fredag 6. juli 2012

San Tropez

Well, they say that it is summer in Norway now. I can't believe it. Yes, we had some amazing summer-days in may, and there has been one good day here and one good day there, but I wouldn't call it summer. But when I'm sitting in my couch, looking out on the grey-ish skies, I'm listening to this song, and I'm dreaming away. Many of my friends are going on holiday these days, and I'm a bit jealous since they get to know what a summer should feel like. I am actually not the one to talk, since I went on a three week holiday to Australia in january/february..

Anyway this song is on the wonderful album Meddle. It is written and sung by Roger Waters. It is a coctail  jazz paean to the french resort beloved of the jet set and Hollywood stars. The band were frequent visitors to the french riviera and the Med. However many fans regard this as the worst Floyd track of all time. I don't agree. I think it's nice listening to it, and as I said, dream myself away to a warmer place.

Here's a funny video I found of the song. I just love it. Enjoy, and stay tuned ;)

As I reach for a peach 
Slide a rind down behind 
the sofa in San Tropez 
Breaking a stick with a brick on the sand 
Riding a wave in the wake of an old Sedan 
Sleeping alone in the drone of the darkness 
Scratched by the sand that fell from our love 
Deep in my dreams and I still hear her calling 
If you're alone I'll come home 
Backwards and home bound 
The pidgeon the dove 
Gone with the wind and the rain on an airplane 
Owning a home with no silver spoon 
I'm drinking champaigne like a big tycoon 
Sooner than wait for a break in the weather 
I'll gather my far flung thoughts together 
Speeding away on a wind to a new day 
If your alone I'll come home 
And I pause for a while 
By a country style 
And listen to things they say 
Digging for gold in the hoe in my hand 
Hoping they'll take a look at the way things stand 
And you're leading me down to the place by the sea 
I hear your soft voice calling to me 
Making a date for later by phone 
if you're alone I'll come home

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