lørdag 28. juli 2012

Happy birthday!!!

Today it's Richard Wrights birthday. If he'd still been with us, he would turn 69 today. Richard was born in London in 1943, and we might kust say, that a genious was born. I can't help but wonder what the band would be like without him. I don't think it would be any good. He did get fired during the making of "The Wall", and therefor he was not in in the album "The final cut". I don't really feel that he is missed on that album, cause I feel that is a Roger Waters album, not a Pink Floyd album.

The man was great, and he did something special to the music that I am such a big fan of. I would really like to see him live, unfortunaly that's never gonna happen. But I love watching live dvd's where you can see the brilliant man in action! 

We salute you!

Happy Birthday Richard!! We love you, and you'll always be missed!!

Richard Wright performing "Wearing the inside out"

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