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David Gilmour live in Pompeii - Part 1

Last week, 6th of july, I got up around 4 in the morning. I had barely slept, but felt super exited. The day had finally arrived. I got up, finished my packing and then headed towards Sola airport in Stavanger.

Video blogging ;)

The check in went smoothly and when I got through security check I bought myself something to eat and lied down in some very comfy chairs at the airport. The flight was on time and I was on my way to Oslo. We landed after about 50 minutes, and I went to find my gate. Just outside the taxfree; I met Ole - my travelling buddy. This flight was on time as well. Lucky us! The flight from Oslo to Rome was about 2 hours.

We landed, picked up our luggage and had our first Underberg for the trip. Then we found a taxi and went to Hard Rock cafe in Rome. Here we met Larry, Joe and Tommy - three Americans who had come all the way to Italy for the David Gilmour gigs. We all had something to eat and drink, and I got to know these guys a bit better.

A few hour later, we went back to the train station, got on a train to Naples and then we had to get a new train from Naples to Pompeii. The last train ride was killing me. No air condition and too many people on the train. I was melting. But as soon I got my first glance of Mount Vesuvio, I forgot a bit about the heat, After all, I'd been dreaming of going to Pompeii since primary school.
When we arrived at the train station in Pompeii (we got off on the wrong one), we had to grab a taxi to the hotel.

We checked in - me, Ole, Joe and Tommy in one room, and Larry had a single room since he was only staying for one night. Because of the heat, I had to change and then we headed out to meet other crazy Floyd fans! Unfortunaly we lost sight of Joe and Tommy on the way over to the pub, but me, Ole and Larry was determined to get to the pub. And it was so good seeing old friends again, especially Kevin, since he's the one I've known the longest.
We had great fun at the pub for a few hours, and then we had to get some sleep after a long day of travelling.

So happy to meet Kevin again

Outside our hotel

The next day we got up around 9 and had what would become out traditional Underberg before breakfast. I woke up with a smile on my face! Today was the day when I would go and see the Amphitheatre in Pompeii for the very first time! And David Gilmour were to play there live. In fromt of an audience. Something that haven't happened since the gladiators were fighting there. And as a long time Pink Floyd fan, I've watched the Pink Floyd live at Pompeii dvd about 1000 times! Today I would experience it myself.

The stage under construction

Around 10.30 we went over to the box office to get our tickets. The line was long, but we got to wait in line in the shade. The line went by a few glass houses where they had some of the mummies inside! It was insane to look at, and I could already feel the power of this city.
After about an hour, we got in and picked up our tickets and wrist bands. Man, that felt good!! Beautiful tickets and a blue wristband. It got more and more real.

Ready to walk!

We got our tickets

Me and Ole were actually planning to go and see the ruins this day, but it was over 12 and the heat was unbearable. So we went to the meet up pub for some beer and water before we headed to eat some lunch. Pasta of course. Those Italians know their pasta! So good!
We headed back to the hotel for a short nap, and then we got ready for the concert! We met up with everyone else at the pub around 5. That was so much fun!!!

Two happy Norwegians

Group photo before the first show in Pompeii

We had something to eat - onion rings and nachos. YUMMY! And we had yummy beer as well. More people in the group had arrived today, so it was good times catching up.
A few hours before the show, we could hear some of the soundcheck from the venue. At this moment I was already tearing up.
Anyways, we sat at the pub until the gates opened at 7. The line was very very long, but we jumped into the line. It was moving crazy slowly. And when we got to where they checked our tickets, they ripped the tickets in half!! How rude!

The yummy food

Outside the pub, heading towards the venue

When finally on the right side of the gates, we walked towards the amphitheatre, and seeing it for the first time... wow.. Such a special feeling. I had a look at the lines to buy t-shirts and beer, but they were too long for me. All I wanted to do was to go inside! So we headed down the catacombs tunnel thing that would lead us down to the amphitheatre.
Will never forget when I first turned the corner and looked straight at the stage. Absolutely mindblown!

So pretty

The last few metres before entering the venue

Even though we got in a bit late, we got the best places to stand. In the middle of it all. And it was far from crowded, so we could walk around, dance, jump and basically do whatever we wanted.
So, the show started with "5am", the same he's been using the entire "Rattle that lock tour". Brilliant way to start off with. The sound was not too loud, but that's probably to prevent making any damages on these grounds.

The stage


Glad Roger got to join me on a show like this!

Great group of people!

After "5am" we heard the jingle from "Rattle that lock", and normally during this song, there is a great light show from the stage, In Pompeii, the lightshow came from all around the venue!! That really took me by surprise! And it was so beautiful. A great moment to experience with all my old and new Pink Floyd friends.

I will not go into details on every song, but I do ofc have some favourites from the first evening. One of them was "What do you want from me"

"One of these days" were played this night. I always cheer up when I spot the wind machine on the stage. This song is so great live, and me and all my Floyd mates were dancing around, having a great time! I also got to film the entire song. My phone is quite old, so the film quality is not the best. The pictures are ok, but the sound is a bit off. But you get to see the crazy lightshow!

PS: Video need to be uploaded later... 

"Fat old sun" was back on the setlist, so that was a very pleasant surprise! One of my absolute favourite song! They didn't play it in Poland, so I was really glad it had made it's way back on the setlist. Beautiful song that made me tear up really bad. I was very aware of where I was during this song.

The end of the show was a lot of fun! "Run like hell" is a great song you can dance and jump around to. And we all had so much fun.The lightshow was fu**ing mental!! Again, I was mindblown. Lightshows from all around the venue, small fireworks in the end, and if there was a roof over the venue, it would be lifted! I reckon everyone in the stadium screamed out in exitement! I know for sure I did.

The band went off stage, but we all knew they would be back to do "Time", "Breathe reprise" and of course end it all with "Comfortably numb.
It was absolutely fabulous! Freaking amazing! To be honest, no words can ever describe the feeling of being at this venue, with these people listening to Pink Floyd/David Gilmour songs. I was definatly in heaven!
The only song they played tonight that had not been played before on this tour was "The great gig in the sky". Not my personal favourite, since I feel no other than Clare Torry can sing this. But it was still fun listening to it!


A small clip from "The great gig in the sky"

After the show we all met up back at the pub. Everyone was feeling great and had such a good time. Some were dissapointed that he didn't play "Echoes", but other than that, people were happy with the show. At least I was.
On this day I started my blog 5 years ago, and it's been 10 years ago since Syd died. So to be able to be in this venue on a day like this... I will never forget.. It was perfect!
Anyhow, we sat at the pub for a while, having a few beers and just enjoying life!

I had no idea what time it was when we left the pub, but we headed back to the hotel to get a few hours of sleep.

A few more pictures
Shine on

Yes, I got to borrow no less then 3 hats!

Shiny happy people

One very happy girl after first show in Pompeii

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