onsdag 28. august 2013

The Wall concert in Gothenburg

So, my The Wall concert number 4 happend in Gothenburg, Sweeden. My parent, Adelheid, Sam & I drove from Oslo to Gothenburg the day after the second show in Oslo. It was only a few hour drive. My mother had been talking with some relatives we have in Gothenburg, so they had planned that we could stay in their home. So we found their house and got to meet them, which was really nice.
I were really tired after the previous days, and this was our first night that week that I could get to bed early. I slept like I've never slept before, and no-one woke me up the day after, so I felt ready for a new day when I first woke up!

Me, Adelheid & Sam went to Liseberg, a theme park in Gothenburg. Since it was saturday, the park was full of people! We had to wait in line for almost half an our for the first roller coaster, and after that, we went to get something to eat and drink. We walked around in the park for a while, then got in que for the next roller coaster. I think we waited for around 45 minutes! But it was really fun! And during the roller coaster, they had this camera taking our picture. We had already desided that we would look mad/angry at the picture, and the result was awesome!!

Psyco people!

After this ride, we started walking to Roger and the gangs hotel. We had planned to meet up with David Kilminster close to the hotel. We were a bit late. The que lasted too long, and it was quite far walking to the hotel. But we met him for a short moment. Robbie Wycoff walked passed us, so we got to stop him to say hi and got some photos with him.

David, me & Robbie

Maria sandwich

I was hoping to meet Roger Waters again, but he'd already left the hotel. After David had to go, we went over to the hotel enterance, and I did get to meet loads of the guys in the band! I met Pat Lennon & MArky Lennon, and then I saw Graham Broad and Jon Carin heading for a car. I've never met one of those guys before, but I've always wanted to! So I went over and said my name and that I was a big fan. They were both really nice and were giving me big smiles! Great feeling! So I asked them if I could get a photo with me and them. And before I knew it, I had gathered 6 of the members in the band to join in the photo. They are all so incredible nice!

It started of with Pat, Graham, Jon, Marky and me

Then Robbie came over as well

And then Harry joined in

After the guys left, we tried to find a place to get something to eat and drink before the show. We found a great place and sat there until we started walink towards the stadium, Ullevi. There we met up with the family we were staying with and another relative with his wife.  I went to buy a new The Wall t-skirt and then I bought a glass of wine whilst waiting for the show to begin.

Adelheid, Sam & me ouside Ullevi stadium, before the show

Mum and dad before the show

The view from the stadium

We had great view of the stage. It was also my very first outdoor concert, so I was glad the rain never showed up! The show started, and I got tears in my eyes.. As always! The sweedish crowd were a bit better then the norwegian crowd, but still a bit boring audience. I'm not quite sure what I am looking for in a audience, but some with more exitement!
It was really funne when the pig vame flying over the wall. Since it was a bit windy, they didn't have full control over the flying pig, so it was moving all around. It ws great to see!
All in all, it was once again a great show! And it felt extra special this day, since I knew I've now met the entire band! It took me 12 concerts to meet them all, so it was a special feeling. One of the best feelings actually!

The view from our seats

During "Another brick in the wall pt.2"

So, I really had a great week! 3 countries, 4 shows and loads of new and great memories!

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