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David Gilmour live in Verona - Part 1

Bye bye Mount Vesuvio and Pompeii

Saturday morning I woke up around 9, but since I hadn't slept all that much, I wanted to close my eyes for a few more seconds. About an hour later, Ole woke me up, and said it was almost time to go. I finished packing and then we had to say goodbye to Joe and Tommy. I hate goodbyes! But they were staing for a few days extra and were not going to Verona.
Me and Ole grabbed our bags and walked towards where the concert had been the previous days. We found Philippe and Matthijs hotel, and went into the lobby to wait for a taxi. The taxi came after about 15 minutes, and drove us all to Naples trainstation. Here we got on a train that would first stop in Padova and then we had to change to a train that would take us to Verona.
Hello Verona

After about 4 or 5 hours on a train, we arrived in Verona. Me and Ole grabbed a taxi to our hotel. The check in went well, but there was no air-condition there!!! In Verona! It was bloody hot there as well! There was a fan in the room, so that's something, but not nearly good enough.
So we changed and headed out towards Arena di Verona. This was were we would all meet. Me and Ole was the first to arrive, so we got a table and then we had to wait for the others. Not long after, Kevin, Philippe, Matthijs and Yoshiko showed up, and we ate a lovely dinner.
After dinner and a few drinks, the temperatur was a bit lower after the sun went down, so we descided to do some sightseen. Beautiful city.

Arena di Verona

Sightseen after sunset

The next morning, I woke up wet of sweat. The fan was not even close to an air-condition. We got ready to go out, cause we could not stand staying in thet hot room longer then we had to. So we spent some time walking around in the city, had some breakfast/lunch. We walked around for a bit longer, and then we decided to go and visit Kevin and Philippe. When we arrived, they were heading out to do some errands, but I really liked it in this airconditiond flat. So When Ole, Kevin and Philippe went out to do errands, I got to borrow Kevins bed for a one hour nap. And that was just what I needed. When they got back, me and Philippe had some red wine outside their flat, and Ole joined us when he returned.

We're on a bridge!

I even had to lie down under a tree to cool down

The pre-meet up was at 7. The show was not starting before 10, since there had been an opera played in the venue the night before. We were a big group for this dinner, and we had such a lovely time. The food was good, the drinks were good and the company was perfect.
When the concert was about to start, Kevin told me that I could switch one of my tickets for the next day for a ticket for sundays show! I was in shock. Some of us had planned to sit outside the venue enjoying the music from there, so I was not at all prepared for a show. But as a Floyd fan, and especially if you are travelling with Kevin, anything can happen! I will be forever grateful that he wanted to switch tickets with me!

Laila and me at pre-meet up

Me and Ole drinking wine instead of beer for once.
Just ignore my silly facial expression ;) 

It was me and Philip who got tickets, and we got the standing tickets in the back. It was quite crowded, but Philip has been to a good share of gigs before, so he knew where to go. He grabbed my hand and lead me to a nice spot. We were just behind the next section (where the tickets was a bit more expencive). He saw a chair, and snuk me down to this chair! And from here we had great view! We bought some beers and enjoyed the show.

View from our seats

Us and them back on setlist

The sound in Arena di Verona was louder then in Pompeii, so at some points it felt like the entire arena was shaking. The acustic in this venue is also fenomenal, so when the audience cheered, you got a surround sound. Felt really great to be a part of. And it really is something special to go to a show you didn't expect going to. I got tickets only 10 minutes before the show started. I wasn't even dressed for the concert! But I really could not care less. I had such a great time, and me and Philip sang through every song that was played.

Philip and me - two happy people 

It was a bit strange not to have lightshows coming from all around the venue. But I don't mind. It was something special for Pompeii.
Also, in Pompeii, we were all standing together during the shows, so I was glad I at least had one other person going in with. Would be a bit sad going in alone. And me, like a partly shy girl who don't like to bother anyone else - I would have probably found the worst place if I went in alone. Very happy I could go in with Philip.

Verona concert buddies

When the show was over, we headed back out to the others. They were sitting at the same table we had the pre-meet up. So we all joined them for a few more beers. I was glad when they told me that they heard the entire show from the outside. After Pompeii, I want everyone to have the same experience. And since not everyone could go in, they at least got to listen to the music again whilst enjoying good drinks.

Statues outside the venue

Since the show started so late this evening, it of course ended late as well. So we didn't stay out too late this evening. When I finished my beer, me and Ole tried and man up, knowing we had to go back to the sauna.

Good night to beautiful venue, beautiful music and beautiful people

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