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Gerald Scarfes exhibition & Scarfes bar

Gerald Scarfes Exhibition

The man himself with a few of his drawings in the background

it was a great museum! It's also for free, so will recommend everyone to see it when in London.

We entered the Barbican Library where the exhibition was. The exhibition was for free, and was up between 5th of september and 31st october.
In this exhibition you could see a lot of Scarfes work over the years. Even though I had most focus on all that was Pink Floyd related, there was other works from him as well.
I will not write too much about this exhibition, I prefer putting up a few pictures for you to see yourselves.


Pink on hammers

Great drawing of teacher

Mother (and Pink)

Some Beatles stuff

The Wall poster

Pink and marching hammers

Drawing of Roger Waters during The Wall

The reflection is annoying.. But still had to post

Pink got to see a lot

Pink with the golden ticket


Pink and mask

Pink with The Wall lego

Pink and the judge

Scarfes Bar

After the exhibition we got back on the tube that would take us to a area called Holborn, where there was a bar called Scarfes bar. I felt I had to go there! I'd only heard about the bar a few days ahead, and knew this should be a stop on this London trip.
We found the bar, and as soon as you walked in, you knew you'd come to the right place. There were Gerald Scarfes drawings on the wall. We found a place to sit, and then we ordered something to drink. The prices for a drink was much similar to prices you pay in Norway - very expencive!!
I found a drink that was called "Gerald's Marguerite". I had no idea what it would taste like, but it had the right name. And it was indeed a good drink!

Gerald's Marguerite, awesome napkin and Pink

The napkins you got under your drink had a great design, so I of course had to bring a few of those back home as souvenirs.
I walked around in the bar to take a few pictures and just admire this amazing bar.
If you are in Holborn - take a drink at Scarfes bar! You will not regret it.

A deck of cards - all with Scarfe drawings

The link to the bar if you want to know more

Me and Pink outside the bar

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