fredag 26. april 2013

The Pink Floyd obsession

The last thing I did yesterday, before I went to bed, was reading for my exams, whilst listening to Pink Floyd. I think it was "Echoes" that was the last song for the evening. Before I started rading for my exams, which starts in a week, I made this list on itunes called 'study buddy'. I did think of putting all different bands in the list, but the songs had to be instrumental or mostly instrumental. Never got that far.. Pink Floyd, Roger Waters and Syd Barrett was more then good enough for me. I did also put in a few songs from 'A momentary lapse of reason', since I've not listened to the album too often, and to be honest, I don't know all the lyrics. So that was my plan, a song list with songs I am unable singing to!

Well, I went to bed, and I slept quite bad actually. Had a mild migraine and I also had a fever, so I did not sleep too much. But for the few hours I did sleep, I was dreaming about Roger Waters. Yeah, I was dreaming he had a gig somewhere that looks like where I'm born and raised. My whole family were there and my best friends. I don't remember much of the gig, because I managed to meet Roger when I was buying something to eat during the show. (Nothing make sense in dreams). Anywho, everyone I went to the gig with, told me to take it easy and be cool. That's like telling a child that it cannot eat the chocolate that is placed on the table, and no one can see you. But after all, I was calm, and we had a great chat, and he told me that I could meet the band and I also got several tickets to other shows.
Too bad it was only a dream.

Since I had that dream, I've been thinking about Pink Floyd a lot. Maybe even more than usual. The first 'The Wall' gig that I have tickets for is in 110 days. I am over-exited and I've been feeling weird all day. Probably because I'm ill, but still! There has been such powerful feelings that I just can't explain! All I do know is that I really want to meet Roger Waters this time. He's meeting so many people all the time, why can't it be me? I've always been thinking that 'dreams might just come true', so I won't stop hoping until all hope is gone.
If I ever meet him, I have no idea of what I will tell him or talk to him about. Well, that's not a problem until it is a problem ;)

This evening I saw a trailer for 'Roger Waters, The Wall, live 2013', and I got so exited! So later on, I put on a documentary about 'Wish you were here'. I've seen it before, but it is just so great! Great interviews, funny comments, and loads of the wonderful music! And all I can think about is that I really want to meet them all. Roger Waters, David Gilmour, Nick Mason.. There are some other guys I'd love to meet too, but unfortunaly that's not gonna happen.
I am so obsessed with this band, their music and their history. At the moment I am taking a bachelor in pre-school teaching, and I often with that I could take a bachelor degree in Pink Floyd. Get to travel around to places they went, meet the guys for interviews and just do something that I really, really love! I really do like what I am doing now, but I would love to liv my life based on my Pink Floyd knowledge, and I could just use all my time to learn more and new stuff.
High hopes!

Todays blog is a bit weird and it's not actualy about anything, but I just had to write something about all these feelings that I have, and the love that we share for the wonderful music! 
Have a great weekend you all! 

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