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David Gilmour live in Wroclaw

I've been looking forward to this summer for quite some time now. The thought of seeing David Gilmour live 6 times always put a smile on my face.

Happy happy

Last week, I went home to my parents, and the day after, me and my dad flew to Warsawa. We only brought a small piece of hand luggage each, so we travelled light. The flight was good, and when we landed we went straight to take a bus to city centre. We found the train station and went to get something to eat before we were to get on a train that would take us to Wroclaw.
The temperatur in Warsawa was over 30 degrees! We did not expect that, so it was a bit hard to get used to. But I rather want it to be sunny and warm than rainy and cold. We were after all going to an outdoor concert.

Not cold here

The train was supposed to leave at 16.13, but no train showed up at that time, and we had no idea when the train would arrive. All the information on the speaker were in polish, and I really don't know that language. We asked around, but no one could say something for sure. After a while we noticed a couple behind us. A Norwegian couple, so we could finally ask someone else.
They didn't know for sure when the train would arrive, so we started talking. Tony and Therese from Bergen - they were going to Wroclaw to see the concert too. The thing was that Therese had no idea what they were up to, so she had no idea about the David Gilmour concert. That ment that I had to be discreat about my passion.

On the train to Wroclaw

The train was about 30 minutes late. When we got on the train, we found our seats and Tony and Therese joined us where we sat. We were on the train for over 5 hours. That is a long time for a Pink Floyd fan like me to shut up! But we got to know these two nice people from Bergen, and had a fun trip with them.

We arrived in Wroclaw just after 10 and got in a taxi to the hotel. Me and my dad ended up in a very nice hotel/apartment. No air condition, but there were doors and windows to open. We left our luggage in the room, adn headed straight out to meet Ole and Philippe. We met Ole outside a pub, and then we headed over to the concert area. The end of the soundcheck was ongoing. We got to hear the last part of "Comfortably Numb" and saw some of the light show. At this moment I got really exited! Suddenly it was real, and in under 24 hours, I was to see my hero again.

Me, Ole and my dad outside the venue

After the soundcheck we met up with Philippe and George, ana headed over a pub for a few drinks. It was good meeting the huys again and we had a great time drinking Polish beer and catching up. I am not sure about the time, but I think we left the pub around 2. On the way back to the hotel, me and my dad went to McDonalds to get something to eat. Then we went straight to the hotel to get some sleep and charge the batteries after a long day of travelling.

Dad, Ole, Philippe and myself

The next day we got up around 9, and soon we went out to eat breakfast in a place just outside the hotel. The service there was not too good. We had to sit and wait for quite a while before someone came to take our order. The waitress could't speak English eiter, so we ended up buying scrambled eggs. We had to wait a long time before we got our food, and when we got it, it looked a bit like cat food. Undercooked eggs. But fair enough, we ate most of it, and it tasted ok.

Our breakfast

After the breakfast, we walked around in the city for a bit, looking at old buildings and just relaxing. We went to a small store on the way back to the hotel to buy some beer, crisps and water. Back at the hotel I had a shower. The heat was extreme! So it was a cold shower, and as soon as I got out, I was boiling again. We sat on the terrace, enjoyed some pre-concert music and a ice cold beer, before we headed to a pub around 2 to meet up with Ole, Philippe, Tony and Therese.

The view from our room

We sat on the pub for a while, but at one point it got too warm in the pub, and we had to go outside and see if we could find somewhere else to be. We ended up wandering around, and we desided to go to an Italian restaurant close by the venue. This restaurant had air-condition plus extremely good food, so we sat here until we were going to the concert.

Philippe, me, dad, Ole, Tony and Therese at Pub Guinness

At this point we split up, since we had different tickets. Me and my dad was all the way in the back, but we still had a good view of the stage. We had some time until the concert would start, so we went to buy a beer, before we went to buy t-shirts. Whilst looking at the different t-shirts, I noticed some sounds from the stage. They played small introes of different Pink Floyd songs. Old and new ones. "One slip" was one of the songs they played something from. I got really exited again, and we found a spot where we wanted to stand.

Ready for David Gilmour

At 10.45 the band got on stage, and they started up by playing "5 a,m". Such a great song to start off a concert with! Instrumental and beautiful. "Rattle that lock" was next, and I felt at that moment thta I would have no chance standing still during this concert. "Rattle that lock" is a great song live. And these two songs are great to start with.

The setlist this evening:
- 5 a.m
- Rattle that lock
-Faces of stone
-Wish you were here
-What do you want from me
-A boat lies waiting
-The blue
-Us and them
-In any tounge
-High hopes

-One of these days
-Shine on you crazy dioamond
-Dancing right in front of me (live debut!!)
-Coming back to life
-On an island
-The girl in the yellow dress
-Run like hell

-Comfortably numb

What a setlist!! Right!!
I had some favourites during this evening! "What do you want from me" - that was a very pleasent surprise!! And what a great song live. By David himself. I had goosebumps even though it was still very warm outside.
My absolute favourite this evening: "One of these days". Wow. Just wow. I danced my legs off to this song. I really had a great time listening to this song.

Me and Ole

"Coming back to life" is a song David didn't perform when I saw him last year, and it's been an important song in my life. It's always given me power to come through difficult stuff. Powerful moment.
"Dancing right in front of me" is a song from David's latest album, and he have never performed it live before, so that was quite special to be a part of.

Compared to the show I saw in London last year, he played 4 different songs in Wroclaw. It's always great listening to new songs live. The only song I really missed this day was "Fat old sun". One of my favourite song from one of my favourite album. But I talked to Ole and Philippe after they'd seen the show in Vienna, and he did play it there. So I might get to hear it live again.

The concert was over around 00.45. I had so much fun at this concert, and I consider it my favourite David Gilmour show so far. Just brilliant. The weather was perfect, we had good tickets and there was not crowded around us. I was very very happy after the show.

We all met up again at a pub after the show, and we talked about the fantastic show over a few beers. We sat at the pub until around 3, and then we all went our seperate ways. Me and my dad stopped by McDonalds this night as well, and then back to the hotel for a few hours of sleep.

The next day we checked out from the hotel and took a taxi to the train station. There we ate a really good breakfast. My dad had scrambled eggs and I had american pancakes. It was delicious. We went to a shop to buy something to eat and drink on the train, and then we found the platform our train would depart from. The train was quite full, but luckily, we had numbered seatings.
The train got from Wroclaw to Warsaw in about 4 hours, so this trip was shorter then the one two days ago.

When we arrived in Warsaw, we headed to our hotel, checked in and went straight out to get something to eat. We found a nice place where we could eat outside. It was raining a bit this day, and the temperature was a bit more comfortable then the days before. At the restaurant we bought some really good food! Steak. Yummy! And beer to drink. After the meal, the staff at the restaurant sat a tv outside for the football match between Belgium and Hungary. So we found a couch to sit in, and bought another beer to the match.
We sat there as long as they showed the match, and when they started having troubles with the tv, we headed back to the hotel and went straight to sleep.

Early the next day, we got up and got on a bus to the airport. We had breakfast at the airport and then we were heading back home to Norway, after an absolutely brilliant weekend in Poland!

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