tirsdag 25. mars 2014

One of my turns

Would you like to learn to fly?
Would you like to see me try?

This is an amazing song! I am still in a "The Wall" phase, again, so I listen to this album every day. 
I've been living in Belfast since january, and it's soon time to go back home to Norway. Only 31 days left here to be exact! And since I haven't met any Pink Floyd fans here, it's gonna be good to come home to the people I know share my interest in this band. The second weekend after I come home, I will have a girls night with Linn, where we listen to the best music ever made and sing along and dance. About a week ago I recieved some live dvd's from a Pink Floyd buddy from USA, with some great filming from a show in 2010, so we'll definatly watch that!

Dancing on the table - a must do on a Pink Floyd evening

"One of my turns" is a song by Roger Waters on cd 1.
In the movie "The Wall", "One of my turns" sees Pink grow tired of the attention of yet another groupie and turn his frustration on the objects in the room. The song starts off easy, but suddenly it seems like Pink looses his mind, and starting throwing around and breaking all the things he can find in that room. Some reason to this is that he is unable to make the connection to his wife.

"One of my turns" is supposed to be his response to a lot of aggravation in his life and not really having got anything together with a woman, although he's been married. He's just splitting up with his wife and, in response he takes another girl back into his hotel room. He's had it now. And on this song, he can't relate to this girl either. That's why he just turn on the TV and sit's there and wn't talk to her. He realise the state he is in. This is an extremely cynical song. I don't feel like that about marriage now"
- Taken from the book written by Tommy Vance.

Anyhow, great song! And for those who seen "The Wall" live - don't you just love it when Roger perform this song? Starting with sitting on a chair, than stand up, walking towards the left side of the stage, while playing 'air drums' and waving to the audience! Just gotta love it.

That's all for now - and as usual, there is a youtube clip of the song underneth, and also the lyrics! Sing along, and enjoy this tuesday evening!

Day after day, love turns grey
Like the skin of a dying man
Night after night, we pretend it's all right
But I have grown older and
You have grown colder and
Nothing is very much fun any more.

And I can feel one of my turns coming on.
I feel cold as razor blade
Tight as a tourniquet
Dry as a funeral drum,
Run to the bedroom, in the suitcase on the left
You'll find my favourite axe
Don't look so frightened
This is just a passing phase
Just one of my bad days
Would you like to watch T. V.?
Or get between the sheets?
Or contemplate the silent freeway?
Would you like something to eat?
Would you like to learn to fly?
Would you like to see me try?
Would you like to call the cops?
Do you think it's time I stopped?
Why are you running away?

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