onsdag 21. august 2013

The Wall concert in Oslo (day 1)

After some great days in Copenhagen with Adelheid, Sam & Nikolai, we took the boat from Copenhagen to Oslo. I was exited about spending an evening and night on a boat, but unfortunaly, I was the only one. It turned out to be just me who did not get sea sick! So Adleheid got really sick and went to bed quite early, so then me, Sam & Nikko went to the casino! It was so much fun! I used way too much money on the slots, and when I was about to leave the casino, I tried the roulett. Turned out that I rocked! So I won my money back. YAY.

Dark picture, but it's me and the money I won on the roulett

Took this picture from the boat early in the morning

We arrived in Oslo early wedensday morning, and Linn met us down at the dock. She was really exited for her very first show, so even though it was quite early and none uf us did get so much sleep, we were all full of energy! We found the hotel to leave our luggage, and then we went out for lunch. We were walking a bit around, and then my parents showed up. They had been driving to Oslo, so they arrived a few hours after us. We also got to meet my cousin and her husband. They were going to the show as well.

Sam & Nikko drinking coffee and beer in Oslo

Around 15.00 we checked in at the hotel, got dressed and went out. Me, Sam, Linn & Nikko went to a peppes pizza restaurant to meet up with some other fans. Ole from Norway, Stewart from Scotland and Andrew from Germany. We had something to eat and some glasses of wine before we went to meet up with more fans whom just arrived from the UK. I actually did get to meet Simon Wimpenny! I've read his blog and he is also friends with David Kilminster. So I'd heard so much about him, so it was great to meet up!

Me & Linn at peppes pizza

Sam, me, Linn, Ole, Nikolai & Andrew

Me and Simon Wimpenny  -  Two crazy floydians!

We bought tickets for the shuffle bus to the stadium, and soon we were on our way. When we arrived at the stadium, me and Linn had to run to the toilets. The bus ride took a longer time then we thought. We talked to Sam & Nikko about where to meet, and when they were on their way, I saw Robbie Wycoff, Pat Lennon & Marky Lennon walking out from the stadium. I took Linn's arm and dragged her with me. We did get to talk with them for quite a while! Both Robbie and Pat recognised me from earlier shows. I finally got to tell Robbie how amazing he and Roger Waters sings together on the last bit of "Hey you". Been meaning to tell him for a long time, but I always get starstrucked. I was glad when I saw that Sam and Nikko were on their way over, so that they could meet the guys as well.

Pat, Marky, me & Robbie

Pat, Marky, Linn & Robbie

Pat, me, Marky, Linn & Robbie

We went into the stadium and found our seats, which were absolutely great! We sat on the floor really close to the stage, and quite in the midle as well, so we had the perfect view. The show started, and I started crying, as usual. It's such a powerful moment when they start of with "In the flesh?" and when Roger is walking onto the stage. The first half of the show were great as always! During the intermission, we called Nikolai to ask what he'd think of the show, and we asked him to come down to our seats and just squeeze in for the second half of the show. He bought tickets after us, so unfortunaly we had separated seats, so I'm glad he got to join us for the second half. Too bad for him, he had to sit next to me, and I'm not exactly the quiet girl during these shows! But I think it went well!
At the end of the show, during "Outside the wall", me and Linn went all the way to the stage and we saw Pat and Marky Lennon wave at us, as they told us they would do when we met them before the show :)
The Wall seen from our seats!

Random dude, Sam, Adelheid, me & Linn right before the show!

It's always sad when a show is getting closer to the end, but I didn't mind, cause I knew we'd get to see it all over again the day after!
It's great to be a Pink Floyd & Roger Waters girl!!

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