fredag 6. juli 2012

Roger Waters live 2013??!

Okay... My heart is beating like hell, and I'm sweating like a pig. (on the wings, of course). There has been so many comments today that there might be a new Roger Waters tour coming up next year.. He might come back to Europe!! How great would that be!!! I am so exited, and I know I shouldn't get all this exited when I don't know anything for sure, but just that he is concidering a  new tour is a big step! The man who wrote me a birthday card, might come to Europe!!! And I might also meet my friend David Kilminster again too!!

Me and David Kilminster (on stage!!!)

Me and Pat Lennon

Me and Snowy White

If the tour is returning to Europe, I'll have to start save up some money now, so I am able to take some time off work and be able to travel around Europe for a while. I can be a backpacker or whatever. All I know is that my life is dedicated to this music, and if the music is this close, I'll go find it, no matter what it'll cost.! This is the meaning of my life. This music! Whitout this music, I would not be the person that I am today. 

When I turned 23, my sister gave me a signed Roger Waters picture.. Yes, I cried..

Me and Roger Waters!

I really wish of all my heart that the show will come to Europe next year, and that I get to see the wonderful album being performed live!! To all my fellow floydians, here's a clip of Mother. Watch it, dream yourself away, and cross all your fingers that you might see it live. It could happen!! 
 Let it happen.... Shine on :0))

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