sure that I would be such a big fan, as I is today. But I'm glad we're never gonna find out how the music had been without him. I reckon there wouldn't be albums like "Paper at the gates of dawn", "Meddle", "Welcome to the machine", "Dark side.." etc etc.

Richard Wright & Syd Barrett
Well, I don't want to go on to all the details on his life and how he struggeled with drugs and how he died. Today, I just want to honor the man who brought this great music to this world, and I'll celebrate it with posting loads of great pictures of the great man we all miss!

Pink Floyd

Wonderful pose!

Aww, look at Rick! so cute!

Syd and a crazy hair ongoing!

My fab four!

In a church or something!

Looks like they'r doing a play

Love the clothes!

Windy much!

Syd & Nick

Syd alone

Shine on you crazy diamond

Jumpin'. Here alo with Bob Close (he quit the band to be a photographer...)

Any coulour you like


Syd Barrett when he was older

Roger Keith Barrett. 
Born: 6 january , 1946
Died: 7 july, 2006

In the memory of Syd Barrett

In the momory of Syd Barrett

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