torsdag 10. november 2016

David Gilmour live at RAH - Part II

The second show was happening friday 30th of september. I was really happy to see him again, but also felt a bit sad. Last ticket to see David Gilmour this summer, and I have no idea if he'll ever tour again.
This day was quite buisy. Luckily we didn't stay up too long after the show yesterday, but we did get up quite early this morning. Earlier this day we'd been to London Museum, Gerald Scarfes exhibition and Scarfes bar. I had been very buisy letting my Pink Floyd geek shine.

After visiting Scarfes bar, me and went straight over to Glouster Arms, where there was pre-drinks today as well. Some people had already arrived, and we found ourselves a table, and bought some food. I was not feeling to well this afternoon due to some back problems, and I think I also felt more sad then I would admit. Knowing it's your last show is not a good feeling.

As the hours went by, I started to feel a bit better, and I got around to talk with people. So again I had a great time with old and new Pink Floyd fan friends. The pub was filled up with crazy fans.
My dad went for a walk after a while and we planned to meet up outside the venue a bit before the show was to start.
We had a great time at the pub. When it got closer to 7pm, we were a small group of poeple finishing the rest of the beer, before heading over to the venue.

Pink and a beer glass with image of Battersea Power Station

The show was the same as the night before, as expected, but it still felt quite different. It was like the entire band was filled up with adrenaline, and they all seemed to enjoy themselves on stage. They were smiling all the time and some of them seemed to dance around more then they usually do. I guess they all felt great ending a tour that has been going so well.
I know for sure I at least have enjoyed all 7 shows I've got to see this year.

Some of the songs got me really emotional this evening. Especially "Fat old sun". A song I first heard live just one year ago - during the same tour. It truly is one of my favourite song, and knowing this might be the last time to hear it live got me all teared up. Luckily it was most happy tears, feeling so lucky for being there.
I was quite loud today as well. Singing a lot, cheering and screaming. The day before I got up to dance etc a few more times then I did today, but it felt like I had to keep seated today and absorbe it all.

Again, the setlist was much the same as the day before, but he did play "The girl in the yellow dress" again today. I'm one of not too many fans of this song, so at least I was very pleased he had put the song back on the setlist. I was glad to see it again live one last time. The only annoying thing is that I did not expect him to play this song tonight, so I did not wear my yellow-ish dress. I did brought it to London, but decided last minute not to wear it.

The yellow-ish dreass I should have worn

This evening I got to see a concert I wouldn't change a bit of. It all seemed so very perfect. Had a great view to the stage both nights, the sound was loud and clear, and all the songs sounded great. Even "The great gig in the sky"!It really has been growing on me with these background singers. Still no favourite song, but I enjoyed it more tonight then I did the first night.

When the show was ending, we were all standing up, jumping, dancing, clapping and singing. One by one song ended - and then it was over.
I didn't want to leave the venue after the gig. I wanted the show to start all over again. All I felt leaving this venue was the sensation of being mindblown. And wow! That is a good feeling.

I bought some t-shirts outside the venue today as well, before heading over to the pub we were all to meet at after the show. The place seemed more packed then yesterday, and it was so good meeting up with all the crazy fans one last time on this trip. There was a lot of laughter and happiness in the pub tonight. At the end of the evening (when bar was about to close), we all started singing "Wish you were here". A truly magical moment.
I was very lucky this evening, since one of my new friend, Daniel from Canada, gave me Guy Pratt's bass pic! I was in shock, and I still am. A very nice gesture!

Crazy fans!

Went to bed with a big smile on my face. It really had been a great day.

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