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David Gilmour live at RAH - Part I

I woke up thursday morning feeling really exited. I met Sam at the bus stop at 7, and we headed for the airport. At the airport we had some breakfast and a beer. Ole showed up a bit later. He was flying in from Trondheim. Short after that, my dad came in from Bergen. Soon after we boarded and got comfy on the plane with drinks and snacks.
About every 5 minute I realized where I was going, so that turned my face into a big smile, and I could barely sit still.
The flight was good and when we landed we got on the tube. I do love London, so it felt really good being back.

Pink getting comfy on plane

Time to go

Airplane snacks

We got off the tube at Earls court and checked in at the hotel. We headed out very soon after arriving, and got on the tube to Gloucter Road. Here we met up again with Ole and some other friends, to eat some Indian food.
After the dinner, me, dad and Sam walked to a pub called Gloucter Arms. This was the bar we were meeting old and new friends for pre-drinks.
The pre-drink time was 5, but some people came in earlier. We were sat outside the bar since the weather was beautiful. It was a bit windy, but the sun was shining.

David Grants tattoos

Piece of art!

It was so good to see all my friends again! And I was so glad to so many from the Italy trip was here as well. The atmosphere at the pub was great! We were all happy and exited to see another show. I barely sat down, there was just too many people to talk with, and I wished I could talk with them all - all the time.
I met quite a few new friends, and some facebook friends that I'd never met before.

Me and my dad exited for the show

I got a gift from one of my friends I met last year in London - Gary Ashton. He had bought Pink Floyd stamps to me! Such a nice gesture. When I met him last year, it was quite buisy, but luckily we got to sit down and talk for a bit this evening.
More and more people showed up, and we had all fun talking about Pink Floyd experiences, drinking beer and having a laugh.

Philip, me and Gary

Just after 7 we headed over to the beautiful Royal Albert Hall. The exitement grew bigger and bigger for every step I took.
We found door 8 where we had to enter and went straight to find our spots. We were sitting quite high up, but got a perfect view straight on to the stage.

The show started with "5am" as usual, and it felt so good to see David Gilmour on stage again.
The setlist was the same as in Italy, exept he did not play "The girl in the yellow dress".
I do love all the songs, but there are a few that has a big spot in my heart. "Fat old sun" is really the favourite on this setlist. Good and old beautiful tune, that always seem to make me emotional.

Most of the time I do prefer standing concerts, because I most often end up feeling like getting on my feet and start dancing. But the good thing about RAH is thta the seats at least are comfortabel, so it's ok to be sat down.
Some other favourites from this night was "In any tounge" and "Sorrow". I also love "Today", but that song is better when you can get up and dance. Dancing to your favourite music is never wrong, but can of course piss off the poeple behind you. I went to the loo during one song, and when I was headed back to my seat, they said I had to wait until the song was finished. So I got to stand up for rest of the song, with no one behind me. That means dancing! So much fun!

The last part of the show always seem to blow my mind. There are so much 'powerfulness' going on, on stage! Great songs, the lightshow is getting more intense etc!
This evening I was sat between my dad and Ole. Throughout the show, we bought a few rounds of beer, and we all had a good time, listening to David and his band.

Ole, me, dad and Sam

After the show we headed for a pub that was about 10 minutes walk from RAH. On the way over there, I of course had to but a t-shirt from Kevin!
There was a big group of people at this pub, and it's always much fun talking with people after the gig. You can talk about different experiences, show pictures, film clips etc.
The bar was quite packed, but they closed around 11, so then we all headed back to get some rest before another show the next day!

Wishing you all a good night and a great week to come! 
Here is some music for you to enjoy. My favourite song from DG setlist this year! Enjoy!
"Fat old sun" live in Gdansk

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