torsdag 1. august 2013

10 days

The time has been running by the last year. It's been slow at some times, but the summer, it's been going way too fast. So that leaves me knowing that it's only 10 days to I get to see The Wall with Roger Waters, live, again! I actually don't have tickets yet, but hipefully I can get some.

My wonderful tattoo's can't wait to show off!

My personal The Wall tour will start, as I said, in 10 days. First stop will be Copenhagen (Denmark).

I've got wild staring eyes

When I arrive in Copenhagen, I need to find the first available taxi, go to the hotel for the check in, and then find a new taxi that'll get me to Parken stadion, where the show will go on. So then it's just to try and get tickets, and then: HELLO ROGER WATERS! I literally can't wait!
I went to a Muse concert i Bergen a couple of weeks ago, so then I had a few weeks before that I were only listening to Muse, and the week after the concert as well. But now I am back in my standard Pink Floyd mode. I've really missed it!

Run like hell

After the concert in Denmark on sunday, I'll have a few days to experience copenhagen, and that should be great! Tuesday afternoon, I'll take a ferry/crusie/boat from Copenhagen to Oslo. And there I'll be meeting my mother, father, sister and a friend of mine. Then we have to check in at a hotel there and then I reckon it's straight out to hit the pub. Hopefully we'll get some good weather so that we can walk around in the sun and  pretend to be tourists. It's so much fun being tourist in your own country!

Taken before the very first The Wall show I saw in Oslo, 2011

I will of course update my blog about each concert I've been to, but it might take some time. When I'm leaving for Denmark, I'll be on the road for a week, and then I'm going back to uni, but I'll find the time to write about the shows, the changes from the last time I saw it, and of course put out many pictures!
I am so exited!!!

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