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The Wall concert in Budapest

I am a bit late with my concert updates, but I'll try and get them all out very soon!
So, after the Gothenburg concert on saturday, we went back home on sunday. I was feeling so tired after being with a lot of people all the time, and I was really looking forward to relax a bit. But that week turned up to be a buisy week, and early friday morning, I once again went to the airport. This time I was heading for Budapest (Hungary). This was a birthday trip present from my boyfriend Sam and a couple of good friends, Aina & Sammy. They were picking us up early in the morning, around 04.00, and we drove to the airport. We all bought something to eat and then we got on the plane.

Me & Sam outside Sola airport

We had a landing in Frankfurt before we got on the next flight to Budapest. When we arrived, the weather wsa perfect. Warm and sunny. We just called for a taxi who drove us to the hotel. It was a very small hotel, but cozy. After checking in, we went out to get something to eat and dring. And I just had to try the goulash soup that Hungay are famous for. We spent the rest of this day walking around and look for things we could do the next couple of days.

Me & Sam at the airplane

All of us the same day we arrived

On saturday, we woke up, had something to eat, and then we went to this spa hotel. There were several different pools. Some heated, some ice baths etc. Me and Aina did also try a massage. It's not the best massage I've had, but since it didn't cost very much, it was worth it. We spent a few hour at this spa, and later we went back to the hotel and booked us on a river cruise later that day.
Later that day we went over to a hotel where we were to meet up for the cruise, and when we stood outside the hotel, I saw G.E Smith and Jon Joice walked by. I was a good girl, and let them walk this evening without interruptions from a crazy Pink Floyd fan. A few minutes later, still outside the hotel, I saw David Kilminster, Harry Waters & Marky and Kip Lennom sitting in a restaurant eating. Of course I didn't go inside to say hi, but after a while I saw Marky starting waving at me!! And suddenly all of them looked out and they all waved at us. I was so exited and then I turned over to Aina & Sammy to tell them about the guys we just saw. And out of nowhere, David stood behind me. He came out, in the middle of his dinner, just to say hi. So both Aina & Sammy got to meet him.

Sam in the front and Aina & Sammy in the back, after our spa day

The river cruise was great, and we got to see all the great buildings. The cruise lasted for about 1,5 hours, and we had a great time, but it was a bit cold, so we were relifed when we got to leave the boat and head back to our hotel.

Some of the buildings we passed during the river cruise

We got champagne at the cruise!

Sammy & Aina

Me & Sam

We woke up this sunday, went for something to eat, and then we went to a huge shopping mall. Me and Aina went there the last time we were in Budapest. We didn't get to shop very much, becase we found a hairdresser and found out how cheap it was here, compared to Norway. So I got to colour my hair black and Aina got to dye her hair. It was so cheap, so we just had to do it! But it took a long time, so as soon as we both were done, we grabbed a cab to the hotel where we all got to change for the concert and then we got a new taxi to get us to where we were the day before, where we'd seen all the The Wall guys. Me and Sam wanted to wait outside the bands hotel and see if we could meet Roger Waters. Aina & Sammy were hungry, so they went to find somewhere to eat. We waited for quite a while, but then Duncan came out (Roger Waters bodyguard) and he told us that we had to wait in a line, everyone could get 1 thing signed and not to touch Roger Waters. So we waited for a while, and then Duncan came back out with Roger Waters. We waited in line, and when it was my turn, I had brought a t-shirt that I wanted him to sign. He had some difficulties signing the t-shirt, but with a little help from me and Duncan, it worked in the end.
Me - waiting for my hero

Roger signing my t-shirt!

Roger signing something for someone

After the signing, we found Aina & Sammy and joined them for dinner. At this rather expencive restaurant, I ate one of the best meals! It was some beef with potatoes, and it tasted so damn good! Straight after the dinner, we found another taxi and went out to the stadium. We had to find a ticket office, where we could get the tickets that we got from David. They poined us in one direction, so we had to walk all the way around the stadium. Let's just say that most people in Hungary have problems with their English! At last we found the right ticket office and got our tickets. We went inside, bought something to drink, and then we found our seats, which were great! There were just a few places at this stadium that had roof over, and we got to sit there. But even though it started to rain when we ate dinner, there was no rain during the entire show.

A bad picture of The Wall, but that's were we sat

The show were absolute fantastic! The sound was great, the fireworks were breathtaking and the band were amazing! As always. The part of the show that I remember best i when Roger starts speaking to the audience in the language of the country he's in. He had some difficulties with this language, and used a very long time to say what he wanted to say. Suddenly he went back to his well-known english and asked "How do you speak this language every fucking day?". Good question actually. I can't understand any of it!
After the show we went back towards the hotel, but had a small stop at a bar where we bought a pizza and some drinks. Everything was closing up early this day, so when everything was closed, we headed back to the hotel.

No fucking way - in hungary

No fucking way

The next day, the day we were going back home, we went out to eat lunch with a girl me & Aina met last time we were in Hungary. It was great seeing he again, but she didn't have much time, so when she left, we did some shopping and ended our days in Budapest at a fish spa! It felt really weird, but I'm glad I tried it!
We went to the airport, checked in and went back home, with barely no problems at all.

I had a really great trip, so thank you Sam, Aina & Sammy for the great birthday present! :0))

A clip from the opening of the show. Not filmed by me!

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