torsdag 1. juni 2017

Is this the life we really want?

"Our parents made us who we are. Or was it God? Who gives a fuck?"

It's been nearly 25 years since the album "Amused to death" was released. 25 years. I don't remember much from that time, but I do know people have been waiting for this album for 25 years. Hoping for a new album. Waiting. And now it's finally here! It was one happy Maria coming home from work to  check my mailbox today. The most beautiful little thing. Roger Waters new album.

Before the cd release, 3 songs from the album has been released with a few weeks apart. The first one was "Smell the roses". A song I liked straight away. An angry Roger song! I played the song on repeat for days. The more I listened to it, the more I liked it. But I was of course wondering if the rest of album would be similar.
Then the song "Déjà vu" was released. And it was very different from "Smell the roses".A very beautiful song. The melody catched me straight away, and the lyrics are great.
The next and last song to be released was "The last refugee". This song went straight up to the top as favourite. There is something about his voice in this song.

"Picture that" is a song that also got available to listen to before the album release. It didn't come up on spotify etc, but it was filmed during the dress rehearsal in New York. And then I had a new favourite. Here we're talking angry Roger! And I love it! The lyrics are priceless and the song is in general very catchy.

Listening to these songs made me very hopeful for the full album. There is something very special about listening to the full album in one go. From track 1 until track 12. It's definatly one slbum you should listen to in one go, like many other Pink Floyd and Roger Waters album. The songs are melting into one another. For my ears - it's pure perfection! Roger Waters did it again.
I never had any doubt about the album being good, but then again - you never know. Just thinking of how much control he actually gave up on this album. Which is not something this man does easy. But it actually turned out great.

Track list:
1 - When we were young
2 - Déjà vu
3 - The last refugee
4 - Picture that
5 - Broken bones
6 - Is this the life we really want?
7 - Bird in a gale
8 - The most beautiful girl
9 - Smell the roses
10 - Wait for her
11 - Oceans apart
12 - Part of me died

It's hard to hide the exitement

After listening to the whole album over and over again, it is hard to pick a favourite! I love them all! Best album of the year. I'm sure it's gonna be the album that I will play the most this year. Every song floats so great together with the next one. I imagine I will rarely listen to only a song or two. Need to hear it all together. I already got tears in my eyes a few times listening to it. It is a very special album to me. First Roger Waters album I have listened to straight after the release. A very special moment for a young(ish) Pink Floyd girl.

Thank you Roger Waters! This album was very much needed.

Picture that

Is this the life we really want?

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