søndag 17. juli 2016

David Gilmour live in Verona - Part 1

Bye bye Mount Vesuvio and Pompeii

Hello Verona

Arena di Verona

Sightseen after sunset

We're on a bridge!

I even had to lie down under a tree to cool down

Laila and me at pre-meet up

Me and Ole drinking wine instead of beer for once.
Just ignore my silly facial expression ;) 

View from our seats

Us and them back on setlist

The sound in Arena di Verona was louder then in Pompeii, so at some points it felt like the entire arena was shaking. The acustic in this venue is also fenomenal, so when the audience cheered, you got a surround sound. Felt really great to be a part of. And it really is something special to go to a show you didn't expect going to. I got tickets only 10 minutes before the show started. I wasn't even dressed for the concert! But I really could not care less.

It was a bit strange not to have lightshows coming from all around the venue. But I don't mind. It was something special for Pompeii.

When the show was over, we headed back out to the others. They were sitting at the same table we had the pre-meet up. So we all joined them for a few more beers. I was glad when they told me that they heard the entire show from the outside. After Pompeii, I want everyone to have the same experience. And since not everyone could go in, they at least got to listen to the music again whilst enjoying good drinks.

Statues outside the venue

Since the show started so late this evening, it of course ended late as well. So we didn't stay out too late this evening.

Good night to beautiful venue, beautiful music and beautiful people

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