onsdag 17. april 2013

Ping Floyd

This weekend I went to Bergen with two friends, and we had tickets to a Pink Floyd cover band, called Ping Floyd, on friday. The concert started quite late, so then we had time to walk around and try different pub's.
The local where the band played, were a bit small, and there were not enough chairs for everybody. But that did not bother me. When I'm listening to the wonderful music by Pink Floyd, I like to stand up, dance a bit and just enjoy the amazing moment.

I've seen several Pink Floyd cover band, so I had some ideas of what I wanted to hear. I always know that the band will play songs like "Wish you were here", "Comfortably numb" and "Another brick in the wall pt.2", but I am always hoping that the band will play a song that really surprises me! Something original and perhaps something from the earliest albums. I think that it would be great if all cover bands had at least one song that will surprise people, and the song might be a song that's new for some people. Ping Floyd is playing Pink Floyd's song all the way from "Dark side of the moon" to David Gilmours solo project ca.20060

They played "Learning to fly"

Ping Floyd. They surprised me! Not with an old, not-too-familliar-song, but a rather new song. Not a Pink Floyd song, but a David Gilmour song. They played "On an Island". Before the show started, me and my freinds got to see the set list, and I saw that they were supposed to play "On an Island", but I didn't get my hopes up. Set lists can be changed during a show. I was so glad when they started playing this song. I've always been a Roger Waters girl, but I still reckon that David Gilmour is a genious too! When I first listen to the song "On an Island" by Gilmour, I got tears in my eyes. The song is amazing. I don't know why I love it, I just do! So when Ping Floyd started to play.... I felt like floating on a sky!

Ping Floyd

Ping Floyd were playing on a small stage, and there were no animations or films in the background. That is the first time I've seen that. But it didn't matter. The people on the stage were making a great show. The guitar player were showing off when he played the guitar solo's, and it was so amazing to look at, that you did not miss anything in the background. There were 3 ladies on background vocals, and those three ladies had some dance moves almost during the entire show, but what catched my eyes, was that they were smiling and laughing all the time. They were showing the audiece that they had a great time! I felt that most of the band was smiling all the time. And that made me, and probably loads of other people, smile.

We came from Stavanger to see the Ping Floyd show!
Totally worth it!

Ping Floyd have had many shows in Bergen the last years, but I've never been able to go and check it out. So I was thrilled when I finally made it happen! I've been in contack with the bass player & vocalist in the band, so after the show I had to go and say hi! He was so friendly and he actually started thinking about bringing the show to the city where I live. And that is saying somthing about the band! They are listening to their fans! I also got to tell all the three ladies on the stage that I thought they were amazing!

So I had a really great time on the show! They were playing loads of great songs, and they did it good. The only thing I was reacting to, was that the lead vocal seemd to have some trouble with the lyrics. But if you are singing out loud all the way, it's hard to notice. The important thing is that me and my friends had a blast, the band seemd to have a great time, and where you find Pink Floyd music, you will probably find me too.

If YOU will ever be in Bergen whilst this band is having a gig, GO! You will regret it and feel quite stupid if you don't go. It's a great experience, and the band is great :)
Shine on Ping Floyd! And to refere to Vera Lynn: We'll meet again

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  1. Thanx for reviewing the concert with an open and clear mind! Playing at small scale places gives us an extraordinarily good contact with the audience and gives us a closer contact and responce. This was our first full gig with our new vocalist Stein Hauge, which explains the lyrics... Due to local technical problems there were unfortunately no videos or backing tracks this time, next time it will all be there! The band definitely played all the stuff anyway! Keep blogging - and Shine On!

  2. That's my 'job';) Love going to different Pink Floyd cover gigs and check it out! I think you all had a great contackt with the audience, and the audience seemd to have a wonderful time! Thank you for the explanation about the vocalist! He must have been so nervous then! Can't wait to see you guys the next time! Then it will be just perfect :)