tirsdag 8. mai 2012

The great gig in the sky

One of Richard Wrights fantastic compositions!! The song is to be found on the album "Dark side of the moon". The song starts of with some piano before the powerful voice of Clare Torry steps in! Her gutsy vocals take the song to an orgasmic climax! For those of you who don't know the song, I'll post it on the bottom of the page. It is a song that need to be heard, even if you are a great fan or if you are one of the people who says that "Pink Floyd.. Yeah he's great", you need to hear this song!!

The man behind this wonderful song

The song addresses the omni-present fear of death and mortality in life. The song was originally intended as an instrumental sequence and featuring some blinding guitar from Gilmour, the vocals were added only a couple of weeks before the LP was finished. And I think we all agree that they did good by doing that! The song is so powerful, and it makes you feel so many different thing.

Tommy Vance wrote in his book, 'Pink Floyd. On record, on stage and on film 1965-2005:
"This number subsequently became notorious as great music to bonk to, while Wright later adapted it for a Neurofen advert".

I've actually heard this song live three times. Clare Torry was not on the tour, but Carol Kenyon was singing this song. She was not great, but I don't think anyone is great at this song, exept Clare Torry herself!
Anyways, here's a clip of the song! Enjoy and have a wonderful evening!

Clare Torry. The woman with the amazing voice!!

Thanks to my cousin Tone for the idea to write about this song! xoxo

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