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Roger Waters - Live at Desert Trip

Ready for Oldchella

Coachella. Or as media called it - Oldchella.
The weekend where Bob Dylan, Rolling Stones, Neil Young, Paul McCartney, The Who and last but not least - Roger Waters would all play at the same festival, over three days.
When the tickets was released, we only managed to get tickets to the sunday show (first weekend). It would be fun to see all these big stars, but if I had to choose one day, it would definatly be sunday.
Don't think I would go all the way from Norway to California to see any of the others. But Roger has this power over me, so I really couldn't help going all.

Wristband and matching dress

Me and Tracey

Pink with the wristband

Breakfast time

Too exited to be normal

Me and Laura on the way 

Family on the way

Hammer time with my sister

I was under the impression that this area would be huge. And that it was!! Wow! As soon as you got into the area, you had to walk for quite a bit just to get close to where the stage was.
I've been to a few outdoor concerts and festivals, but never been somewhere like this. There was barely no lines. Clean toilets, small lines to get food and drinks, and there was several places where you could sit down in the shade to enjoy a beer.

Showing off tattoos

Pink had a great day

Pirate/hippie Maria

When The Who was about to go on stage, we went to the main concert area and found a place we could stand. There was a fence we could lean against, and not too crowded. The Who was amazing, but I was also a bit too exited to see my hero again.
After nearly 90 minutes after The Who went off stage, they dimmed the lights and you could hear some construction noises. You knew something big was about to happen.

One happy family

It was so great to see him again, and he really did look better then ever! The band started the show with "Speak to me" and "Breathe", which was a great was to start off this show with. I was almost in shock and knew this was gonna be one of the greatest shows I've ever seen!
I was dancing, singing and bouncing up and down. One of the songs I was most exited to hear, was played quite early. And that is "Fearless". That was a truly perfect moment for me. And the band nailed the song! I wouldn't mind it they turned up the sound a bit more, but besides that - no complaints. Also - as a Liverpool supporter - standing with 80 000 other people singing "You'll never walk alone". WOW!

Big screen close to where we were

"Have a cigar" was also on the set list, and I was very surprised that Roger sang the chorus himself! Thought his voice might struggle, but no. His voice sounded so powerful and raw.
When the band was almost halfway through the set list, they played "Wish you were here", and since that is a song that is almost always played, I decided to run to the bathroom and to buy something to drink. I brought my sister along, and we ran as quick as we could. I knew they might start playing songs from "Animals" after this song. And that is an album I haven't heard too many songs live from.
Anyways, before we got back into the main area, we heard the construction noises again, so we found a spot where we could see the stage. And what do you know! 4 chimneys rose up from the top of stage. And BOOM! Battersea Power station was a fact.

When he started playing "Pigs on the wings, pt1" we started running back to the others. Halfway over, the song was ending, but luckily for us he had put part 1 and 2 of that song together. I really wanted to be where I was supposed to be when he started playing "Dogs".
Back in the right spot - "Dogs" was played. Mindblowing! Finally I could hear it live. Been a dream since I bought the "In the flesh" live dvd. Listening to this song live brought out a big smile on my face and also a few happy tears.

The view of the stage from where we were

"Pigs (Three different ones)" was a very pleasant experience. There was loads of Trump references , and I found that very entertaining. This was of course a few weeks before Trump was elected President, but still. Roger had the posibilities to let people know what he though, and he definatly took it. The flying pig came flying in.
One one of the sides of the pig they had a map over US with the words "Together we stand, divided we fall". On the screen behind the stage he'd also put up quite a few of Trump's most 'famous' quotes. Not charming at all. It felt like a lot of people in the audience agreed with Roger and the venue was boiling.

Roger had two new female background singers. I was not familliar with them, but the rest of the band was almost all the same that joined him during "The Wall" concerts. The background singers did an amazing job! Their voices was powerful and very suitable to this concert. I'm still no huge fan of "The great gig in the sky", but these girls did a good job on this song.
Other highlights of the show was "Brain damage" and "Eclipse". I did hear Roger perform these songs during the "Dark side of the moon tour", and was happy to hear him play them again.


As expected, the concert ended with "Comfortably numb". It was great to see both Robbie Wycoff and David Kilminster on top of 'the wall' during this song. It was a bit windy, but they both still did a perfect job. Took me straight back to when I travelled around to see "The Wall".
I've heard this song so many times live before, but I never think I've been singing so loud to this song before. I knew it was almost over, and wanted to get out exactly how I felt.


I found it strange that the band was not introduced. That left me a little hope that there would be an encore, but that never happened. Good thing I know the entire band from before. The ladies I haven't seen before, but the rest all have familliar faces.
The show was over, and I did take my time getting out from the area. I was sad I wouldn't see it again any time soon, but was also so happy to have seen my hero again. And at Desert Trip.

Me and Pink after the show!

It really is the wonderful life of being a Pink Floyd fan

Happy times with this lovely girl

Greg and my parents



Much fun seeing David Kilminster playing with Roger Waters again

Pink after show

Dinner time

I had good reasons to be exited before this dream of a concert

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