lørdag 22. februar 2014

The grand vizier's garden party

Today when I woke up, my first thought went to the amazing album "Ummagumma". I actually rarely met people who said they liked this album. I also think that there are a lot of people just thinking of this album as one of the most psychedelic album by Pink Floyd, and therefor they think they might not like it. Well, they should really give it a go. I rarely like an album or song just by listening to it once. You often have to be open-minded and don't judge before you know what it's all about.

"You can trust us"

""The grand vizier's garden party" is an instrumental piece by Nick Mason. It's the last track on the album - the studio album. "Ummagumma" is a two disc album - one live and one studio disc. On the studio disc, each member had a solo composition, and "The grand vizier's party" was Mason's contribution.
This piece is little more then an extended nine minute drum solo by Nick with electronically percussion.
Tommy Vance said this about the song:
"Anyone who had suffered the album this far in the expectation of some programme music was likely to be severely dissapointed by this stage most listeners had long since given up the ghost".

A Pin Floyd book by Tommy Vance

I actually think it's an amusing track. It start and end's witht the same lovely melody, but the middle part is totally different. When the song start, you almost expect the song to have some similar melodies during the entire song. But no! Maybe that's why they have 'split' the song into three parts: Enterance/Entertainment/Exit.
There are many songs on the studio disc that the band have shared in different parts. You have for example "Sysyphus parts 1-4". It's their thing, and I like it.

Nick Mason

I remember when I was quite younger, I was listening to this album, and I remember that I got a bit scared while listening to this part. It sounds so dark and mysteriou in some parts, and that freaked me out a bit. It didn't help that I was listening to the song during one night I couldn't sleep. I actually think it was the same night I really listened to "Atom heart mother" for the first time as well. All I know is that my passion for this band have grown since I 'discovered' this music and it's brilliancy.

Cheers to all you beautiful people out there

I know I will be listening to "Ummagumma" today. An album with so many great songs, and the true psychedelic sound I love.
Hope you all have a wonderful saturday.
Shine on 

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