fredag 4. mai 2012

Come in number 51, your time is up

I might just start this by letting you all know that this song is quite similar to the song "Careful with that axe, Eugene". You might just say that it is the same song, with only a few adjustments. The song was from the live side of the album "Ummagumma" from 1968. Well, an extended studio cut was later used to stunning effects to enhance the climactic scenes of  Antonioni 's Zabriskie Point in which a building explode over and over again to it's unearhly strains.

The director of the film wanted a song like "Careful with that axe, Eugene" because the final scene in the movie is dramatick, and so is the song. The song starts just after the same house has exploded a couple of times, and when the song is playing, there is a lot of other things that explodes. So, the people who watches the movie, is moved away from the 'original' scene and is watching all this other stuff exploding. After the screaming part has begun, the music stops for a while when we can see Daria getting in to her car and driving away, smiling. And then the music starts up again and is played to the end.

The main differents in these two songs (Careful.. and Come in...) is that "Come in number 51, your time is up" is instrumental. The song does not contain the lyrics "Careful with that axe, Eugene" just before the intence screaming starts.
My personal opinion: I live both songs. The line "Careful...." would not be suited in the scene in the film, and it was perfectly ok that they choose not to use it.
Antonioni 'found' the song while the band was recording "Live at Pompeii" He loved it, but it also made him feel  sad, like he was in a church.

Well, for all of you who has not heard this song before, take a look! I reckon you all love it! Thanks to Helge Nyheim for the idea to write about this song!

The clip I found, you can see the house I was talking about, that explodes! And you see all the other things that explodes during the song. 

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