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5 years

5 years ago - my biggest music adventure started! I went to my very first "The Wall" concert in Oslo. I had big expectations, but still - this show really blew my mind! 

In Oslo, before the show. Had no idea what to expect!

We traveld to Oslo the day before the show. I really don't remember much of what we did in Oslo before the show. I know we hung out in a few different pub's, and we went sightseen. Everything I had in my mind was that I was about to see Roger Waters and the band again, for the first time in 3 years! And he was going to play the entire "The Wall"! No wonder I was feeling overwhelmed.

Me working on this blog. Full concentration!

So on this day, 5 years ago, we drove to Telenor Arena, where the gig was held. I had tickets on the second row (!)! Second row!!! Sick! But it felt good to know I would be close up with my hero.
We sat on the parking lot outside the arena, enjoying the sun, music and were waiting for it all to happen!

Outside the arena - already super exited!

About 6 months before the show, I got in touch with David Kilminster again. We first started talking on myspace in 2006 or something, and as soon as I got to know about the concert, I contacted him on facbook. And then the most amazing thing happend.. He asked if I wanted to meet him before the show!!

In shock! And so very very happy!

So while we were waiting outside the arena, 5 years ago, we also waited for the backstage passes to come out. When we got them, I think I freaked out a bit. I was so happy. So exited. Couldn't breathe properly etc.

Breathtaken and exited

"Hello world - I'm going backstage"!

The gang with backstage passes

When the time was right, we went inside the arena, and looked around for the backstage area. I'd never been backstage before, so I had no idea where to look. We asked the guards in the arena, and after a while, someone could point us in the right direction. And then we ran! I had no idea what went through my mind at this moment. All I could think was that I was only seconds from meeting David Kilminster!

Heads up - I know some of you have seen these pictures before, but it was only suitable to put them in this blog as well. Walking down memory lane <3

We ran and we ran, and suddenly I saw David standing in front of me! I jumped into his arms, like we were old friends. He were wondering why we were running. I could not answer. From this moment, the rest of the day was a bit blurry. My family were introduced and we talked for a bit, before he asked if I wanted to come with him on the stage!! From we went up to the stage, I had problems breathing. I was in shock, so David had to remind me to breathe several times.
We got up on stage, and I saw the Mother dummy, I got to see all the different instruments. Roger Waters leather coat. And I got to hold Rose, David's guitar.

On my way up on the stage

Holy c***!! Still can't believe this happend!

David was trying to keep me calm

Me and the beautiful guitar- Rose

We had a lot of fun! Sure looks like it


When we first met. STARSTRUCKED!

One happy Pink Floyd fan

When we got down from the stage, we said goodbye to David for now (we were meeting him backstage in the break). Anyways, he gave me a long warm hug and then gave me his personal guitar pic!! As if this wasn't enough, the show hadn't even started!!!

One last hug before the show was starting

Me and his guitar pic!!!

The show was about to start, and we found our seats. It's not nececarry to name all the songs he played. But when they started playin "In the flesh?", I got goosebumps all over my body! And they never really went away before I was asleep long after the show was over.
When Roger entered the stage, I cried for the rest of that song. And the next one. I felt so happy. So lucky, I couldn't believe what was happening. So much to see. The sound was brilliant, and it was a very good moment. One of the best actually.

I felt me and Roger connected here

During the break we went backstage, and there we met David again. And we met Snowy White. And so many awesome people. I remember I wished the intermission would last a bit longer, so we could stay longer at the backstage room. But the show must go on. And it's nothing wrong about that! We were about to see the second half of the show, which is also my favourite half of the show.

Pat lennon giving me his autograph

Me and Pat Lennon

Me and David having a laugh

Hanging with the star!

Robbie Wycoff giving his autograph

And here is me with the one and only Snowy White

The show was so much better then first expected. And I thought it would be absolutely amazing. It was even better, I don't have words! But when the show got closer to the end, I got a sudden feeling of sadness. I wanted to see it again, and really didn't want it to be over.
At the end of "The trial", the wall came down. Wow!! It was so amazing to sit on second row and watch it this close. Never thought I would experience that.
So, the wall came down, and the band returned to the stage. They ended the show with "Outside the wall", and after that the band walked off stage, one and one, when Roger said their names.
What a band he had!! The best of the best.

No fucking way - in Norwegian

We went back to the hotel, not quite sure what we'd just seen. We were all breathtaken and exited, so we sat down at the hotel pub just to talk about the show and calm ourselves down with a drink before bed.
Little did we know we were able to go and see the show again the next day!! We found out just before we were going to bed. So then we had to re-book some flights and add an extra night at the hotel.

We had pretty great seats!

And this was the start of my 3 years of travelling the world with my family to see the band! 16 shows all in all. We went to Australia to see it. And so many different places in Europe. Sweeden, Denmark, Germany, Hungary, Uk, Ireland, France.
I concider myself a very lucky person. To be able to travel around to listen to the music that means the world to me.

5 years... Wow... So much has happend over the last 5 years. 16 Roger Waters shows, 2 David Gilmour shows. 2 Steven Wilson shows. 2 Toto shows. 2 Elton John shows. And I've seen Mark Knopfler, Neil Young, Bruce Springsteen. And that's all I can remember for now..
I'm a lucky lucky girl.
If you have passion for music, life just seems to be better.

Music = happy me

Shine on all you beautiful Pink Floyd fans out there. And have a lovely weekend!

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