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The Wall concert in Paris

DAY 1:
So, we got on the plane, and then we were off to Paris. The flight was ok, it went by fast and we had of course a lot of fun on the plane! I sat on the same row as Ace & Sam, while my parents sat on the oposite row. I bought myself a new purse at Primark in London, so Ace & Sam told me that I was not able to get the handles over my head. Challenge accepted! I could do it! Great pictures of it as well!


When we landed in Paris, I was breathtaken! The airport was huge and i had some great architecture! I fell in love with the city already at the airport. We picket up our luggage and jumped on a train that would take us to another terminal, and then we got on a train to the city centrum. The city is huge, and we were all quite confused about where to get off the train, and where to go next. It was all overwhelmingly huge! And as we all know, the french people don't like to make it too easy for tourists, so it was bad signing and everything was written in french. It's a good thing my boyfriend is half french, so he guided us around and explained where to go etc.

pretty people

At last we found the last train to where we were living, and I think we managed to find the place quite easily, but we were all a bit stressed out because of small enterences and exits at the train stations - so it was a bit hard to get our luggage through. So we had to relax for a little while when we arrived at the hotel. The hotel were cosy, but small. The elevator could barely bring two luggages and two persons, so we had to send the elevator up and down a few times. We had two rooms at this hotel, so Ace shared room with me and Sam. My parents room was just oposite of our's, so we could stand in the windows, waving, and talking to each other.

The distance between our rooms

After a while we started walking down towards 'Place de la Concorde'. From here we could see the eiffel tower. What an amazing sight! We started walking towards the eiffel tower, and after a long walk, we were close up with the tower. I'd never imagined that it was that tall! Oh my. Since it was early afternoon, we decided we could go up to the top of the tower. We went all the way, so we were up high! I'm a bit scared of heights, so my legs were shaking, but the view was totally worth it. When we were going back down, me Ace & Sam had desided that we would walk down all the stairs. There were a lot of steps! But we had great fun - and now I can say I've done it.

Me on the top of the eiffel tower

Beautiful view

Crazy stairs

Great look

On the way down

When we got back to the ground, we sat down in some stairs and drank some coffee. At 8pm, there were lights starting blinking at the eiffel tower! I didn't thought it could get any more breathtaking, but it could! The light show lasted for about 5 minutes, and then we slowly started to walk. After a while we got to a place where we had an even better view of the eiffel tower, so since it was almost 9pm, we waited for a bit so we could see the light show one more time. At this place, we met Simon & John! What a small world. Loads of Pink Floyd fans in Paris, and we found some of them. After the light show, we got on a train that would take us back to the hotel, and went straight to bed!

DAY 2:
This morning I woke up quite early so I could take a bath! Yay, bathtub in this hotel room too!! So nice! We had already planned that we would go on the sightseen bus today, but first we had a coffe at a cafe. And at this cafe, I met Duncan - Roger Waters bodyguard - and he recognised me!! Awesome! This day were mostly spent on a sightseen bus, so we got to see Notre Dame, Champs Elysse etc. We had a lot of fun, and got to see a lot. The weather was also ok, so that was good!

Pretty people on the sightseen bus

After the sightseen, we went to a chineese restaurant to eat. We ordered food, but by a mistake, I got two dishes instead of one, so that was quite extreme. But we all shared a bit, so I got some help to finish my dishes, but there were still food left when I gave up eating more. I also got to taste frog, since my sister ordered a frog dish, and I had to taste it! Not bad at all! It just looked a bit weird. After the dinner we went to a pub where we bought us something to drink. We sat on the outside seats, so we were sitting on the sidewalk! It seems like most pubs and restaurants in Paris have outside seatings, but there are not much space for it, but they still do it like this.

My lovely parents - then & now

After we'd finished our drinks, my parents had already left for another pub, so we went to find them. We found them quite easy, they were close to the hotel and they sat with a 1 litre glass of beer, each. We had a laugh, and then we joined them. This eveing we took it all out! We had so many drinks, and such a good time. We laughed most of the time, so it was a great evening. We sat next to a french guy, so my boyfriend could practise his french with this guy. I enjoyed just sitting and listening to them talk. We ordered our last drinks - we though - but a few minutes later, the french guy went in and bought us all a new round. When we finished our drinks, we went back to the hotel and straight to bed. I was a bit sad, because I was thinking about at the same time the next day, it would all be over.

Having fun - I think

Sam, me, french guy & my mom

DAY 3:
This morning we got up and went out to eat something. We were all feeling suprisingly well, even though we had a lot to drink the night before. We didn't do much this morning, but later we went to Roger Waters hotel. There I met a Pat Lennon - he was signing something for someone, and as soon as he saw me, he came and gave me a hug. He was wearing a t-shirt with the Norwegian flag, so I heard a guy comment this, and it turned out he was Norwegian as well. He told me the most surprising thing - Nick Mason is staying at this hotel too! My heart stopped for a bit! I got all dizzy and felt like sitting down. Not long after, the Norwegian guy told me that Nick Mason were coming towards us! He was talking on the phone, so I just walked slowly towards him, and as soon as he hung up, I went over to talk to him. We shook hands and I got to tell him my name and that I was a huge fan. I did not think about getting something signed, before it was too late. And no pictures either. But I will always cheerish that wonderful moment.

Roger & my mother

Roger & my father

We were standing in line for quite a bit, and it got more and more crowded. Many people knew where he was staying, so the street was filled with people. When Roger Waters came out, it was a bit chaotic. Loads of people, everywhere. I got my Wembley ticket signed and I got to look at this man, maybe for the last time - this close. After I got my ticket signed, I was suddenly filled with sadness. I think my depression was right around the corner. Because I couldnæt enjoy the meeting with Roger or Nick as I normally would. It was like I was sick. It didn't help that there were no good pictures of me and Roger, but I wasn't able to care too much about it. After we'd all got something signed, we went to 'Place de la Concorde'. We sat down for a bit, and then we went to take a train to Stade de France.

Me & Graham Broad

When we arrived, we first ate at a small restaurant and then we went over to the stadium. We had no idea where to pick up the tickets. There were no system - well, at least not a system that's easy to understand. The lines were so long, and they didn't move forward. We found the right que to stand in, and then we waited. It took such a long time, and when we finally got the tickets, there were not more then half an hour to show start. So we went to find where we could enter, and we were met by more long long ques. I've seen quite a few show's, but the system has never been as bad as it was in Paris.

Outside Stade de France

In the end, we got in, and we had great seats. We were on the front row on one of the sides, so no people in front of us. Usually, I'm standing up all the time, singing and dancing during concerts, but not at this one. I had no idea what got into me, but I felt so sad. The concert started off perfect! Everything was perfect, the flight hit the wall at the perfect moment, the sound was loud and clear, and the musicians looked awesome!
At this gig I sat down most of the time, just listening and enyoying my very last The Wall concert. I can't put any better words in, beside it was perfect.

A perfect end after 3 years of many countries and 16 shows. I've been to 9 different countries to see this amazing show, and the only regret I have, is that I didn't travel more around to see more shows. But since I'm a student, I don't have that kind of money. But I feel very lucky that I got to see that many shows!

The end of the concert was a sad part. I saw many of the band members were very happy, but also sad it was the last show. I saw some tears, so I started crying as well. I suddenly got filled with all these emotions, and I really could not stop crying. The band went off stage, and I was standing with my seat for as long as I could. When we were told to go out, I walked slowly and stopped several times, just to get a last look at the amazing stage, all the bricks etc. I felt so very sad, I can't explaine it. It was one of the best day of my life, but also one of the worst. As I imagine it myself, when the last bricks fell, I found myself behind my own wall, and had no idea how to break it down.

My boyfriend trying to make me feel better

That's it

My last look at the wall

DAY 4:
I was wery tired after the day before, and I didn't want to get out of bed and I felt like being alone. So I sent my family and boyfriend out from the hotel, and decided that I would come later. I still felt like s**t, and I still had no idea why. I had a bath, read a book and had a nice walk down to where my family sat, but I felt no happiness. This was the start of my depressions. It's hard to handle when you're in a new city, because you just want to go home to your own bed.

Lockers - me & Sam wrote on one, hung it up and threw the key in the river

This day we went on a boat sightseen, so I finally got to see Notre Dame close up. For me, it's one of the most facinating buildings in Paris, and I've always wanted to go there. I also wanted to go inside, but I had no energy. We got back on the boat andgot off a bit further down the river. Here we found a place to eat. We also went to see Louvre museum - but just from the outside. When we were going on the boat again, I soon decided to get off the boat and walk back to the hotel. So I sent the others further down the river with the boat, and I headed towards the hotel. Of course I got lost, so I was walking around this big city alone for about 1 hour, but it felt so nice. I liked that I could just walk around, in my own thoughts.

Me in front of Notre Dame

I found the hotel after a few wrong turns, and I jumped straight in the bathtub with a book. The others came back a bit after, and they went to a pub/restaurant. I decided to join, so I had a glass of wine and tried to relax and enjoy the last day.

Eiffel tower by night

The next day we went back home, and this was the end of an amazing journey! I have so many great memories, and I will never forget these three great years. I got to see The Wall, so many times! Much of it, is thanks to David Kilminster who helped me out with tickets, and also my parents who gave me great b'day & christmas presents (tickets and travels). I also have to that my boyfriend, who love the music too, and that wanted to travel with me and my family so much during the three years. And thanks to my sister who wanted to join in as well, and didn't complain if I was screaming to loud!

Dad, Sam, me, mum & Ace = DREAMTEAM

This is it

Thanks to Roger Waters for putting up such a great show, and for signing tickets, t-shirt, cd and booklet for me!

Roger Waters -signing my cd in Oslo

My very first sign item after my very first meeting with Roger

In Budapest

In Dublin

In Paris

Thanks to Pat & Marky Lennon, who always stoped what they were doing when they saw me, just to give me a hug. And waving to me from the stage.

Me & Marky in Paris 2013

Me & Pat in Oslo 2011

Pat, Marky, me & Robbie in Oslo 2013

Thanks to Harry Waters whom I got to meet a few times.

Harry, me & Sam in Germany 2011

And thanks to Robbie Wycoff for waving at me from the stage and were always willing to be taken pictures off.

Robbie & me in Denmark 2013

Denmark 2013

Thanks to Jon Joice who talked to me and were so nice when I met him in Dublin. Thanks to G.E Smith for posing with me on pictures in Oslo. Thanks to Kipp Lennon for waving at me when the guys were eating dinner in Budapest, and they saw me on the outside.

Me & G.E Smith in Oslo 2013
(Unfortunaly I have no picture of me & Jon Joice or Kipp Lennon)

Thanks to Snowy White, who I met at my very first show, and many other times later. Always with a big smile and always very polite.

Me & Snowy White in Oslo 2011

Thanks to Jon Carin & Graham Broad, who I met in Sweeden. They were sitting in the bus, and I went over to tell them how great I think they are, and I got to shake hands with both of them, and they were smiling and being so nice.

Me shaking hands with Jon Carin

Pat, Graham, Jon, Marky & me in the middle <3

Thanks to Duncan - the bodyguard - for being so funny and nice to all the crazy fans out there.
Thanks to Nick Mason for shaking my hand and listening to the few things I wanted to tell him.
And another thanks to David Kilminster! For always helping out, drinking coffe with me in Sydney, taking me up on the stage, giving me his guitar pic, letting me hold Rose etc! Not much of this would have happend if it weren't for you! Thank you so very much!

Our first meeting in Oslo 2011

Backstage in Oslo 2011

Me & David on the stage in Oslo 2011

Me, Rose & David

Goodbye & thank you hug

Sam, my dad, my sister, David & me on the stage in Germany 2011

Me & Graham Broad's drums

Hug in Denmark 2011

Me & David in Sydney 2012

Me & David in Oslo 2013

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