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David Gilmour live in Pompeii - Part 2

The next day we got up around 9.30, had some underberg and breakfast, and then me and Ole headed over to the ruins. I actually thought this area would be much smaller, but it was massive! We ofc didn't think of bringing a map over the area, so we just walked wherever we felt like. This day was really warm, so we could only stand to walk around for about two hours. But it was so beautiful! And it was such a strange feeling to walk in these ruins. But it felt good to finally be there. I will definatly go back in the spring or fall when the heat isn't killing me.
Me and Mount Vesuvio

Ole and Mount Vesuvio


So beautiful

Found a tunnel where it was a bit cooler

We exited the ruins near to the amphitheatre, and went straight to get our concert tickets. They were just as beautiful as the day before, but the wristband was yellow today. Suited me fine since I had planned to wear a yellow-ish dress to the concert. 

After we got our tickets and wristbands, we went to eat some lunch/dinner. We went to the same place as the day before, and this day I had the best pasta in my life. Just delicious. 
Good oranges = delicious juice

After we had finished our meal and drinks, me and Ole went to the hotel to get changed for the show, and Joe and Tommy went to see the ruins. I put on my yellow dress and then we headed back to the pre-drinks pub. The atmosphere was perfect. Again, we all had such a great time and we were looking forward to another show! I think my favourite moment at the pub this day was when Kevin had been out looking for tickets for a while, and he came back to the pub with a yellow wristband! The entire pub was cheering for him!

Tickets for day 2

This evening we waited even longer than the evening before to get in. So when we finally decided to go towards the gate, the line was short, we got in quickly, and we even got to stand on the same place as the night before - the best places!

On the top of the venue is where Roger originally hit the gongong

The blue

The setlist was the same as the day before, but now we were more prepared on where to look during some songs. Well, one difference was that David at one point got sick of people screaming for him to play "Echoes". So he told everyone that this song was a conversation between two people, Rick is dead, and it will never happen. Probably a fe dissapointed people there then. But I really can understand what thay song might mean to him. But, I would never expect to see him upset like that. 
Many emotions in one picture!

Anyways, this concert was perfect as well. The mood in the group was even better then the day before, so we were all dancing around, singing along and having the best time. I even got to dance to "The girl in the yellow dress". Many of the people in this group don't like this song, but Ole actually asked me to dance during this song. And we danced the whole song through. Made it even better that I actually wore a yellow-ish dress. No wonder I wasn't asked to dance the night before. Now I know. Always wear a yellow dress!

We also had so much fun singing "Run like hell" today! The atmosphere was great! At the end of "Run like hell" they used more fireworks then the night before, so again I was taken by surprise! That was really a great feeling to be a part of. It was a drone flying over the venue both days, and I got to see some of the footage! So great!So many fireworks, smoke and lights.
I mean... COME ON!!!

The show ended again with "Time", "Breathe reprise" and "Comfortably numb". Really a great way to end the show. And we were all so exited. None of us wanted it to end. So when we walked out from the venue, I looked around to try and remember this lovely venue. So beautiful. It was of course sad to leave, but I know I'll be back!

After the show, we met up at the pub again, and had another evening of loads of fun! I have no idea when we left. I had so much fun I would not know how late it was. But sometime during the night, we headed back to the hotel for a last night in a room with aircondition. Wish I knew this, so I would apreciate it more. 
Happy happy girl!

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