onsdag 21. august 2013

The Wall concert in Oslo (day 2)

After a good night sleep (where Nikolai crashed in our room - with me, Sam & Linn) we woke up and went down for brekfast with my parents. The weather were good this day too! I went to the store and then back to the hotel to change. We found a pub right across the street from the hotel, and sat down for a glass of wine. Then I got a text from David Kilminster that he would love to meet us all for coffee, close by his hotel. I got super exited as always, so I drank up and me and Linn started walking to the fancy hotel David were staying at. My dad, Sam and Nikolai came right behind us, and my mum and Adelheid came a bit after. Adelheid had ordered brekfast at the pub, so I felt bad when I just left while she was still eating! Luckily she know how I am, and that I can't sit still when I know there is somthing going on.

Me & the best sister in the world <3  (picture from Copenhagen)

Me and Linn found the hotel, and it was really really fancy! I had to go to the bathroom, and I've never seen a more fancy bathroom! I was amazed, and did not feel welcomed at the hotel. People who went in and out from the hotel were dressed in fancy clothes and looked important. We went outside for a while, and just before my parents and the rest of our fantastic gang showed up, I saw G.E Smith come walking towards the hotel! I've never met him before. I said hi when he passed us and told him that I love his guitar solo on "Mother". He didn't seem like he wanted to be stopped or recognised, so I didn't ask for autograph or photo.

Me & David :0))

My mum, Adelheid, David, Linn, Sam, Nikolai and me and my dad in the front!
What a bouquet!

When we were all there outside the hotel, David came out. It was so nice to see him again! He gave me a big hug and then he had to meet Linn & Nikolai (since he's never met them before). We went to a cafe close by the hotel, and we got to be in David's company for an hour! We drank some coffe and some wine and he told us some great stories. Such a nice guy! He left us a few minutes before the band were going out to the stadium, so me, Sam & Linn walked back to the hotel. There we met G.E Smith again, and this time, I asked for a photo and lucky for me he said yes! Linn took the photos and at the same time, Sam were filming with our camera. So he got some filming from some of the band mebers while they were walking towards their car. After the photos with mr.Smith, I saw Robbie again and I got to give him a hug.

Me & G.E Smith

And then.. Out of the blue, Sam turned to me and said that Roger Waters walked out of the hotel! I did not think, I just grabbed my The Wall cd from my purse, and ran over to him. There were several people around him, but I did not think, so I just went all over to him and handed him my cd to sign! The guard who stood beside Waters said 'good job', instead of making me wait in line. While Roger signed my cd, I told him that I love him. He said thank you! I had a small conversation with my all time hero!!! When I got my cd back, I had problems breathing, I was screaming inside and I cried a little. It was a dream that finally came true!
Roger Waters signing MY cd!! 
Look at his guard - smiling! :)

My hero, signing my cd


We also saw Snowy White in a car, and we told him good luck with the show, and he said thank you and gave us a big smile! Then the cars started driving, and we got the wave at them all, and they waved back. It was such an amazing moment, and it was, unfortunaly, over in a blink of an eye. And I didn't even know what just hit me.
After the cars had left, we went to get something to eat, but I could barely eat anything. I was too exited, so I just sat in my chair, smiling, as a new proud owner of a signed The Wall cd!

Super exited!!!

In shock!!

There were shuffle busses this day too, so we bought tickets, and of we were, one more time. This day we got seats up on one of the sides, but we still had a great view! The only bad thing about both concerts in Oslo, is that the audience is boring. They are barely clapping, no screaming and I didn't hear anyone but us singing along. So during "Run like hell", Roger Waters made the audience stand up during the entire song (both days)! I remember my first The Wall concert - Roger said from the stage that we should stand up and enjoy ourselves. He didn't do it in the rest of the shows, so I was really glad when I got to stand up and dance to the song again, without people asking me to sit down! So I had a great time at both of the Oslo shows, and the best part is to experience what I really love with my parents, sister, boyfriend, 'little brother' and one of my best friend! That's just making it even more magical!

The Wall from our seats

Me, Linn & a Pink Floyd tribiute band bus

The best day in my life with loads of my favourite people <3
love you all!

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