søndag 7. juli 2013

Two years with "The wonderful life of being a Pink Floyd fan" blog!

Wow. This day, 7 years ago (!), the world lost the great man called Syd Barrett. And that also means that it's been two years since I started this blog! The time is really running by.
I am so glad I started this blog, and I really want to thank all of my readers, that share my interest for the worlds greatest band. I know my life without this music wouldn't be the same, and I'm sure I'm not alone thinking like this.

Today is also the day when it's only 35 days left till I might see Roger Waters live! I'm going to Denmark and have to do my best to get some tickets! I've been waiting for these days in over a year now! And they are just around the corner. Fun Fun Fun!
If I don't get tickets for the show in Denmark, I'm going to Oslo (Norway) in 38 days, and I already have tickets for that show, so no matter what, we'll see the man live in less then 40 days. Love it!
Absolutely love it.

Shine on all you crazy diamonds out there!

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